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U2 - Angel Of Harlem

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U2 - Angel Of Harlem

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U2 - Angel Of Harlem
  • U2 Angel Of Harlem
    "It was a cold and wet December day When we touched the ground at JFK Snow was melting on the ground On BLS I heard the sound Of an angel New York, like a Christmas tree Tonight this city belongs to me Angel Soul"
  • Bill Withers Harlem
    "Summer night in Harlem, Man it's really hot! Well it's too hot to sleep and too hot to eat. I don't care if I die or not! Winter night in Harlem, ooh ooh radiator won't get hot, and that mean ole landlord"
  • Ian Moore Harlem
    "Riding through Harlem in my bullet proof car Inside a glass shell you say keeps us from harm My musics playing loudly and people gather round They wonder what were doing in their part of town I try to"
  • Jim Jones Harlem
    "7th Lennox and what about the east sideEl Barrio we blowin' smoke while we G rideWashington Heights dime lo tato you knowTodo bien tato capo uh oh Shot out to Taft where them killas is madeWe was out on"
  • Kendrick Lamar XXX (ft. U2)
    "America, God bells you If it;s good to you America, please take myt hand Can you help me Throw a steak off the yacht To a pool full of sharks He’ll take it Leave him in the wilderness Whit a sworn nemesis"
  • Roy Orbison Harlem Woman
    "The woman is out on her own. Walking the streets, sad and alone. Yes she sells herself for nickles and dimes. These are hard times for a Harlem woman. Harlem woman. Yes you work at night.I have held"
  • Rolling Stones Harlem Shuffle
    "(Ralf/Nelson) Huhuuuhuhuhuhuuuuuuh, hu! You move it to the left, yeah, and you go for yourself. You move it to the right, yeah, if it takes all night. Now take it kinda slow, with a whole lot of soul. Don't"
  • The Rolling Stones Harlem shuffle
    "You move it to the left And you go for yourself You move it to the right Yeah if it takes all night Now take it kinda slow With a whole lot of soul Don't move it too fast Just make it last You scratch"
  • Bon Jovi Harlem Rain
    "R.sambora The old man down on the corner Is downing in his pain I can see the sorrow in his eyes His tears, the leave a stain The streets have left him broken He's in the final phase It's been a long"
  • Sambora Richie Harlem Rain
    "(R.Sambora & R.Supa) The old man down on the corner, is drowing in his pain, I can see the sorrow in his eyes, his tears, they leave a stain. The streets have left him broken, he's in the final phase, It's"
  • London Boys Harlem Desire
    "New York, can take your life "big apple" makes you pay the price In New York, yeah, yeah, Walk down the avenue Might as well be on the moon In New York, yeah, yeah Oh, look out! There's trouble in the"
  • Cab Calloway Harlem Hospitality
    "It's the one and only Lennox Avenue, That's the one and only place to travel to; Music in the air, Dancing everywhere, That's Harlem hospitality! When you hear a welcome to your song, You'll keep"
  • Richie Sambora Harlem Rain
    "The old man down on the corner Is drowning in his pain I can see the sorrow in his eyes His tears, they leave a stain The streets have left him broken He's in the final phase It's been a long hard road From"
  • Cocoa Brovaz Spanish Harlem
    "Intro: ah where's everybody up (Speaking Spanish) (Tony Touch) it's Tony Toca, the one that's got you screamin "Esta loca" dalle juevo Is my mic Leggo my Eggo spanish Harlem all the way to san diego make"
  • Tomahawk Harlem Clown
    ""I don't know how to read notes...". "The Cars, Herbie Hancock, Bonnie Tyler, Stevie Nicks, Men At Work, ZZ Top, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, Weird Al Yankovic, Cyndi Lauper, Pink Floyd, the Pretenders,"
  • Cam'ron Harlem Streets
    "Killa (Killa) Dipset man Aye yo you know I've been all over the motherfucking world man But ain't no place like Harlem man (Let) me break it down man We tie dynamite to the rhino type. Whine you might"
  • Ol' Dirty Bastard Harlem world
    "Intro: Ol Dirty Bastard, Shorty Shit Stain, and others (the first line originally ended "Dirty Dancin" on Jerky Boys sountrack) Shit that makes me high Yo, we gonna bring it down, to Harlem World Bust"
  • Don Johnson Big Band Harlem Davidson
    "Let the dust settle, step on the pedal See the sun set but I'm, never gonna settle For less than three hundred miles an hour in the chest Burn the track, this is only a test I'm the leader of the pack My"
  • Fred Astaire Bojangles Of Harlem
    "(from "Swing Time") Ask anyone up Harlem way Who that guy Bojangles is They may not know whos President But ask em who Bojangles is. Hes in the most entrancin business Its what they call the dancin business When"
  • Angel Angel
    "When I'm upside down You turn me right side up By the simple words you say When I'm south of you, Well your north of me And I know your here to stay well your fingers walk and your body talks to me sweetly"

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