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  • The Cranberries Twenty One
    "I don't think it's going to happen anymore You took my thoughts from me, now I want nothing more And did you think you could just take it all away I don't think it's happening, this is what I say Leave"
  • Dolores O'Riordan Twenty One
    "I don't think it's going To happen anymore You took my thoughts from me Now i want nothing more And did you think you Could just take it all away I dont think it s happening This is what I say Leave me"
  • Phil Vassar Twenty One
    "I think, before I speak; I turn the other cheek more than I used to. I'm surprised I'm alive after all of the crazy things that I do. I've still got that wild streak you love but I'm not the man I was. But"
  • Joe Pesci Twenty One
    "Baby you're sixteen. That's not old as it may seem. A for me I can't believe that it's true. How a little girl who looks and talks like you, is not mistaken more for twenty two. Looking in your eyes"
  • Subb Twenty One
    "If you ask me If you ask me i will just deny it Just like nothing ever happened to us now This time it's real This time i will follow my own advice And i will weigh the words that might flow through my"
  • Ferlin Husky Twenty one
    "(Precious sacred seems unfold) Twenty one boy twenty one Now you were just a young feller son the night your mama died You don't remember but we were right there by mama's side Your ma had a sickness son"
  • Badi Twenty One
    "...let me just take a second to pause and reflect, check the cause and effect I find myself askin', how did this happen so fast, cant imagine, man I remember back when I thought knew the deal, but I didnt"
  • Mystery Jets Twenty One
    "The boy who cried wolf couldn't take it anymore They all tried to help but he'd heard it all before Now he sits in a room with a lock on the door Holding pictures in his arms and staring at the floor Oh"
  • Eagles Twenty-One
    "Twenty-one and strong as I can be I know what freedom means to me And I can't give the reason why I should ever want to die Got no cause to be afraid Or fear that life will ever fade 'Cause as I"
  • Eyedea One Twenty
    "(It's-it's it's about time) (It's-it's-it's it's-it's it's-it's it's about time) Yo DJ Abilities what you gonna do? (B-b-b-bout to rock) Add me to mix, you get E&A crew And we (Blow up the spot) Why don't"
  • Noir Fleurir Twenty-one Century
    "Twenty-one Century Come on! Cool Down Boy Japanese People Upside Movie JUNKIE-TOKYO JUNKIE-TOKYO JUNKIE-TOKYO JUNKIE-TOKYO JUNKIE-TOKYO JUNKIE-TOKYO kitai hazure da ne nijuuni seiki FUTURING-TOKYO heya"
  • Good Riddance Twenty One Guns
    "11th hour's gone nothing's resolved there's no alternative to becoming involved strike up the band round up the men ready to die for nothing one shred of hope one prayer for peace one man abandoned he"
  • Far From Finished Twenty-One Guns
    "Jamie's going off to war tomorrow Trading in his shovel for a big old gun Time to stand up time to be a man Putting the trigger in his right hand But she needs you now she can't do it herself Forced to"
  • Chris Young Twenty-One Candles
    "Always be momma's baby Always be daddy's girl Right now she's makin' 'em crazy Little red riding hood, big bad world She ain't waitin' on 21 candles She ain't missin' not a minute of fun She ain't worried"
  • Jamiroquai Twenty Zero One
    "2001 - Where do I belong I got my mind but I don't know where my head has gone 2001 - Baby where you been It's pornographic, Internet, traffic on the screen 2001 - She's just a maniac It's not for me"
  • Choclair Twenty One Years
    "21 years of my lifetime (4x) 21 years Choclair's in the house (21 years in my lifetime) Ill B Uh (like that) You need to recognize 21 years of pure bullshit It makes me wanna bang my head on the walls And"
  • Todd Rundgren Free, Male, & Twenty - One
    "We're free We're male We're twenty-one Free, male, and twenty-one Free, male, and twenty-one It's not enough to be twenty-one and free It's not the same as male and twenty-one Free, male, and twenty-one This"
  • Marshall Crenshaw Twenty-Five-Forty-One
    "(Grant Hart) Jenny gave us a number Jenny gave us a place to stay Billy got hold of a van and then we moved the very next day To twenty-five forty-one, big windows to lay in the sun Twenty-five"
  • Mr. T Experience Now We Are Twenty-One
    "Now we are 21 Now we have to get things done We can't watch Brady Bunch We can't eat Captain Crunch Aaaah! When I was 17 I used to watch TV but now I'm 21 I have to get things done every day we have to"
  • Dillinger Four Twenty-One Said Three Times Quickly
    "Past ten and I start to lose my sight Six hours gone, two-fisting Try to talk but nothing comes out right Try to make it work tommorow Yesterday we were barely in command Full of dumb ideas, like children I"

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