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Tyler, The Creator - IFHY

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Tyler, The Creator - IFHY

  • IFHY - Tyler, The Creator
    "I never would of thought that, Feelings could get thrown in the air. Cause I accidentally caught that. I need some new boxing gloves, shit got hectic whenever I fall back For example, ten minutes can go"
  • Here we Go… Again (ft. Tyler, The Creator) - The Weeknd
    "Strike a pose with my kinfolk Front page of the billboards Suit and tie, and cigar smokes Macallan shots 'til it burn throats We still celebrating Super Bowl Catalog looking legendary Ring froze like it's"
  • U Say (ft. Tyler, The Creator, Jay Prince) - GoldLink
    "Premiera 28 sierpnia 2019 roku."
  • After The Storm (ft. Bootsy Collins, Tyler, The Creator) - Kali Uchis
    "did u ever wonder yeah do u ever wonder that he might be goin throuight on his own and the demons that he;s facing alone I hate that sometimes I can’t go home and It just ain;t the same on the phone no but"
  • Tyler - UB40
    "Appeal to the governor of LouisianaYou may get an answer the process is slowFederal government too much to help himIt`s been nearly five yearsAnd they won`t let him go(Chorus)Tyler is guilty the white"
  • Tyler - Toadies
    "And she runs through her days With a smile on her face And she runs, and she waits And I wait We can drive to anyplace Day and night to cross the state, And in the morning, into Mexico We will wake"
  • Creator - Tony Rebel
    "-P. Barrett- Can't leave out the Almighty none at all If you do that then you know Kingdom fall Rebel ah talk again man go tell you friend Chorus: Everything else can stay till later Right now we ah"
  • Creator - Meat Puppets
    "I lost my mind a couple of gals ago I left behind, never saw it go Just a little bit of snow out on the leaves Just confusion drifting swirling to my knees I took the time a couple of days ago To cross"
  • Creator - Santogold
    "Got no need for the fancy thingsAll the attention that it bringsTell me no, I say yes, I was chosenAnd I will deliver the explosionCan't say it's gonna get me farDo no good to say what you areI run the"
  • The Creator - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
    "It's time to dip dive dip You might break a hip To the sound that's legit I've come to make a hit I usually bust scratches with my man, C.L. Smooth But, I decided to get wreck on this groove As I provide"
  • Tyler Herro - Jack Harlow
    "The ones that hate me the most Look just like me You tell me what that means Make a slick comment and see what that brings I see it fo down We can reenact things Extreme like BMXing"
  • Bass Creator - Basshunter
    "And every once in your life And every once in your life (I'm your b-b-b-ass) (I'm your bass) (I-I'm your b-b-b-bass) (I-I'm your-I'm-bass) (I'm your bass creator) The moment I saw you I was in a trance And"
  • Creator Failure - Iced Earth
    "A lonely maiden stands Bound to the obelisk As she tugs and pulls And tries to twist Shackles slice her virgin wrists Blood now covers her tiny hands How does thou receive this fate? She asks of her own"
  • Creator and destroyer - Graveland
    "Wotan! Your chariotsRoll on the skyThe roars of the wild beastsRoll over the landsUnder the sword of the loyal folkThe heads of your enemiesTurn lands to redThe creators of war triumphThe fire burns down"
  • Tippecanoe And Tyler, Too! - Oscar Brand
    "Oh, who has heard the great commotion, motion, motion, all the country through? It is the ball a-rolling on, For Tippecanoe and Tyler too, For Tippecanoe and Tyler too And with them we'll beat little Van,"
  • Dedicated To Michelle Tyler - Mystikal
    "*A brief tone* (Mystikal) Miss Michelle Tyler: Sweet, beautiful, intelligent, talented, creative, and crazy as hell. And missed more than anything in the world. Thank you for being the best sister a"
  • Shame Of The Creator - Hate
    "Your shame that you feel as a knife stabbed (after os many years of failure and remorse) Never left your holy mind and it's been growing in strength Die from regret - with no respect From world you created"
  • The Creator Has A Mastertape - Porcupine Tree
    "He captured and collected things And he put them in a shed He raised a proper family So he could tie them to a bed The creator had a mastertape But he left it in a cab I stared into the void tonight The"
  • How To Love & Tyler Ward - Christina Grimmie
    "You had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart Never really had luck, couldn’t never figure out How to love How to love You had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever Now you in the corner tryna put"
  • Go Cut Creator Go - LL Cool J
    "1, 2, 3 'o' clock 4 'o' clock ROCK 5, 6, 7 'o' clock 8 'o' clock ROCK 9, 10, 11 'o' clock 12 'o' clock ROCK Gonna ROCK (What?) ROCK, ROCK around the clock Three years ago in St. Albans, Queens I was rockin"

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