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Twoje synne your my heart

  • Break My Heart (jako Dua Lipa - Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo) - Basia Kurdej-Szatan
    "I've always been the one to say the first goodbye Had to love and lose a hundred million times Had to get it wrong to know just what I like Now I'm falling You say my name like I have never heard before I'm"
  • Elastic heart (jako Sia - Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo) - Kasia Wilk
    "And another one bites the dust Oh, why can I not conquer love? And I might've thought that we were one Wanted to fight this war without weapons And I wanted it, and I wanted it bad But there were so many"
  • Say what's in your heart - Restless Heart
    "Sometimes a woman and a man make plans, And then change in the middle of the stream. Why does the flame die, where does the blame lie?And what becomes of their dreams?Will I be startin' on my own again"
  • Your Heart, Your Heart - Legends Of Rodeo
    "It's alright We do it and we do it again It's alright We don't even have to pretend tonight Latey nothing here has been working right Pull me in and pull me under They'll bury us deep in our beds tonight As"
  • Your Heart - Anne Heaton
    "There aren't many like you With an embrace big enough to hold me You breathe me in Never ask where I've been There aren't many like you You can take me You ground my electricity Your eyes open wide /"
  • Your Heart - Damien Dawn
    "So many nights I’ve watched you sleep (I’ve watched you sleep) Tried to resist but it got so deep (got so deep) And when you're next to me You're still out of in my reach But I just long for you My soul"
  • Your Heart - Bitty McLean
    "(singin right now, for you-uu-uuu, uu-uuu, uu-uuu, uu-uuu) 1. verse: higher, than the mountains, so tall and deeper, than the river that flows you're my girl, it's something that I know for sure, (u-u-uuh) with"
  • Please Becareful With My Heart - Heart Evangelista
    "If you love me like you tell me Please be careful with my heart You can take it just don't break it Or my world will fall apart You are my first romance And i'm willing to take a chance That till life"
  • In My Heart - My Favorite Highway
    "This life is so crazy so could you please remind me It's simple It's easy with you right here beside me Cause I don't even wanna try to get by without you that's the rason why i'm writing this song"
  • My Heart, Your Home - Hillsong United
    "Artist: Hillsongs Song: My Heart, Your Home Come and make my heart your home, come and be everything and lord i know, search me through and through, till my heart becmes a home for you A home for u...."
  • My Heart, Your Home - Watermark
    "Come and make my heart Your home. Come and be everything I am and all I know. Search me through and through 'till my heart becomes a home for You. A home for You, Lord. A home for You, Lord. Let everything"
  • My Heart Your Hands - From First To Last
    "Here's a letter i'm writing to you, Of all the things I never could have said (and its the truth). It's the letter you're burning from me, Of all the things you never wanted to hear. I don't know what"
  • My Heart Iidasenai Your Heart Tashikametai (Ingl?s) - Ah! Megamissama (Oh! My Goddess)
    "Just being close to you doesn't make love happen Even if I make a puzzle you can't solve it because you're slow We came to the spring sea, wearing summer clothes Please cover me gently with your shirt My"
  • It Makes My Heart Break - Your Vegas
    "Been livin' on a cloud Been livin' up where the thunder claps. Been lookin' at the sound Been lookin' to find a high that lasts. I wanna talk to God But I can't find a question to ask. I just see a town"
  • Your Heart Is My Home - DJ Bobo
    "Chorus: I'm gonna miss you when you're not here Your love is all around me my dear I know you are the woman completing my life Your heart is my home Chorus B: When I look at you I know your love can light"
  • My Heart - Alamo Race Track
    "Another hit-and-run, she said Hit them straight in the eye Wake me up in the middle of the night To see the buildings and the dark sky If i tell you I was sick don't get me wrong I had some good times You"
  • My Heart - Donell Jones
    "chorus:why you wanna play around with my heart you make me feel like you care why you wanna play around with my heart my love was there I thought that you cared. verse 1:Untill that day you turned and"
  • My Heart - Jennifer Hudson
    "Whoa Whoa 1234 What's up girl? let me holler at you for a second. I just want you to know all of those other girls they never meant anything to me, your the only one for me You turned me on, sounds"
  • My Heart - John Denver
    "This song was first released on the rhymes and reasons album. it is the only album it has been released on. I told you that I loved you You said that is so good I called you my darlin' I thought I always"
  • My heart - Chuckie Akenz
    "see i still remember baby when i picked you from the lot and i knew it when i grabbed you that you'd always have my heart and i told u from the start i would never let no one hurt you i couldnt wait to"

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