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TroyBoi - Say Yeah

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TroyBoi - Say Yeah

  • Say Yeah - Tooji
    "Say everything comes when the time is right Only sunshine after the darkest night You got what you got, why won’t you smile? Why won’t you live? I fell Long before I ever knew That you were out there Looking"
  • Say Yeah - Commodores
    "Let me love you, until I can't love you no more Let me hold you, (ooh) I've got so much love in store I've been loving you baby, ooh sweet thing, For such a long time, yes I have And I need to belong"
  • Say yeah - Morning Musume
    "Taijuukei notte nanja korya nanja koryadaietto nante imi ne- Nightren'aikan datte mirakuru mirakuruangai issho de ureshii Nightkorehodo hyoukeisan ga hatsuiku shitakonpyu-ta- demoonna no ko no nyuansu"
  • Say Yeah - Yves Larock
    "run every day every time you got to run to much fast to much stress where is the fun we want peace and unity so put down your gun so many cloudy days we need more sun a brighter day sadness and sorrow"
  • Say Yeah! - The Carpenters
    "Say Yeah! Tossed and turned all night Dreams in black and white My want has turned to need There's only one way this can lead You've got me walking on the edge With silent things your lips have said You've"
  • Say Yeah - Wiz Khalifa
    "It's say yeah One night in town My niggas round Throwin money Them bitches hit the ground Then bring it back up She bringin backup Put em in that black truck So many hoes they lapped up My niggas leanin Diddy"
  • Say Yeah! - Point Break
    "SAY YEAH,YEAH,YEAH we got it goin' on keep on rockin' Till the break of dawn got it goin' on and on Hey girl,sitting there Looking so fly thinkin' you'r so cool i'm just king of guy you need to"
  • Say Yeah - Utopia
    "I didn't call this meeting and I never heard such beating around Around the bush and You can't commit to something so You won't come up with nothing at all Unless you're pushed But I wanna"
  • Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah - The Pogues
    "(Shane MacGowan) I loved you baby since we were at school I didn't show it, I was a fool You were burning I was cold as ice And baby now I realise Oh yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah (yeah yeah yeah yeah) Yeah"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah - Pogues
    "I love you baby since we were at school I didn't show it I was a fool You were burning I was cold as ice And baby now I realize Oh yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah (yeah yeah yeah yeah) Yeah yeah yeah yeah (yeah"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah - Wedding Present
    "I really don't believe that this is happening I've tried and tried and tried to think it through Oh, I heard what you said, I'm just not answering I guess I'm scared of what I'll have to do Because you"
  • Yeah, Yeah, Yeah - Fefe Dobson
    "Blah, Blah, Blah You just wanna be my friend Blah, Blah, Blah Not that again You're oh so amusing It's all about using You're unoriginal I just don't have a prayer Yeah, yeah, yeah That's all I can say"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah - Voices
    "I thought true love only existed in fairy tales and two hearts could never beat as one (two hearts could never beat as one) but one day he smiled at me so sweetly and changed my mind completely now my"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah - BangBros
    "Friday night Sitting all alone No-one's gonna play with me I hate to sit at home Looking out the window Dreaming of a friend Who brings this back to an end Hey boy you there Don't you be so square Come"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah - Lil' Mo
    "(feat. Miri Ben-Ari) Uh Huh,Uh Huh Ammadeus You Crazy For This One, Yeah (Ummmmm Huuumm Yeaaaahh) Remember The First Time You Saw Me With My Hair Undone, I Thought That I Would Die, Remember"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah - Gary Cherone
    "Gonna tell you all a story 'Bout a boy, lost and lonely Thought he was, the last and only Lover left behind Left it on a hope and prayer Wish upon a star and stranger Never thought he'd entertain An angel"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah - The Vibrators
    "(Chorus:) Yeah Yeah Yeah (x4) Listen honey hear what I say, I give you my love an' then you throw it away. Well - (Chorus) Hey baby it's always the same, You kiss my body then you kick in my brain."
  • Yeah yeah yeah - Vibrators
    "Ch: Yeah Yeah Yeah x 4Listen honey hear what I say,I give you my love an' then you throw it away.Well -Ch:Hey baby it's always the same,You kiss my body then you kick in my brain.Well -Ch:: Money honey"
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah - Uncle Kracker
    "I might walk a lil funny but my walk is me I might stutter when I talk but I say what I see I don't agree with every other li'l thing that's proven I do a lot of things that I shouldn't be doin' I'll ruin"
  • Yeah - Yolanda Adams
    "mmmmm oooooh oooh oooh yeah oooh ooh yeah ooooh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oooo ooooh oooh ooooh yea yeah yeah Can I be committed is the question in my head All the issues in my life keep holding me back Can"

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