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  • IQ - happysad
    "Mam swoich pięć punktów IQGdzie mi tam do twoich dwudziestudwóch?Nie myśleć chciałbymJak dzieli nas wieleNie myśleć chciałbym...Zawsze będę już tym,Który do powiedzenia nie ma tu nicMam swój metr i troch"
  • Iq Cyco - Acid Drinkers
    "I've been down, I've found the gun I start to fight agains... Stad by my side, one thing in mind We gotta find IQ CYCO Place in city, my brand new gun Cry of dick, my laughter Sleeping head, sleeping hands Sleeping"
  • high IQ - $NOT
    "She a pretty bitch up in my eyes High IQ, I like you Come into my garden love Double cup, mixed with purple juice I’ve been drugged I’m a big dog, keep my fire inside, we gon fight Like a bird, I’ma fly Are"
  • Hig IQ - Ras Kass
    "Scientist voice:"say, what do you suppose is the most important part of the body?Some people say the feet, because we all have to walk.Some say the eyes, because we all have to see.Some say the heart..."
  • Superstar IQ - Private Line
    "At the age of eleven, I was clever enough To know what I wanted to be I lived like a joy-rider between two fires I plant my own money tree I got a fifty-fifty split with a guy from the upstairs Oh yeah,"
  • My IQ - Ani DiFranco
    "When I was four years old They tried to test my I.Q They showed me a picture Of 3 oranges and a pear They said Which one is different? It does not belong They taught me different is wrong But when I was"
  • Hang On To Your IQ - Placebo
    "Chinese masseuse, comes between us talks in haikus, plastic venus. Got a headrush, in her pocket two rubbers two lubes, and a silver rocket Hang on, hang on to your IQ, to your ID hang on, hang on to"
  • I.Q. Zero - Hate Squad
    "The world we live in - A stupid human sin Are you not afraid? Hell is what we created! I.Q. zero, stupid heroes rule the world Polluted minds - they destroy our minds Rule the world Polluted minds - they"
  • My I.Q. - Ani DiFranco
    "when I was four years old they tried to test my I.Q. they showed me a picture of 3 oranges and a pear they said, which one is different? it does not belong they taught me different is wrong but when I"
  • Swine - Damnation
    "Tie your trash up high Its return of the swine A pork chop with an attitude That's it! With a shit eating smile & A combined IQ of 9 With only hunger on it's mind It starts to drool Swine, Swine"
  • Me So Stupid - ZZ Top
    "I could have been a brain surgeon I could have been a pharmacist I gave a shot at radio revivalist With the bossman I'd have never been missed Me so stupid Me so stupid Me so stupid What is my"
  • The King Is Dead - Charon
    "Thin december air is like the dry ice smoke You'll come to your senses or inhale and choke My IQ allows me to brush you aside You're zeros and ones, you're wrong where I'm right chorus: Now, the tyrant"
  • Baba Jaga - Kabaret Pod Wyrwigroszem
    "Mówią mi jesteś kicz, intelektualne dno Baba Jaga z ciebie jest Ale ja świra mam Jestem z nim a on jest sam Wykazało to badanie Mówią mi, że mój śpiew głównie w ptakach burzy krew Ptak mi zatkał wczoraj"
  • Run For Cover - Cock Sparrer
    "Cock Sparrer Run For Cover (Pretty Close To Correct) Can't eat, don't sleep no more. Whatever you said, It's all been said before. Spent too much time drinking whiskey and beer, Times coming for a change"
  • Cinta - Slank
    "maaf setelah kau sakiti lalu bilang maaf setelah melukai lalu bilang maaf setelah mengkhianati lalu bilang maaf kau ga punya otak hanya itu yang bisa kau ucapkan maaf sorry sesudah robek hati cuma bilang"
  • Wysokiej Jako?ci -wir - Acid Drinkers
    "Acid Drinkers Infernal Connection Wysokiej Jakoci -wir Byem w doku, znalazem spluw(c) Zaczynam walczy przeciwko... Sta po mojej stronie, jedna my w mzgu Musimy znake" wira Miejsce w miecie, moja nowa spluwa Lament"
  • Tell Me Another - Ryan Montbleau
    "Not your sister. Not your brother. Not your friends' families' fathers Or your one-hundred-sixy IQ. Not your fairy tale. Not your bank roll. Not your flame on fire, false desire Rich man's amenities in"
  • This Is Your Brain - Joe Diffie
    "This is your brain makin' everything make sense, Countin' those nickels and dimes. This is your brain balancin' on the fence, walkin' that logical line. This is your brain got it all under control, both"
  • Login To You (another Version) - Arrogant Worms, The
    "Arrogant Worms, The Miscellaneous Login To You (another Version) You double-clicked my heart You've upgraded my life You booted up my hard drive Please be my cyber-wife You've logged into my soul You've"
  • The King Is Dead - Kent
    "Thin december air is like the dry ice smoke You'll come to your senses or inhale and choke My IQ allows me to brush you aside You're zeros and ones, you're wrong where I'm right Now, the tyrant is dead"

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