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Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence

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Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence

  • Sentence - Era
    "Ameno di Ameno devoni Ledisime Dorera ri me Omen tore Legoli senta Omenima Interi me I'll save you from yourself From those demons of the night They promise fame and fortune All that you eagerly desire. I'll"
  • The Sentence - Rancid
    "My life the blessing Understand my aggression I don't regret nothing It's all been a lesson Me and my friend got the music Like a loaded gun we're gonna use it Tell us we ain't shit I won't listen Try"
  • The Sentence - June
    "Let that windshield break your fall we'll count how many times you roll on the asphalt but when you're unconscious girl fill that gut up with sorrow and leave those eyes for catching And prior to"
  • The sentence - Norton
    "I don't recognize this feelin' I don't recognize this face Even the mirror is showin' me a different face What's that grin, where'd it come from I can't seem to make it stop I'm so disgustingly happy that"
  • No Trivia - From Autumn To Ashes
    "M, 4, V, T, C and H Might need to provide this number at the gate Steady pilot because I'm half afraid I can't believe youd ask me that Of Course I dont believe in fate Would you be depressed? If I attend"
  • Life Sentence - Dead Kennedys
    "You used to be a partner in crime Now you say you ain't got the time Gotta get serious, gotta plan Gotta pass those entrance exams Oh my God It's senior year All you care about is your career Chorus It's"
  • Life sentence - Death Threat
    "Here we go - tonight - can I take it? Will I make it? Bred to hate in this world you're alone You serve a sentence when you've done nothing wrong You look ahead for a better tomorrow When life holds you"
  • Death Sentence - Big Daddy Kane
    "I break out in a cold sweat, rip up the whole set I'm about as bad as you can get Comin' from Bed-Stuy, that's where they do or die Forget about the lions and tigers and bears, oh my It's not a fairy tale,"
  • Our Sentence - Aborym
    "Blood symbol I kill, leading us over in pray God Why am but like your body Domain evil bright instinct Do when the right in the main - the sun - why I am bright Travelling on the cosmic weel Death is"
  • And The Sentence Trails Off... - The Devil Wears Prada
    "Hold diamonds to the sun. Sparkling misconception. Statement: "We're the ones that aren't afraid to die." Ashes. After this battle we laugh at the thought of innocence. "Remorse!" I scream for. Pride roses"
  • Sin - Nine Inch Nails
    "You give me the reason. You give me control. I gave you my Purity. My Purity you stole. Did you think I wouldn't recognize this compromise. Am I just too stupid to realize. Stale incense old sweat and"
  • Sentence (to Die) - Yattering
    "Sentence has dropped... Waiting for social terms of thankfulness Arrangement of next subtle plan of extermination... Your fantasies are out of hopelessness of time Not fulfilled expectations of desire"
  • Sentence Of Death - White Skull
    "They came like wolves in the night Bringing anguish and fear Days of blood started from Spain They came with the torture instruments Demon and beasts escape from this land Judgement day begin No one will"
  • Socialized Death Sentence - Dystopia
    "i am just a fucking slave bust my ass for minimum wage before im paid... the system comes and takes half away... for bombs someday my boss hates my fucking guts i was never good enough if im injured on"
  • Serve 'Em A Sentence - Kool Keith
    "Yeah I'm tellin you, it's really bad out there People out there they doin too much You guys are lucky I don't have my finger over the button Cause I'd push it, I'm not playin You need more than your"
  • Sin Sin Sin - Robbie Williams
    "Don't let your eyes tell the brain You should feel ashamed Everyone needs it baby And I feel the same Didn't quite catch your name Hush, hush, hush Don't say a thing Let's see what the night will bring It"
  • Sin - Kamelot
  • Sin - Project Pitchfork
    "A star for you Velvet night Now count to eight Everything falls apart You form the wax In my hand Now count to one Blood on the blossom Be yourself No one else Now count to twenty We fall like kings"
  • Sin - Seance
    "The time is right the ecstasy starts to increase Internal reaction hallucinal disease The priest is here gives him what he needs Must spread the faith the most decadent seeds The believer brings the virgin"
  • Sin - Closterkeller
    "Now my time has come I am all alone No one wants me here anymore Gone are golden days Vanished in the haze I shall never dance like before Dark unrealistic spell Did my blood right in Stained me with"

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