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Tyler and Caroline - Close your eyes

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Tyler and Caroline - Close your eyes

  • Caroline - John Butler Trio
    "Got your eyes open, but you cannot seeGot what you want, do you got what you need?The one day you see something you cannot bearTelling you girl, yes you better bewareHer papa loved her so much you could"
  • Caroline - Alex Clare
    "Leave your back door open for me and I Put your keys in under the door on time Seems we've been waiting for a long time My delay surely will be a crime You know that we can do anything I know that you"
  • Caroline - Kirwan Danny
    "Oh Caroline you haunt me so This tangled heart of mine Wants to be free of you To start my life anew Caroline You took your lips to other guys Those lips that once touched mine Why don't you set me free Don't"
  • Caroline - Badloves
    "Badloves Holy Roadside Caroline We share a wine at your table Young summer sun in our eyes With a voice that you save for strangers You read loudly from your book of lies I know but one thing is for sure Our"
  • Caroline - Crematory
    "days vanish like hours - hours creep like days pleasant pictures in my head every breath like the wiff of your love your every glimpse thousand needles under my skin day and night - eye to eye - caroline day"
  • Caroline - Firewater
    "In your empty bed You remember every word she said And every word rings in your head Except, "I'm Sorry" And when the dark comes down Upon this stark and sullen town Will all her ghosts still hang"
  • Caroline - Brandi Carlile
    "Hello I'm looking for a friend I lost some time ago Your mother says she wants her girl back home Sometimes you think you find yourself You really only lost yourself Or maybe you're afraid to be alone But"
  • Caroline - Sugarplum Fairy
    "When you cry, I cry Sad eyed Caroline With your tears came tears of mine I was young, confused Hollow and bemused So my heart got bruised with time My apologies Sad eyed Caroline When I define what's"
  • Caroline - Jefferson Starship
    "Oh what can I tell you now, Caroline Should I hurt your feelings or keep on lyin'? One thing leads to another and another And another and another besides You always know whenever I wanna make love"
  • Caroline - Ian Moore
    "And then the rains they came From thick and broken clouds And washed out all the names Of tired little towns Summer's gone away Just the California coast Hey, I don't mind I never saw around much anyway But"
  • Caroline - Alphaville
    "(Lyrics: Gold / Music: Gold-Bloss) Caroline says Are you really sure that you know me I never met you before, can I trust you But she's never cautious, no, never, will she ever learn Will she always send"
  • Carolina - Motion City Soundtrack
    "Caroline, Carolina A southern genius, a southern girl Nine o' five, Monday morning I'm sunny .... To another tune Mommy's here Just to see her Money making Little girl Caroline Carolina She wants"
  • Close Your Eyes - James Blunt
    "You have seen the singer And he said ' believe in me' Now let me wash my bloodied hands In this pool of ecstacy Cos you know what's required of us And you know that they're tired of us And you know That"
  • Close Your Eyes - Suicide Commando
    "Close your eyes for the real world And dream of how it might have been Close your eyes for the real world It's much to ugly and always will We're killing nature We're killing men The blood and the violence The"
  • Close Your Eyes - Queen Latifah
    "Close your eyes When you open them dear I'll be right hear by your side So... Close your eyes Rest your head on my shoulder and sleep Close your eyes And I will close mine Close your eyes Let's"
  • Close your eyes - Goo Goo Dolls
    "I wish I had a saxophoneI'd play the blues 'til you came homeWith a little sadness in your eyeNow that all my time was spentIn the walk that heaven sentThinking 'bout all the nights you criedHad a certain"
  • Close Your Eyes - Anita Baker
    "Stars up in the sky Said your heart won't lie to me You speak and dreams are real Free to follow what you feel Chorus: Close your eyes and see Life's no mystery Dreams become reality Close your eyes and"
  • Close Your Eyes - Micah P. Hinson
    "And close your eyes And don't you make a sound There's no worries now And close your eyes And don't you make a sound There's no worries now There's no one else around, to hear you cry You're so asleep Again,"
  • Close Your Eyes - Pink Cream 69
    "Don't believe All that you dream is just illusion Don't believe You look for things not made for you You'll win in everything But don't live in confusion Some days will come alive And dreams will turn"
  • Close Your Eyes - Jump
    "Tell me you had bad dreams last night 'Cause you were rolling in your sleep Tell me you hate those bright street lights Sometimes the shadows give you the creeps Please Close your eyes Please If you dont"

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