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Twenty one pilots cytaty

  • Pilots - DramaGods
    "I know you but you, you don't know me Won't you climb aboard and I'll Take you on a little ride I'm your pilot and I'm your captain Listen ground control could you Take us out the speed of sound Hey follow"
  • Pilots - Nuno Bettencourt
    "I know you but you, you don't know me Won't you climb aboard and I'll Take you on a little ride I'm your pilot and I'm your captain Listen ground control could you Take us out the speed of sound Hey follow"
  • Blind Pilots - The Cooper Temple Clause
    "I hope you never change I hope you never go I hope you'll always keep Our little secrets though But how'd we get here At this height And what's this talk of Dead weight I know we always drink But we"
  • We Are Pilots - Shiny Toy Guns
    "Holding close my secrets Naked broken pieces -from the madness in what you do The fingers point right back at you What about my problems? The people try to solve them I guess I'm under the weather... Since"
  • Twenty One - The Cranberries
    "I don't think it's going to happen anymore You took my thoughts from me, now I want nothing more And did you think you could just take it all away I don't think it's happening, this is what I say Leave"
  • Twenty One - Dolores O'Riordan
    "I don't think it's going To happen anymore You took my thoughts from me Now i want nothing more And did you think you Could just take it all away I dont think it s happening This is what I say Leave me"
  • Twenty One - Phil Vassar
    "I think, before I speak; I turn the other cheek more than I used to. I'm surprised I'm alive after all of the crazy things that I do. I've still got that wild streak you love but I'm not the man I was. But"
  • Twenty One - Joe Pesci
    "Baby you're sixteen. That's not old as it may seem. A for me I can't believe that it's true. How a little girl who looks and talks like you, is not mistaken more for twenty two. Looking in your eyes"
  • Twenty One - Subb
    "If you ask me If you ask me i will just deny it Just like nothing ever happened to us now This time it's real This time i will follow my own advice And i will weigh the words that might flow through my"
  • Twenty one - Ferlin Husky
    "(Precious sacred seems unfold) Twenty one boy twenty one Now you were just a young feller son the night your mama died You don't remember but we were right there by mama's side Your ma had a sickness son"
  • Twenty One - Badi
    "...let me just take a second to pause and reflect, check the cause and effect I find myself askin', how did this happen so fast, cant imagine, man I remember back when I thought knew the deal, but I didnt"
  • Twenty One - Mystery Jets
    "The boy who cried wolf couldn't take it anymore They all tried to help but he'd heard it all before Now he sits in a room with a lock on the door Holding pictures in his arms and staring at the floor Oh"
  • Twenty-One - Eagles
    "Twenty-one and strong as I can be I know what freedom means to me And I can't give the reason why I should ever want to die Got no cause to be afraid Or fear that life will ever fade 'Cause as I"
  • One Twenty - Eyedea
    "(It's-it's it's about time) (It's-it's-it's it's-it's it's-it's it's about time) Yo DJ Abilities what you gonna do? (B-b-b-bout to rock) Add me to mix, you get E&A crew And we (Blow up the spot) Why don't"
  • Twenty One - Khalid
    "You just turned 21 So lately you been drinkin' Wasted on alcohol You chase to fight the feeling Thinkin' 'bout letting go Would that be easy for you then, then So lay with me, lay with me We're underneath"
  • Pilots - Goldfrapp
    "Armoured cars sail the sky they're pink at dawn if I lived forever you just wouldn't be so beautiful as the sun when it shines allover the world we're pilots watching the stars the world pre-occupied we're"
  • Twenty twenty vision - Jimmy Martin
    "I've been to the doctor, he says I'm alright I know he is lying, I'm losing my sight He should have examined the eyes of my mind Twenty-twenty vision and walking round blind Ever since she's gone and left"
  • Twenty-one Century - Noir Fleurir
    "Twenty-one Century Come on! Cool Down Boy Japanese People Upside Movie JUNKIE-TOKYO JUNKIE-TOKYO JUNKIE-TOKYO JUNKIE-TOKYO JUNKIE-TOKYO JUNKIE-TOKYO kitai hazure da ne nijuuni seiki FUTURING-TOKYO heya"
  • Twenty One Guns - Good Riddance
    "11th hour's gone nothing's resolved there's no alternative to becoming involved strike up the band round up the men ready to die for nothing one shred of hope one prayer for peace one man abandoned he"
  • Twenty-One Guns - Far From Finished
    "Jamie's going off to war tomorrow Trading in his shovel for a big old gun Time to stand up time to be a man Putting the trigger in his right hand But she needs you now she can't do it herself Forced to"

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