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Turk sekz

  • Blue Turk - Alice Cooper
    "Blue hot I'm lazy You know it I'm ready for the second show Amazing Thing growing Just waitin for the juice to flow But you're so very picturesque You're so very cold Tastes like roses on your breath But"
  • Blue turk - Gabriel Mann
    "I'm Lazy, You Know ItI'm Ready For the Second ShowAmazin' Thing Growin'Just Waitin' For the Juice to FlowBut You're So Very PicturesqueYou're So Very ColdTastes Like Roses On Your Lips ButGraveyards On"
  • (Round, Round, Round) Blue Rondo A La Turk - Al Jarreau
    "Round, round, round a melody Round, round, round a harmony Round, round, round a melody Harmony, melody steadily Round, round, round a melody Round, round, round a memory Round, round, round a melody Memory,"
  • Keep It Ghetto - Turk
    "(Turk) This that ghetto shit This that ghetto shit This that ghetto shit This that ghetto shit Ghetto ghetto (C'mon you understand, look you understand, look you understand) Ghetto ghetto (C'mon you"
  • Untamed Guerrilla - Turk
    "(Turk) Better ask somebody...nigga(nigga)...Untamed Guerilla(u-huh).. ...chu'ont know(chu'ont know)...better ask somebody nigga(ask 'em).. ...Lil' Turk, Young-n-Thuggin'(be 'dat) +Off Top+(+Off Top+),look(look),look(look)... ...Head-bustin'"
  • Macking And Pimping - Turk
    "(Turk talking) Uh uh Look bitch better have my money (Better have my money) Nigga Uh uh Uh uh (Uh uh) Bitch (Bitch better have...) That bitch better have my money Mackin' n pimpin' these hoes (Turk) I"
  • All Night - Turk
    "(Lil Wayne) You know it's Wheezy you know Nigga you know it's Wheezy you know You know it's Wheezy you know Who Squideye (Verse 1: Lil Wayne) I ain' just jumped off da porch playboy I been thuggin on"
  • Bout To Go Down - Turk
    "(Verse 1 - Turk) look, look, look I done told you once and I'm not gon say it no mo' Stuntin in front them hoes sayin what you gon through Now nigga, look here, you know you down bad round Runnin off the"
  • U Thought It Was Over - Turk
    "(Intro) Reporting live from WKQXL, The Lab This is Connie Cargen, we have just been informed That the rapper, Tad Virgil AKA Turk Was released from the New Orleans Correctional Facility At 6:30 PM"
  • What Would You Do - Turk
    "(Turk (verse 1)) Met this bitch named Kitty - around-the-way bitch A nasty hoe that every nigga done hit But it's cool, though I'm in it to use the hoe To hook me up with her brother - get the dope and"
  • At The Same Time - Turk
    "(Verse 1) I hit the block and all you see is some shiney shit You can't look my way too long 'cause it'll blind you quick Everythang I drive, betta believe it's chromed-out I bet ya say "Damn" when I stick"
  • I Been Through Dat - Turk
    "(talking) ahh huhh, ya under stand, this fo all tha niggaz out there druggin ya understand, i ant hatin on ya niggaz, i feel yall pain man, and its like this here, this real, cause i done been through"
  • Project - Turk
    "(Turk) They got this nigga named Rob, and Rob is my dog His people doin' bad, sometimes I break him off I got love for the nigga - 'round my way, they doin' bad He ain't worried 'bout it, he just keep"
  • Soldierette - Turk
    "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon C'mon, c'mon look, look... (Verse 1 - Turk) Verse one is about this chick named Karen She wanted to be down, I told her first she gotta run Aaron I'ma give you the world, keep you"
  • Cock Aim Shoot - Turk
    "Nigga this that gangsta shit If you a gangsta you gon feel this,you understand this for my niggas who be totin that motherf**kin metal you understand, in any kind of weather, ya heard me its going"
  • Freak Da Hoes - Turk
    "(Verse 1: Mannie Fresh) I gotta lotta ones and I'm looking for the strippers One could roll around the pole and make me open up my zipper See you think you get the money when you go down there I give you"
  • Wanna Be Down - Turk
    "(Hakim) Since I got a Roley wit tha beezle, niggas wanna be down See my tha BBL, niggas wanna be down Since I gotta lil ice, niggas wanna be down Since I'm livin that life, niggas wanna be down Since they"
  • Growing Up - Turk
    "(Mickey) Cross tha family, ya get sprayed wit a mac I ain't nothin but a hustler, I raised like that Pumpin gas or pumpin crack, we was paid like that Ol' G's taught us game, we was made like that Laid"
  • Trife Livin' - Turk
    "Trife, trife, look, look... (Verse 1 - Turk) I been through it all dawg From killin, to hustlin, to set it off dawg On the block like it's legal gettin my grind on When it's hot I'm duckin them people"
  • One Saturday Night - Turk
    "(Mannie Fresh talking) Hot in the ass you heards me This a story about the saturday night This the story of how my shit go You tell yo' shit, I'mma tell my shit (Check it out), see scratch (ery) One saturday"

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