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Troublemaker Green Day

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Troublemaker Green Day

  • Troublemaker - Akon
    "All stead up in the club just swagging doing my thang Popping bottles with models and just watching them drank Partying so hard the ladies don't want it to end They looked at me and said, I heard that"
  • Troublemaker - Nada Surf
    "why do i feel bad again? i shouldn't be sad or miss a grin. doubt creeps in and doubt creeps out, skews the view from my cloud. troublemaker tempting fate, questioning the path i take, showing me the twists"
  • Troublemaker - Green Day
    "Hey! You're giving me a heart attack You're giving me a cardiac arrest When I'm standing at the traffic light Hey! I wanna get inside of you I wanna crack your cranium delirium On the lower east side"
  • Green Day - Green Day
    "A small cloud has fallen The white mist hits the ground My lungs comfort me with joy Vegging on one detail The rest just crowds around My eyes itch of burning red Picture sounds Of moving insects so surreal Lay"
  • Green Day - Bile
    "Toxins in the airways, venom for all to taste. A death grip love for my remote, spewing blood, shit and paste. Help me take my medicine, so the pain will go away. I'm all fucked up on valium, I can't"
  • Troublemaker - Sinner
    "She looks up - wiped the tears from your eyes She's fourteen - wants her father to die Sadism sucks - mother surrenders on fear She ain't gonna cry - nothing left to feel He will never turning - her heart"
  • Troublemaker - Weezer
    "Put me in a special school 'Cause I am such a fool And I don't need a single book to teach me how to read Who needs stupid books? They are for petty crooks And I will learn by studying the lessons in"
  • Troublemaker - Triumph
    ">From the time that I was born The walls of trouble I adorned Mama tried to teach me well But I was busy raisin' hell I've got a taste for fighting Hands as fast as lightning Can't you see the writing"
  • Troublemaker - Taio Cruz
    "I saw when arrived looking like a supermodel You ass from the side looks just like a Coke bottle I like the way you ride put that thing on both throttle So get, get get get up on the saddle I wanna see"
  • Troublemaker - Mad Marge And The Stonecutters
    "In the night I see your eyes Lookin' back at me And it feels so right. The sky is cold The night is black Do what you do Don't ever look back He's the mischief of the show Oh yeah, your the trouble maker And"
  • Troublemaker - FT Island
    "Jjiteojin bajirul ibgo twinun eoriga Saramdul nunen isanghalji molrado Namanui kkumeul kkumyunseo georeogalteya Munjearago burulji moreujiman Namdeuli useupdago Sugundaemyeo nolrindedo Borandeuti nan igyeonael"
  • Troublemaker - Haezer
    "I'm in trouble! I'm in trouble! I'm problem, I'm problem! I'm in trouble! I'm in trouble! That boy is nothing but trouble"
  • Green Green - Bill Anderson
    "(Randy Sparks - Barry McGuire - Encino Mandalay) (Green, green, it's green they say) (On the far side of the hill) (Green, green, I'm going away) (To where the grass is greener still.) Well, I told my"
  • Green - Dealership
    "Gettin' close and I'm feeling jittery. I grabbed your hand, it was sweaty; asked you to dance. I jump around as you hint of fun and romance and feel the spin as I squint and try hard to see. The way that"
  • Green - West Indian Girl
    "You feel inside so long ago a dream The sky and sun were real and Everyone was there to wave you on Oh sister...oh mother...oh father It takes by surprise that love never dies Everywhere everyone's a"
  • Blue Green Day - Full Devil Jacket
    "Into the darkness we run See their faces full of blood Take this bread from Take this rib from me Blue green day, no need for tomorrow And you face the face that you could not face at the bottom"
  • Fiddler's Green - Fiddler's Green
    "In my green heaven there's a place Shinin' like a lover's face Where no one does you any harm But keep the baby safe and warm It's not my crazy fantasy But part of my reality It's not my crazy fantasy But"
  • Fiddler's Green - Green Fiddler's
    "In my green heaven there's a place Shinin' like a lover's face Where no one does you any harm But keep the baby safe and warm It's not my crazy fantasy But part of my reality And if I could have my way This"
  • Green Green Grass - George Ezra
    "Well she moves like lightning And she counts to three And she turns out all the lights And says she’s coming for me Now put your hands up This is a heist And there’s no one in here living Gonna"
  • The Troublemaker - Willie Nelson
    "I could tell the moment that I saw Him He was nothing but the troublemaking kind His hair was much too long Aand His motley group of friends Had nothing but rebellion on their minds. He's rejected the"

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