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Troll pem killa

  • KILLA (ft. Wac Toja) - Trill Pem
    "SpaceGhostPurrp Najpierw czarnym bogiem był Potem Asap Rocky Pokazał purpury płyn Trzęsą bloki Potem ona trzęsie tym Trzęsą bloki Potem ona trzęsie tym SpaceGhostPurrp Najpierw czarnym bogiem był Potem"
  • Troll - Luxt
    "Waste time talking to the wall, you'd be better off alive. When you think you'd seen it all, things get more hectic. Waste mind, 40 hour hell, sell your soul and sign here, what you feared is now your"
  • Troll - Kampfar
    "Eldgamle oyne kuasse som sverd tarer og trege broyter seg frem ondskapen lyser giennow ormeoyne brunst skal brenne deg taering taere deg trool skal denge deg giennom svarte skoger og rimdekte fiell de"
  • Killa - Cherish
    "Yo joc?Yea I dont think they ready for this one who... Cherish They make me wanna lose control Yea You know who it is I'm in a white beater, two seater cruise control Pull up and ya girl might lose control"
  • The Troll - Cirith Ungol
    "Hides under a bridge, Where he can t be seen. Huddled under a bankside, Staring into a stream. Wanna cross this bridge, Well better be aware. There is a brown hairy troll, Gonna give you a scare. Yea,"
  • Dr. Troll - Xiu Xiu
    "la la holds inside of her the horrible dream of being somebody thinking about her dream makes her feel like it's stupid a dream whose coming true is a must a must it would be so much easier if she"
  • The Troll - Saint Vitus
    "I've been down so long, I cannot see Any way out of me I live under rocks and under stones That's where I spend my time alone People don't know I exist Their company is never missed I never see the light"
  • Troll Lullaby - Swans
    "After I Bed With Thee Your Soul Shall No Longer Be Deep Inside The Hollow Space Only I Can Fill It's Ache And In Your Newfound Ecstasy Thine Eyes Shall Search Mine Pleadingly I Am The Light The Way The"
  • Blow In Killa - Killa Kyleon
    "(*scratching*) (Kyleon) Smoking on this killa, I'm sipping on some'ing good Comin down in some'ing candy, and I'm grippin on some'ing wood I'm leaning and feeling good, man a nigga too gone Moving slow"
  • Troll Doll Jingles - Jimmy Fallon
    "(Jimmy Fallon with a British Accent) Hello, my name is Jimmy Fallon And welcome back to the audition for Troll Productions Inc. Remember we are looking for a jingle, for our new line of troll dolls, A"
  • Troll Och Haexor - De Lyckliga Kompisarna
    "De kommer frn fattigdom De kommer frn frtryck Men du r s jvla dum s du tror att de kommer frn skogen Frr I tiden trodde man p troll Phittade fiender kommer nu frn annat hll Om du tror p troll och hxor S"
  • Troll Doll Celebrities - Jimmy Fallon
    "(Jimmy Fallon with a British accent) Hello. Hello my name is Jimmy Fallon, and welcome to the auditions for Troll Productions Inc. Remember, we're looking for a star or celebrity to sponsor our new"
  • Red Eyed Troll - The Muffs
    "Baby talking all from way back when Doin everything, we meet again Maybe talk to me, but now you wont Underneath it all you're all alone To the other side Now I can plainly see What you want is everyone And"
  • Bad Energy Troll - Evergreen Terrace
    "his is a curse the flies are out for their feast of shit cant hardly see with the swarm so thick how can I love anything and everything in a world so quick to piss all over anothers plate? how can I"
  • Me Killa - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "Domm, doom, doom, doom, doom Killa Me killa, mi killa Drug dealer, scandalous nigga Lous nigga, -lous nigga Come again me say, me killa, me killa, me killa Gravedigger, scandalous nigga Lous"
  • Me killa - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "Domm, doom, doom, doom, doom (Krazie) Killa (All Bone) Me killa, mi killa Drug dealer, scandalous nigga Lous nigga, -lous nigga Come again me say, me killa, me killa, me killa Gravedigger, scandalous nigga"
  • U Aint No Killa - Anybody Killa
    "I'm as crazy as I wanna be Ain't no stoppin me Bucc wild tearin up the streets in the D Jus a native wit some war paint actin a fool and Some of y'all be doin the same things too Smokin weed like it's"
  • Maniac Killa - Angerfist
    "Maniac Killa Maniac Killa Blood Get's Spilled See me on the streets, Bitch don't get killed My Mind is on my axe and my axe is on my side Who wanna die Maniac Killa Blood Get's Spilled See me on the streets,"
  • Killa Cam - Cam'ron
    "Killa kam Killa kam Killa kam Killa killa Killa kam With the goons i spy Stay in tune with ma She like damn This the realest since kumbaya Kumbyay killa kam my lord Still the man with pants Scrill"
  • Serial killa - Twiztid
    "What is it about a serial killer that attracts you? And makes this music that you can sharpen an axe to? Takin' you back through, a hallway to a black room No walls or ceilings, just doorways to pass through"

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