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Tujamo - Say What You Wanna

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Tujamo - Say What You Wanna

  • Say What You Wanna Say - Hit The Lights
    "Out of friends At an end for sure When you've got no side to side with You'll deal with that It's a waste Time it takes if you think that I Ever want a confession or an alibi Just say what you wanna"
  • Say What I Wanna Say - Alias
    "With that innocent smile, you said trust me Together we'll go far, you just trust me Making promises in vain, that's easy for you You gather all the pain, that's all you can do All on my own, I was blind"
  • What You Say - Sugarcult
    "Wait around if the fire's there don't put it out Lay me down emotions overated now-rated now I don't wanna hear another word you say I don't wanna waste another day What you say, What you say, What"
  • Say What - Method Man
    "(feat. Missy Elliott, P. Diddy) Yeah! This-this-this-this This is an exclusive (let's go) Mr. Meth, you're so Def, you put them other M.C.'s out to rest (that's right) And they test (uh-huh), but they"
  • What You Say - Pete Rock
    "Respect On peut vous juger par vos paroles Alors, faites attention vos paroles, mon frere (...) 1995 est ici et c'est notre anne Alors, nous avons a avec la foi de Dieu INI live Jah... Dig"
  • Wanna Say - Kat Graham
    "Tonight I'm gonna Throw my past away Tonight I'm gonna Live like my last day It makes wanna say... When your around I can tell I'm about to lose myself I'm about to lose myself Caught up in The moment"
  • Say what u say - Ja Rule
    "Yeah, fuck that, Ja Rule, Ranjahz, uh It's MURRDAAAAA Faculty, fucker Huh, give it to 'em Niggas act like they don't know Uh, one hand wash the other hand, y'knawmean? fuck it You can say what you wanna"
  • What you wanna do - The Game
    "In the criminal mindstate, I'm ridin' with' a California crime rate. Nigga's is dyin', gotta get that money. So I, load the clip in the .45 ever since my brother died, been on a murda mission with' pistols:"
  • Wanna - Maliah
    "Verse 1: I don't know where to start Don't know what to say Been sittin here Cryin for days I never knew what I had Til you were gone But I miss you Wont you come back home Cuz I Chorus: I don't wanna"
  • Say What You Want - Gil
    "Is it my eyes Is it the way you make me feel Is it how I caress your skin I wanna know Cause I'm feeling lost inside Is there a way to let me in? Now I know that you can make it There's no way you can"
  • Say What You Will - Fastway
    "Nowhere To Run Nowhere To Hide What You Doin' To Me All This Jive I Can See It 'Fore The Light Of Day 'Cause Now You're Gonna', Gonna' Do It My Way You Are Say What You Will, You Will Say What"
  • What Do You Say - Reba McEntire
    "(Michael Dulaney/Neil Thrasher) Stuck at a red light outside an adult bookstore His son said Daddy what are all those X's for As the light turned green he changed the subject fast Started talking about"
  • Watch what you say - Guru
    "feat Chaka Khan coming with the realness, lyrics of life some people need to watch what they say Chorus: Chaka Khan watch what you're saying, someone's gonna hear exactly what you said, soon you'll be"
  • Watch What You Say - Yung Ro
    "(O.G. Ron C - talking) Ye, put it in ya face like that, huh It's the color changin' click Yung ro, nobody, O.G. Ron C, wreckin' yard (Hook- Yung Ro) Many rappers, act gangsta on beats Change ain't ya"
  • Do What You Wanna Do - Tina Charles
    "Do What You Wanna Do You got me crin' inside in Not knowing what it's all about If I am coming or going Am I in your good books or out This Lovin', lovin', lovin' Got me going round and around Got to get"
  • Do What You Wanna Do - Acid House Kings
    "I've been heading home I've been going wrong It's been this way for so long Let me hear you say it (I've been heading home) Let me hear you say (I've been going wrong) It's been this way for so long (It's"
  • What Do You Wanna Do? - Huntingtons
    "Feel sick I don't know what to say Frustration building everyday I've got to figure something for myself I look at you and I see your frown Another day when you're feeling down Is it me or is this something"
  • Do What You Wanna Do - Devin The Dude
    "Hallelujah can tell this Devin's got some shit wouldn't give a fuck if you dissed Because shit to each's own and each owns voice You can be stealin killin or chillen whateva your choice Smoke some weed"
  • Well You Wanna Know What? - Bratmobile
    "Oh no! She hates me again, but it's alright 'Cause we're so much alike, you know Oh yeah, you are such a coward But it's alright 'cause you hide it so well You can not feel anything I care, so you win"
  • So What You Wanna Do - Lil' Rob
    "(Lil' Rob) Hey what's up baby Yeah, they call me Lil' Rob Yeah, that's me Kicking back with my homeboy Royal T And my homeboy Yogi You know what I mean San Diego's finest, you know what I'm saying What's"

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