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U2 If God will Send His Angels tekst

  • If God Will Send His Angels - U2
    "Nobody else here baby no one else here to blame No one to point the finger... It's just you and me and the rain Nobody made you do it, no one put words in your mouth Nobody here taking orders when love"
  • I Will Follow (U2 Cover) - Fear Factory
    "I will Follow... I was on the outside when you said You said you needed me I was looking at myself I was blind, I could not see A boy tries hard to be a man His mother takes him by his hand If"
  • Send Me Your Angels - A.M.Drive
    "joe was a carpenter made a living working wood with the tools in his hand a blue collar man he's got a family wife two kids and a van he comes home every night with concerns for his family would they always"
  • XXX (ft. U2) - Kendrick Lamar
    "America, God bells you If it;s good to you America, please take myt hand Can you help me Throw a steak off the yacht To a pool full of sharks He’ll take it Leave him in the wilderness Whit a sworn nemesis"
  • Drive U2 Suicide - Esham
    ""We probably gonna get killed by tryin' to be like somebody else" (Repeat) Yes yes y'all (y'all) And you don't stop (stop) Once I start up my mind, get in let's take a spin Lemme drive you to suicide"
  • Send Me Flowers - No Angels
    "Send me flowers shana nanana Oh send me flowers Just to say you're sorry Send me flowers Oh send me flowers Send me flowers So many days we spent together Don't you miss this love of mine Dreams will"
  • Angels - Susan Ashton
    "The touch of His hand will let me know He takes me in and lets me go If not for love, who would believe Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, in you and me. We're lifted up by angels Higher than the world"
  • Who Do You Believe In (ft. U2) - 2Pac
    "Let us pray Heavenly Father, hear a nigga down here Before I go to sleep Tell me, who do you believe in? Who do you believe in? I see mothers in black cryin, brothers in packs dyin Plus everybody's high,"
  • One Written By U2 - Joe Cocker
    "Is it getting better Or do you feel the same Will it make it easier on you now You got someone to blame You say... One love One life When it's one need In the night One love We get to share it Leaves"
  • God Send Conspirator - Coheed And Cambria
    "Hold in your last breath and stare. Assure me your metronome's left arm stick shift is stuck on the right words in your ear. Did you hear me loud and clear? In sight and out of mind? Cautiously avoiding"
  • God Send - Pharoahe Monch
    "(feat. Prince Poetry) My mom is in the bedroom, cryin again Sister's on the street corner, lyin again Just heard about another one of my niggaz dyin again I'm tryin again to make moves.. I'll be damned"
  • Angels - Killah Priest
    "First came the wings, then the angel. His spirit actually appeared to you? Word, know what I'm sayin? Straight up. I gotta talk to ya'll about angels right now. (Don't be buggin) I dunno if you be knowing"
  • Angels - Amy Grant
    "(Brown Bannister, Gary Chapman, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith) "Take this man to prison," the man heard Herod say And then four squads of soldiers came and carried him away Chained up between two watchmen,"
  • Angels - Article One
    "Outside a church on a Friday night Saw the lights were on, so he stepped inside Walked the straightest line to the nearest pew Bowed his head and spoke to you Said I know it's been a while and I must confess That"
  • Angels - G-Unit
    "(50 Cent) G-Unit! Ha Ha! 50 Cent Hook: If some shots may happen to go off tonight Don't worry about me I be aight Niggaz could waiste ammo firin at me because I'm God's child there's angels around me Hook"
  • Angels - Nanci Griffith
    "The touch of your hand will let me know You'll take me in then let me go If not for love why would we meet? How is it turned two into one so easily? We're lifted up by Angels You understand, and you"
  • Angels - John Farnham
    "The touch of your hand, will let me know You take me in, and let me go If not for love, where would we be How is it done, two into one So easily CHORUS: We're lifted up by angels Higher than the world Strong"
  • Angels - Enya
    "Angels, answer me, are you near if rain should fall? Am I to believe you will rise to calm the storm? For so great a treasure words will never do. Surely, if this is, promises are mine to give you. mine"
  • Angels - Augustana
    "Oooh Woahoh Would I fight with an angel Would I leave here with you Or would I take it all back if If I find something new? I know there's something out there I know there's something I fear Run away"
  • Angels - Stroke 9
    "If it's not that far from where we are I'd like to wait if I could Until the day that the angel comes around I won't find the solace that I'm seeking You can't make me run, you can't make me free The"

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