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Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage slowa

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Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage slowa

  • Two Steps - Jimmy Cozier
    "Ooh, mmmn.... In the beginning it was compliments everyday You said, when we first started out I would go out my way But one day, you claimed I don't appreciate you And I don't know how to treat you We"
  • Courage - Celine Dion
    "i would be lying if i said I am fine I think of you at least a hundred times cause in the echo of my violence I heart your words just like you’re there I still come home from a long day so much to talk"
  • Courage - New Model Army
    "We walk every morning in silence Past the mills on Whetley Lane Where the lights went out for the very last time And they never came on again The spokesman all shred crocodiles tears In the glory of the"
  • Courage - Peter Gabriel
    "I’ve been beating my head against the rubber wall. I’ve been jumping on a ladder, tryin’ to make it fall. We’re diving on the cliff from the highest rocks. Living under penalty, no second thoughts. Riding"
  • Two Steps Away - Mors Principium Est
    "I can not bear this pain anymore My heart is pinned down to the floor I feel my body starts to fail The color of my skin turns to grey I start to sing my last goodbyes The tears fill the blood red sky For"
  • Coward's courage - Cock Robin
    "Who can count on help out of danger's way When we all turn a blind eye? How can I watch you go With no one watching over? Why do I fear for you more than my own self When it comes down to both our lives?"
  • Liquid Courage - Vio-Lence
    "(Music: Demmel, Flynn, Killian) (Lyrics: Killian) I Reach Out, And Grab The Devil. Pour His Hell Straight Down My Throat. Go Home To The Darling Where's Your Pain, Give Me Pain Ten Fold. Soft Face On"
  • Courage, Robert - Meg & Dia
    "He saw a lonely girl She saw a lonely world It was a canvas, slyly careless A Florestan lieder And his was a dying breed And courage came only from his symphonies A decorative smile to fade out His concerto"
  • Steps - Good Riddance
    "When I beat my head against the wall of convention the blood I taste is everyone's I fought a battle thought unpopular for stakes nobody seems to see nobody sees but me one step forward two steps"
  • Two Steps From The End - Robert Cray
    "The night life Has never been easy Has never been easy for me The price I've paid Has been so very dear Some of my friends are . . . No longer here Now I'm two steps from the end Last door down the hall That's"
  • Two Steps Behind - Def Leppard
    "Walk away if you want to It's okay if you need to You can run but you can never hide From the shadow that's creeping up beside you There's a magic running through your soul But you can't have it all (Whatever"
  • Two Steps Behind - Madcap
    "One life to live is what we really get and we think we live, but all of us are dying A little more each day It's six o'clock time to get up and get ready for work 'cause we can't be late Or else we won't"
  • Two Steps Away - Clawfinger
    "I'm two steps away from stepping over the edge and getting lost in the great unknown Because one small step in the wrong direction is enough to shake the cornerstone Where ever I'm thrown no matter where"
  • Courage - Spirit Caravan
    "Courage, Yes, Her Words Bold And Red The Vamps They Got Their Fangs On Bleed Your Given Heart Dead For Yourself You Must Do It Life's Furies We Brave It Was The Scorching Possession Of That Loving First"
  • Courage - Manowar
    "Some want to think hope is lost see me stand alone I can't do what others may want then I'll have no home So for now wave good-bye and leave your hands held high Hear this song of courage long into the"
  • Courage - Milton Nascimento
    "Day wanders away And the night clings like a tear In the quite and cold A young man is crying Living with his fear As a voice rises in prayer That the knows no one will hear He must face this alone This"
  • Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Version) - Def Leppard
    "Walk away if you want to it's ok, if you need to you can run, but you can never hide From the shadow that's creeping up beside you There's a magic running through your soul But you can't have it all"
  • Steps - Tracy Lawrence
    "Little baby boy sittin' round his toys gettin' tired of crawling He's pullin' up on an easy chair he's gonna try a little walking He's takin' steps A six year old with a new school bag staring down his"
  • Steps - Aching Beauty
    "Now I tend to a day dream Define a place where I could merge in Hide away, and never let steps in the sand Sublimate all what is To free myself from the grip of time Start again Wish a swelling wind Refuse"
  • Steps - Slutbox
    "Sometimes - i can almost feel you wrapped around my life - Squeezing tight your thighs shallow breathing and blacklight lust - Gives way as I'm coated in cremation dust Step by step I walk to the edge"

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