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Tube 88 sex school

  • 88' - The Cool Kids
    "Break it Bop it Niggas beat-boxin' I do what I do like I do it for TV I guess what I'm doin' I'm doin' to keep the... Shoes on my feet sweeter than sweet peas So you sucker MC's really can't out-step"
  • Ban The Tube Top - Reel Big Fish
    "Youre 17, evil and mean, comfy and cozy nowhere scene You cant deny the loser inside all of your bad taste wont subside Youre outta sight keep me up at night you dress funny strapless and skin tight"
  • Tube - Phish
    "An asteroid crashed and nothing burned It made me wonder Do tigers sleep in lily patches? Do rhinos run from thunder. I got an ache in my left ear I felt the truth but I still could hear. Made me think,"
  • 88 - Flexxip
    "Słuchaj wspomnień które wychodzą z ust mych 87, 88 rozdział pusty a ten tom przecież Moja rodzina pisała jeszcze w komplecie To były czasy kiedy półki puste W sklepach odbijały się od brudnych luster Mamo"
  • 88 Hip-Hop Freestyle - Canibus
    "(Canibus) Yo You mother fuckers is so fake, you make me want to smash your whole face Hit you so hard, my hand breaks, and my shoulder dislocates You ever hear the sounds your bones make when they break?"
  • 88 - Sum 41
    "Wait, how long would you wait Just for me to call I know you make mistakes yeah, but I hope some day you have it all cause I feel like a prisoner trapped inside this broken world while I'm playing the"
  • 88 - Amusement Parks On Fire
    "At the speed of light I'll drown in the wake Of 2000 years of this God awful charade Want more things that I haven't got Wish I could (march?) to your homes Bring your knees to the floor Let me"
  • 88 - Apartment 26
    "Accumulate into one The second half has begun And I'm not the judge. Innocent are hung Remain unsung And I hold a grudge. Take a stab in the dark And then it comes as a shock Finger on the pulse."
  • 88 - LM.C
    "Wasurete shimau darou Katani tsumoru kanashimi wa nagareru hoshi no te ni dakare Tameiki hitotsu de RESET sareru Mugen no LOOP no you na hibisa Migimuke hidari ga toomawari demo sore de iinda Kazega fukitsukeruno"
  • 88:88 - Standstill
    "Se ha hecho tarde y esperan que diga algo y solo soy capaz de enfocar los nmeros que se vienen se van y vuelven al comps nunca van marcha atrs sólo hay que dejarse llevar y mirar de algo y espera y te"
  • 88 Lines About 44 Women - Nails
    "Deborah was a Catholic girl, she held out to the bitter end. Carla was a different type, she's the one who put it in. Mary was a black girl, and I was afraid of a girl like that. Susan painted pictures"
  • Charm school - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "AdamE=mc squared so I've heard, This is charm school, how to pull a smart bird,Love to dance with a skank with a stiff in my pants,You're thinking romance while I'm thinking "are they implants?"Girl, you're"
  • Old School - Too Short
    "(Too $hort) Old school.. I'm from the old school Old school.. I'm from the old school I came in the door as the story goes Looked around the room all I seen was hoes It's like a pussy supermarket; let's"
  • Sex Kills - Joni Mitchell
    "I pulled up behind a Cadillac; We were waiting for the light; And I took a look at his license plate- It said, "Just Ice." Is justice just ice? Governed by greed and lust? Just the strong doing what they"
  • Sex Toy - Seraphim Shock
    "Out past the garden gates Where Halloween still reigns The moon as blood foretold For the star for the goat My naughty fuckin machine A fallen angels dream My catholic school girl treat For the dead Nazarene Sex"
  • Tube talkin' - Joan Jett
    "She said She knows everything And she's gonna Tell on you Oh yeah We'll see about that Yeah I cannot be polite I can't fake happy I will not take delight Conversationally You bark you bark you bark you"
  • Tube Talkin' - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    "She said She knows everything And she's gonna Tell on you Oh yeah We'll see about that Yeah I cannot be polite I can't fake happy I will not take delight Conversationally You bark you bark"
  • Sex education - Mia X
    "Yo, I'm Silkk the Shocker, know I'm saying? Everybody's like if they ever meet me They'll do to me, come on, NOT!!! But I'm looking for somebody who could teach me Something I don't even know, for real"
  • Sex life - Black Box Recorder
    "Girl on girl, in your dreams Girls on top, in between Girls together, girls alone In your dreams, in your dreams Boy on boy, boys on top Boys together, boys don't stop Being boys, in your dreams"
  • The Tube - Mr. Mister
    "Hi dear, what's on tonight, let's stay up and watch the tube And bask in the big blue light Bye bye real life, checking into checking out, it's saturation time Perfect faces, perfect background, perfect"

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