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Twilite feat. Kari Amirian - Perfect Ending

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Twilite feat. Kari Amirian - Perfect Ending

  • Perfect Ending - Spineshank
    "Well I feel That all this becomes this waste that we call life And its real Yet I hate all the things that I've become Why the smiles Become A waste of time I get this empty feeling Thats only becoming"
  • The Perfect Ending - Straylight Run
    "Taken in context, It's not a bad thing, But when you start to pick it apart, It gets so depressed, It's that sort of thing, That makes you think too much, It's that sort of thing, Makes you lose your objectivity, So"
  • Kari - Stephen Bishop
    "Song: Kari Artist: Stephen Bishop Album: Bowling in Paris (1989) Composer: Bishop/Spiro Every time I get close to you You pull further away Don't say you got something better to do Y' know I want you to"
  • A Poem - Kari Amirian
    "I've been staring up at the sky Spotting a place I could hide in Without a reason or rhyme I found your eyes looking at me Now you're lying here beside me And you feel my beating heart Love's a poem,"
  • Fightback - Kari Amirian
    "You have to be successful Must outperform the rest Have brains like a rocket scientist You've got to be the best You must be fit and perfect Got looks like a TV star Have a thousand friends on facebook And"
  • 4 Kobiety (feat. Zeamsone, Bonson, Kari) - Da Vosk Docta
    "Miała kaca, poszła kupić szlugi Do babki pierd* coś po rosyjsku Choć nie umie mówić Woli robić Nierozważne jest w niej topić złotówy Żyje w nocy, spi za dnia Coś dla ciała, coś dla duszy Inna poszła Po"
  • Perfect - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "(feat. Charlie Wilson) Beautiful.. perfect.. flawless.. debonaire Where'd you get that silky skin? And the colors those eyes come in? Does the light come from within? God made you, did he make"
  • Perfect - Snoop Dogg
    "(feat. Charlie Wilson) Beautiful.. perfect.. flawless.. debonaire Where'd you get that silky skin? And the colors those eyes come in? Does the light come from within? God made you, did he make"
  • Kari-Anne - Asia
    "Heart and soul You took me in a special way No time at all My feelings were just blown away Angel in red I couldn't take my eyes off you A golden chance Into the light out of the blue This is the time The"
  • The Twilite Kid - The Twilight Singers
    "Rock steady, baby, your man iz ded Be careful, sugar, of who you call a friend Cuz they'll get you in the end Step eazy, baby, and don't you cry She had another brother on the side You could not let it"
  • Podziemie (PROD. KARI) - BARTAS x KARI
    "Ja nadal bragga nie składam Bo nie mam prawa do bragga I to jest taka uwaga Ta sprawa wymaga mnie Mam tu dramat od rana Bo słyszę … A dyskografia podziemia To ja się pytam: gdzie? Tak się składa, zakładam Ze"
  • Ściśle (prod. Kari) - BARTAS x KARI
    "Ka do A do eR do i na majku, rok kolejny wypełniam te kartki każdy ma swe IQ, kmiń te wersy, propsuj albo zadrwij wokół te gwiazdy, robią swoje, chuj mnie to tak jak to za kogo masz mnie, robie rap a"
  • The Never-Ending - Brettell
    "That caravan in your life Im the child like my parents ever had Start the thoughts that're in your mind This place impressive All you here, just let me say I just know that you all came You don't believe"
  • Twoje miasto feat. Perfect - Liroy
    "[ Perfect ] : Twoje miasto, moje łzy. Moje zmory, twoje sny. Teraz Ty powiedz mi czemu zmora, czemu sen, spuszcza z powiek czarną łzę, czarną łzę. [ Liroy ] : Było nas trzech, jak w autobiografii zero"
  • Miss Perfect (feat. Nodesha) - ABS
    "Abs... Nodesha... Shorty, c'mon, uh Oh my, you was looking so down When I first met you I bet you didn't think it would get to a situation when I'd let you, Just go, so that you let me know, Why you're"
  • Jingle Bell (Kari) - Miyavi
    "Mou fureru koto naindayo. Datte konayuki no ouchi ga aru desho. Sore ni, makka na ohana no SANTAsan ni higemukui nara no tonakai ga. Sore jyaappari yakubushoku desuka? Yuki ga konkon to. Anata ha kongon"
  • My World Is Ending - Mercenary
    "Take all that I believe in Give it a simple name Reveal all my secrets And drown me in the shame I will redefine The questions of the night And I will purify Forgiveness and the light It's falling into"
  • Ending - Burn Season
    "We wont make it this time Did my soul run off And get lost without you Fake it this time This is the last song ill ever wrte about you Right This can be the way Throw it in my face The fact that"
  • Ending - Longwave
    "an ending that's pretty a beautiful city to open the vein and take a hit i don't care if i break down tonight if i get out i don't care i'll take what i can get but if i get out it pulls me back"
  • Ending - Isak Danielson
    "we’re at the end of the line she keeps me from closing my eyes keeps me from sleeping at night don’t let me go we’ve been talking a while looking at everything bright wrote, and she asked me I am fine just"

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