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Turn on bright light

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Turn on bright light

  • Bright Light - Razorlight
    "Two weeks of wishing And I'm finally off the streets She's got a place for me right in her arms Where the sky and cieling meet And all her sad memories Only shatter and shake I break the stairs and shoot"
  • Bright Light Fright - Aerosmith
    "It's the dawn of the day and I'm crashed and I'm smashed As it is I'm feelin' like my chips are cashed All of my clothes strewn all over the room The crisis at hand is I'm all out of zoom I got the sunlight"
  • The Bright Light - Tanya Donelly
    "Stone cold in this warm bed again Wide awake and waiting for them I send my shadow running on ahead again I wait and wait and....... I'm waving in my beautiful friends over there on the end of the"
  • Bright Light Girl - Heart
    "I know a woman Never knew no one like her She said "The world's made up of angels Beautiful and fair." She would give you anything Give it all away Just for one half moment Believing love would stay You're"
  • Bright Eyes - Bright Eyes
    "Is it a kind of dream, Floating out on the tide, Following the river of death downstream? Or is it a dream? There's a fog along the horizon, A strange glow in the sky, And nobody seems to know where you"
  • Turn Out The Light - Lou Reed
    "Lover, lover, why is there light In the itchy gitchy evening and it's dark outside And what's the difference between wrong and right Wrong and right Isn't it funny how pain goes away And then comes back"
  • Don't Turn The Light Out - Cliff Richard
    "On my way home I met an Old friend of mine We walked and we talked an' shared A bottle of wine We started to dance and my Intentions were good How could I know I'd be misunderstood I promised to call"
  • The light that burns twice as bright - EMF
    "You had it hard, it's all that you knew You made me know it, I've been there too Working so hard, is life so much Days that cut, nights out of touch I need a sign to find my way I need to touch, I need"
  • Into the Bright Light - Peter Koppes
    "Fly on easy brother Your robe suits you well With a smile just like an angel And a mission words can't tell At the heart of our existence With a love to make it gel The sun is in our eyes now Must be time"
  • Turn the light on - Mark Owen
    "Shake my bones and curl my toes nobody does it betterspread my heart up to the core and wrap me 'round your fingersTake a look outside there is nowhere left to hideWrippin' switf me in circles for to longCHORUSLet"
  • Turn On The Light - Bad Religion
    "Bad Religion Against The Grain Turn On The Light i had a friend who kept a candle in his pocket, he used to touch it when the wind was blowing high, i guess it mad him feel like he could buck the system"
  • Turn on the light - Nelly Furtado
    "It's getting so lonely inside this bed Don't know if I should lick my wounds or say woe is me instead And there's an aching inside my head It's telling me you're better off alone But after midnight morning"
  • Turn On Your Light - Judas Priest
    "Why do I have to wait so long Before you come into my life again Seems as though forever until I can be here by your side till then I think you feel the same way too You know you make my dreams come true If"
  • Turn on the light - Thomas Anders
    "You say you lost your feelingsBut that's not trueOh, you'd better take it easyTo what other lovers doChorusTurn on the lightTurn on the light for loveTurn on the lightLike a candle in the windTurn on the"
  • Turn On Your Love Light - The Grateful Dead
    "Without a warning you broke my heart, taken it baby, torn it apart And you left me standin' in the dark cryin', said your love for me was dyin' Come on babe, baby please cause I'm beggin' you baby and"
  • Turn On Your Love Light - Jerry Lee Lewis
    "Without a warnin' you broke my heart you took it darlin' and you tore it apart You left me standin' in the dark cryin' you said your love for me was dyin' I'm begging you baby baby please I'm begging you"
  • Turn On Your Love Light - Bob Seger
    "Without a warning you took my heart, You took it darling, tore it apart You left me sittin in the dark, cryin' Said your love for me was dyin' I don't believe it, I think you outta turn it up Turn on"
  • Turn on your love light - Grateful Dead
    "Without a warning you broke my heart,taken it baby, torn it apartAnd you left me standin' in the dark cryin', said your love for me was dyin'Come on babe, baby pleasecause I'm beggin' you baby and I'm"
  • Star Bright - Vanessa Williams
    "Star Bright, first star I see tonight Could you oh would you please shine your light Shine it so I can see, my savior smilin' at me Star Bright, I hear you once proclaimed This is the way, keep on followin'"
  • Bright eyes - Joana Zimmer
    "Is it a kind of dream ...floating out on the tide Following the river of death,downstream ...or is it a dream ... There's a fog along the horizon ...a strange glow in the sky... And nobody seems to know"

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