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Turn my back

  • Turn My Back - Sick Of It All
    "See what the world has made me A bogus heart of gold. Sweet talk is never real Just evil lies I've told. I see the mark of the victim I see the mark of the trusting soul. I take the face of the innocent And"
  • Turn My Back - Neneh Cherry
    "Posted, stamped and tasted Letter from me to me My direct plea Fruitless and out of season Came back to me, unopened Untasted, untried and not tested I began to see Fullfill needs silently Inside we bleed Right,"
  • Turn It Back Around - To My Surprise
    "I Turn on the TV it doesn't speak too much to me so i go to the radio turn it back around turn it back around turn it back around i have an uncle named joe who don't know what his name is anymore his"
  • Turn - Tech N9ne
    "Turn The change of feelings or attitude The change of intention To redirect a point of aim The reverse of one's feelings To upset or unsettle We were the dynamic duo we were unstoppable musicly"
  • Turn - Unashamed
    "In darkness, they fall asleep, waiting to be devoured. Grieving like the rest of men who have no hope. They search for peace in the midst of a storm. They turn from goodness, to a promise of pain. This"
  • Turn My Back On You - Sade
    "To turn my back on you Now would I turn my back on me To turn my back on you Now would I turn my back on me No (don't say) I'm not gonna turn my back on you You know I'll never let you down (ah ha) No"
  • Turn My Back On Love - Sound of a revolution
    "Time is running out For all of us walking down that one way street And we're lost but we will always find another way around it all without loosing our minds Like me and like you we never made it through Now"
  • Turn My Back On Love - Triumph
    "I've been your victim, I've been your fool You terrorize, you break the rules I've had enough of your games I can't take it anymore Your pretty poison's gonna make me blind I've had it baby, I've made"
  • Turn My Back On Yesterday - Molly Hatchet
    "The Blue Ridge Mountains were turning green The last time I saw her face Rose colored glasses can't hide the pain Neither can your satin and lace Chorus: I turned my Back on Yesterday For a better tommorrow... I"
  • Never Turn Back - Ben Moody
    "Holding tight, take this last breath As the waters rush in (Is it all a sin?) Come inside child, my day is gone Close my eyes to the sun I'll never turn back now Never turn back now Never turn back now I'll"
  • Won't Turn Back - King's X
    "somewhere in my mind i won't forget it's hard to erase the bad times from my mind so much that i've done now i regret and there is no replacement for time it's foolishness when i repeat an act when before"
  • Turn back time - Dj Shah Feat. Jane Kumada
    "Do you wonder baby, We can never stop a tear, A tear Do you hold me baby, Slowly I disappear, Appear Do you call me crazy, Now I can smell your fear, Your fear Close your eyes now baby, I can still reflect"
  • Never Turn Back - Crush 40
    "Whoa whoa whoa yeah Whoa whoa whoa yeah Whoa whoa whoa yeah Whoa yeah Whoa whoa whoa yeah Whoa whoa whoa yeah Whoa whoa whoa yeah It's been a long, rough road And I'm finally here I move an inch"
  • Turn Back Time - Sub Focus
    "Brush off my shoulders, but not 'cause it's colder Will it get better, now that we're older? Remember the feeling, a tear of emotion To be high as a mountain, as deep as the ocean How I wish I could turn"
  • Turn It Back - GoodBooks
    "I raise my head so slowly Throw an arm in the air And I turn all the lights down And enjoy the despair I did not feel this happening I did not see this coming No I did not predict this at all Look at"
  • Turn Back Time - Freedom Call
    "A song of sadness, rhymes of pain.. The sounds of my tragedy out in the rain. Oh, oh, oh oh.. Out in the rain.. I made my way and left you alone. I have denied that you to be on my own. Oh oh, oh oh, to"
  • Turn Back Time - Steve Hackett
    "I'm not on the ball Living in a world of so much change Thought that I might be much stronger When I'm far away from you What I'd give to learn to turn back time Sometimes words are dancing Like caterpillars"
  • Turn Back Time - Aqua
    "Give me time to reason, Give me time to think it through. Passing through the season, Where I cheated you. I will always have a cross to wear, But the bolt reminds me I was there. So give me strength, To"
  • Can't Turn Back - Tynisha Keli
    "Seems like yesterday I was thinking something so good couldn't come my way I was comfortable just sitting being all alone But now I know.. I can't ignore what my heart is telling me Yeah, I know I'm"
  • Turn Back Around - Tellers
    "I am forever between kisses, The pages of letters and books. Between cash cards and essays And worrying looks. I am forever between landmarks And days full of luck, And missing my chances to Just give"

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