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U Wake Up Dead Man

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U Wake Up Dead Man

  • Wake Up Dead Man - U2
    "Jesus, Jesus help me I'm alone in this world And a fucked up world it is too Tell me, tell me the story The one about eternity And the way it's all gonna be WAKE UP WAKE UP DEAD MAN WAKE UP WAKE"
  • Wake Up, You're Dead - Death By Stereo
    "Stand like god with your authority A bank account is what shows you're better than me Ruin lives just to get to the top Money is worthless when everything's gone I will take you're life, can't have"
  • Wake Up - Two
    "Wake up man Wake you up Gotta show you Show you What's up Gotta shake you man Shake you up Gotta shake you till you wake up You always seem to lose your touch I think you think You think too much There's"
  • Wake Up - Funkadelic
    "You got to wake up! Live in the presence of your future Wake up! See what we're doing in our sleep You've got to wake up! Live in the presence of your future Wake up Learn from the mistakes of the past From"
  • Wake Up - Suck For Sympathy
    "A ringing bell woke up the dead They're dancing in the streets Ragged men are counting cash Tween trash and paper sheets Streetlights burning over them You can see their shiny teeth Singing Dylan's tombstone"
  • Wake Up ! - XTC
    "You put your cleanest dirty shirt on Then you stagger down to meet the dawn You take a ride upon a bus, it's just a fuss You know it keeps you born You get to know a morning face You get to join the"
  • Wake Up - House Gang Animalz
    "Shit is serious, all my life this shit is serious We got mouths to feed, we got families and babies dependin' on us We ain't layin' down for this shit, we gon' stand up right now Yo, yo When I wake"
  • Wake Dead Man, Wake - As Cities Burn
    "Let the dead bury their own dead Will you still love me in famine? As when love began at the harvest Or would you gain the whole world Son, I love you at your darkest But what good is the whole world When"
  • Wake Up Dead - Megadeth
    "Wake Up Dead I sneak in my own house It's four in the morning I had too much to drink Said I was out with the boys I creep in my bedroom I slip into bed, I know if I wake her, I'll wake up dead Chorus I"
  • Wake Up Dead - Arlo Guthrie
    "When I was younger she'd come to me in dreams Her face was hidden in the mountain streams Her voice disguised as the sound of the wind The rustling of leaves, she would call from within Wake up, wake up,"
  • Wake Up Dead - Nocturnal Rites
    "Ride, hell's in fury, an evil in believe Wrath upon the dead and dreaming Lie, sins subliminal, I twist in harmony Blood upon my darkest day Slit my wrist and watch me bleed Tighten the noose around my"
  • Wake Up Dead - The Used
    "This is not natural A bunch of holes where the dead used to be underground Forget supernatural 'cause all those resting in peace are out walking the streets Yeah with no heartbeat This is not possible"
  • Wake Me Up - Dr. Sin
    "Last night I had a dream To tell the truth it was really a nightmare I was buried alive That was so sick So damm sick I was paralyzed Couldn't tell if I was dead or alive I was scared, things happened"
  • Wake me up - J-Five
    "Hmm, what a beautiful day I'm waiting for the sun to save me From the love that hates me All the lovely maybes that keep me under Should've kept my head down Out of the spot light Lettin' go of what's"
  • Wake Up Irene - Hank Thompson
    "Hank Thompson's Wake up Irene. For months and months and months around the country Everybody sang Irene goodnight But she wouldn't go to bed no matter what they said though everybody tried with all"
  • Dead Man - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "(Phone Rings) Lynch: What up? Other Man: hey nigga hey nigga peep game nigga i got me this lil' old tricc from tha other side you know what im sayin' the bitvh was runnin' her mouth nigga, them fools"
  • Wake Up - Burning Heads
    "Woke up this morning, And i don't wanna go, Cause i've been thinking, Of you and yours, It hurts my head, Better think of nothing, I wish i could, Feel like you do, This time it's gone way too"
  • Wake up - Mary J. Blige
    "Feat - Jadakiss Wake up,Wake up.You've got the power.You've got the power.My people got the east yo you've got to wake up.Midwest dirty south, yo, you've gotta stand up.All my homies in the west, yo, you"
  • Wake Up - Orbit
    "I'm under covers I'm under waters Check out the fish and Check out the blue and green Breath in the colors Breath in the waters Breath in the liquids Breath in the blue and green I don't want to wake"
  • Wake Up - Numic
    "So some might take this time to look between these lines there's no cause Wake up now, won't easily succumb to reason, no convey you're safe so I don't have to wake up Wait, you're certainly gonna find"

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