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Tusse - Voices

  • Voices (Szwecja, Eurowizja 2021) - Tusse
    "There’s a fire in the rain But we’ll get up again We’re thousand miles apart But we’ll overcome I;ll never let you down Woerld is turning us around But i feel it in my heart Let’s make a brand new start Can’t"
  • Voices - Rick Wright & Dave Harris
    "Voices that call you, through feelings inside you Within your soul, you feel them burning, they take control in you Voices that call you, through feelings inside you Voices insisting, reminding, resisting"
  • Voices - Jim Carroll
    "Bob drives taxis when the meter runs Bobby hears the music when it's done He hears the voices He hears the voices Wheels on rain, lightning from the storm Bobby takes the gas Pedal to the floor The voices He"
  • Voices - Ballard Russ
    "Ballard Russ Russ Ballard Voices If you could see my mind, if you really look deep, then maybe you'll find That somewhere there will be a place, hidden behind my comedian face You will find somewhere"
  • Voices - Royal Hunt
    "Stranger, stranger look what's going on Danger, danger's coming, you're alone in the noman's land, out of your head where the angels fear to tread Voices are calling Calling for you from the stories which"
  • Voices - Cheap Trick
    "Words and Music by Rick Nielsen You didn't know what you were looking for 'Till you heard the voices in your ear. Hey, it's me again. Plain, you see again. Please, can I see you ev'ry day? I'm a fool"
  • Voices - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "And I'm hearing the whispers from my window and I'm hearing something scratching on the inside Could I feel the sea beckoning me oh, could it be can I see? Voices on the air Voices on the air And I'm"
  • Voices - Holly McNarland
    "watching you sleep you can't scream i'm still here without speech i'm waiting, i'm waiting stealing all the voices watching you go down whispering her voices whispering you down stealing all the voices"
  • Voices - Reactor
    "By myself but not aloneThe lights are on but no-one's homeNot alone but by myself(unspoken) Let's talk about my mental healthNot a drugged up fantasyA paranoid realityFound it hard to live with meHear"
  • Voices - Prezioso
    "Oh come around away with me See coloured worlds and fantasy So lost in love we'll have some fun When flying off reality Now all the words you're whispering Are going through eternity So if you want to"
  • Voices - Agnostic Front
    "Live come to the end Nowhere to go Look back and see Remains, left in the road Can't keep me behind closed doors Or locked up in a cage, I'll rise again My strength comes from my pain Time to break free"
  • Voices - Cydonia
    "If you could see my mind if you really look deep then maybe you'll find That somewhere there will be a place hidden behind my comedian face You will find somewhere there's a house and inside that house"
  • Voices - Ann Lee
    "Ann Lee Miscellaneous Voices From time to time there's an emptiness a little something I surely miss say what it is and will it ever pass Sometimes it flows over me so strong my heart is saying there's"
  • Voices - Godsmack
    "Listen to the rain fallin' day by day listen to the rain fallin' day by day by day I hear you callin' Voices are here again I hear you whisper Taken control of me Watch the dancing shadows run away All"
  • Voices - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "In the wind, in the sea, whispering hate, heresy; quietly accusing me. Voices. Those voices, all I hear are voices. In the marsh, in the sky, firing curses in my eyes, cutting me with razor lies. Voices."
  • Voices - Hurts
    "say my name and save me once again just say my name too far gone is where I belong am I too far gone? I can hear them in my head and I I can hear them and I want to get them out I can hear them in my"
  • Voices - Roxette
    "I knew this would happen and I don't want to be around when it gets out. I've closed the last picture and painted the windows inside and out. Give me your dreams and I'll give you my time, together"
  • Voices - Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈)
    "Don’t hear the cold voices anymore I’m covering my ears But it’s no use, the piercing looks Block my way I’m breaking it all down All the sources of things That trapped me in darkness and tortured me I"
  • Voices - Happy Campers
    "I hear voices in my mind, voices from the past that always seem to find, seem to find thier way, way into my head, whispering to me what other people said, said to me, I try to ignore, ignore what they say,"
  • Voices - Radio Citizen
    "Like sounds within a twilight beyond a dream I heard voices in the distance calling to me I'm in my vision giving me dream home, dream home Like sounds within a twilight beyond a dream. When we remember"

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