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U 2 ordinary love

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U 2 ordinary love

  • No Ordinary Love - Alaine
    "Intro evey every moment that im away every every hour of every day i love how you take my breath away Verse 1 in your arms im safe an secure every care around me melt away when u hold me i forget"
  • Ordinary Love - Paris Bennett
    "Verse 1: I don't know what's really going on, tell me whats happening It's like a whirlwind so amazing so tired of fighting this feeling and frankly I'm a little confused about it don't know if I'm dreaming cause"
  • Closer 2 u - 2 Unlimited
    "I'm gonna get closer to youCome closer!I'm gonna get closer to youCome closer!I see you watching me boyLike I've been watching you andI think it's time that we get downWe're talking big attractionWe're"
  • 2 U - Mary J. Blige
    "2 U I hope that you've been thinking about me I hope that you have been thinking of me too The way that I have been thinking of you I hope that you have been thinking of me too The way that I have been"
  • Extra ordinary love - Darin Zanyar
    "(if you call right now,I'll throw in something extra for free)I don't want to complainIt'll be to obviousThat i'm so jealousYou seem to like he's gamesThe way he's running aroundThe way he lets you downBut"
  • Ordinary Life - Starfield
    "Verse 1 Take me an invade me, make me someone new. Wake me from the dead and break me with the truth. Move me and disturb me, interupt my peace, tear open my heart, and pul me to my knees. There's a"
  • U Love 2 Hate - Yukmouth
    "Yes! It's that nigga U Love 2 Hate! Yes! U Love 2 Hate! This the song I dedicate to niggas who love to hate! Look me in my face, I'm that nigga U Love 2 Hate! Yes! (Fire! Fire! Fire!) It's that nigga U"
  • Hate 2 Love U - Amerie
    "You make me feel real good But it's to good to be true Sometimes I feel I'm losin my mind Cuz everything I'm feelin all depends on you You make me feel better Than you turn to bring me down Got me running"
  • Ordinary - Grinspoon
    "all right right on cowgirl that song find something u can sell then make a war to find it your told it so now its true no buisness somewhere ordinary yeah ordinary cast yeah alright baby your rockin"
  • Ordinary - Galactic Cowboys
    "life's not boring it's just ordinary like birds at rest inside a sanctuary where the ancient meets contemporary life's not usual it's ordinary life's not futile it's just ordinary if love is free and"
  • Ordinary - Wayne Brady
    "All of our friends keep saying we should be more social Cuz we keep to ourselves most of the time They just don't understand what we got going on Cause a love like this is so hard to find Don't wanna live"
  • Ordinary - The Alternate Routes
    "I've been wasting my days, Good and reckless and true, I have danced in the dark at the edge of the water, Swinging my hips at the black and the blue, When you die will you be surrounded by friends? Will"
  • Ordinary - Saving Jane
    "City lights shine down upon the place that I call home Surrounded by a million but I feel like I'm alone And I might be a nobody to you But if I'm playing, would you listen? If you would get to know me Maybe"
  • Ordinary - Deana Carter
    "White lace bedspread, Monet hanging over my head Big smile on my face, wine glasses all over the place Your shirt on my floor, I've never done that before Yeah, yeah, yeah... CHORUS Don't it feel so good Flying"
  • 2 Find U - Jewel
    "If I asked u a question Would u look me in the eyes? Has our love been built on lies? Well, why I'm asking U see, the time is now 2 turn our backs forever Or work this through somehow And I want 2 see"
  • Run 2 U - Jewel
    "Hey little baby, little lover boy Get in my arms, give me some joy I wanna hold u tonight It'll be alright 'Cause the night is long and I hunt for u In this darkest hour, where have u gone 2? Won't u"
  • Run 2 u - Quindon Tarver
    "Hey Little Baby, Little Lover BoyGet in My Arms, Give Me Some JoyI Wanna Hold U TonightIt'll Be Alright'cause the Night Is Long and I Hunt For U In This Darkest Hour, Where Have U Gone 2? Won't U Come"
  • 2 Find u - Quindon Tarver
    "If I Asked U a QuestionWould U Look Me in the Eyes?Has Our Love Been Built On Lies?Well, Why I'm AskingU See, the Time Is Now2 Turn Our Backs ForeverOr Work This Through SomehowAnd I Want 2 See UI Want"
  • Cater 2 U - Beyonce
    "Beyonce: Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooooh Baby I see you workin hard I wanna let you know I'm proud let you know that I admire what you do. Don't know if I need to reassure you my life would be purposeless without"
  • Thru 2 U - East West
    "Here we go boom, boom, boom, again I'm caught in my mind, somebody's telling me I'm already dead, dead to my flesh or dead to the spirit, if I were alive then you'd think that I'd hear it G. It's in his"

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