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Truth hurts

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Truth hurts

  • Truth Hurts - Truth Hurts
    "(R. Kelly) Yo, yo, Truth (Truth) What (R. Kelly) Let me in Yo let me in Bitch (Truth) Now see I try to keep the peace But your lies is killin me Yo ass is in these streets On them bogus late night creeps You"
  • Truth Hurts - Usher
    "Yeah umm See its situations like this That causes us players to get caught up In umm the truth Yeah What you doing, where you been? I paged you and you aint hit me back I been callin and I know you"
  • Truth Hurts - Deep Purple
    "You know my will is broken You've got my heart on hold I'm lying here in pieces, so cold It gets so hard to handle All the things you need to say But I guess I heard it all before anyway Is love such a"
  • Truth hurts - Restless Heart
    "Staring in your blue eyesSeems like yesterdayPledging to each otherLove would never go awayThe fire would burn foreverI'd always be your manBut lately something's happenedI'm afraid I understand(CHORUS)Truth"
  • Truth Hurts - Dance Hall Crashers
    "Telling me what to do with my life Telling me that I'm no good Telling me that you are the very best.. You're driving me up the wall At one time you were on top You thought you were a hot shot You never"
  • The Truth Hurts - Slapshot
    "How much I think you made it clear That you were through with me And I kept trying To keep a friendship going That was obvious You didn't care about Do I move on Now now hope's gone I feel the same I"
  • The Truth Hurts - Pro-Pain
    "Put on yout hat and coat and take A walk down the street I think you're bound to be surprised By all the bodies you meet The bowels of the melting pot Wreeks of shit While a guy does your windows With"
  • Addictive-Truth Hurts - Rakim
    "(Chanting...) He breaks me down, He builds me up He fills my cup, I like it rough We cuss, we ball, We rise, we fall He comes in late, But its okay We do, I do, He knows the rules Takes care of home Though"
  • The Truth Always Hurts - Armored Saint
    "Yes you should have seen her face Straight out of Peyton Place Pseudo movie star Total disgrace Beggin' on her hands and knees Won't you just love me please I've got my life to lead Lead yours as well"
  • If The Truth Hurts - Heather Myles
    "If the truth hurts, tell me a lie. Tell me you love me, you don't have to look in my eye. And if your heart aches for somebody new, Tell it to somebody else who doesn't love you like I do. I don't wanna"
  • It Hurts - Avant
    "Can you take me telling you the truth When I know the situation is shadiest But my girl, will you... Believe when I say I knew that you be tripping So I slept out in my ride in the driveway So before we"
  • Gravity Hurts - Mikkel Maltha
    "Tension is rising Gravity hurts Everything's falling apart Choising the right side Choising our faith Choising is what we must do Everyone's counling on you (Chorus) For freedom we rise Learn to fly Reach"
  • It Hurts - April Wine
    "April Wine Attitude It Hurts (myles goodwyn) Published by mfg sing sing music/socan - ascap It's all a matter of trust, admit it You can't take it if you're lyin' down Your eyes open with the talk of"
  • Love Hurts - Incubus
    "Tonight we drink to youth And holding fast to truth (I don't want to lose what I had as a boy.) My heart still has a beat But love is now a feat. (As common as a cold day in LA.) Sometimes when I'm alone,"
  • Luve hurts - Chuckie Akenz
    "Yea, I'd Like To Dedicate This Song To All My Fellas The Fellas Who's Been In A Relationship Who Just Had Thier Fucking Hearts Torn Out U Kno What I Mean And I Realize That Alot Of My People Suffer From"
  • The Watcher 2 (Feat. Dr. Dre,rakim,truth Hurts) - Jay-Z
    "Jeah.. uhh.. it's what I do for a livin nigga Eat for a livin nigga (watcher) That's how I live for a livin nigga.. (watcher) Okay, let's do this (the watcher) Things just ain't the same for gangsters But"
  • The Truth - Good Charlotte
    "So here we are We are alone Theres weight on your mind I wanna know The truth If this is how you feel Say it to me If this was ever real I want the truth from you Give me the truth even if it hurts me "
  • Til It Hurts - River City High
    "Everything falls apart it doesn't seem right. I take it personally and out of spite. To be born is to also have an end. Unless you take the great times and picture them. Avoid the truth not to be cynical. Being"
  • The Truth - Moloko
    "Go ... Go to the mountain if you must Go to the burning bush Happy would ease your troubled mind How do the fade just stay behind? I know you better than you think I do Don't worry babe.. this is why i"
  • My Truth - Robyn
    "If I dont say what you want to hear if I dont dress in what you want me to wear if I dont think the way you do I cant help it cause thats my truth If my humour makes you bored if my religion isnt"

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