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UFly - White Rain

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UFly - White Rain

  • White Rain - UFly
    "night has come – where are you now, my love? Rain fall down – where are you now, my love? another day slips out from my hands in the dark of hope I’m trying to hide my face unspoken words have frozen"
  • White - Lights
    "Are there oceans full of things you'll never say Are there skylines of the cities you don't see Is there music muted playing underneath Is mathematics keeping you from thinking free Do you see lights"
  • Rain - Van Canto
    "Thirst is slowly crawling through roads of life. Awaiting someone who will hear a call for resurrection in heartless times. Waiting for someone who will undo the fear. Please surrender my fate. Give me"
  • Rain - Marius Nedelcu feat. Giulia
    "Standing in the rain Calling out your name Life is not the same Without you (x2) Stars are brightly shinning in the sky Friends are sitting quiet side by side Lovers walking hand in hand together Here"
  • Rain - Marius feat. Giulia
    "Standing in the rain Calling at your name Life is not the same Without you Stars are brightly shinning in the sky Friends are sitting quiet side by side Lovers walking hand in hand together Here we"
  • Rain - Akrobatik
    "feat. Brenna Gethers Yo, when it rains it pours Globalization puttin poison in the stores Tidal waves washin good people off the shores Sometimes I feel like I can't take it no more I've seen white and"
  • Rain - Marius Nedelcu
    "Standing in the rainCalling at your name Life is not the same Without youStars are brightly shinning in the skyFriends are sitting quiet side by side Lovers walking hand in hand together Here we are alone"
  • White Trash - Nuts Can Surf
    "white trash, livin' next door, they don't clean up, they throw beer cans on the floor. their not very smart, an they stink, they like to wash there hair in my sink. they got 16 cats on their front porch, they"
  • White Lady White Powder - Elton John
    "Dust settles on a thin cloud Sends a fog drifting to a worn out crowd I've had my face in a mirror for twenty four hours Staring at a line of white powder High-priced madness pays the tab I've scraped"
  • Snow White - Snowpony
    "Snow White I think of you Beneath the strip lights turning blue Snow White your heart so pure Perhaps you'd better lock your door I think of you in the dreamless night Snow White, Snow White Can see her"
  • White Hot - Red Rider
    "Waiting by the shoreline In Somalia for your reply I need you to come see me That's no lie The guns are getting closer The sweat pours like the dew That fell from the trees in Tripoli In the spring I'm"
  • White Bird - Vanessa Mae
    "White bird In a golden cage On a winter's day In the rain White bird In a golden cage All alone The leaves blow Across a long black road To its darkened sky In its rage But the white bird Just sits in"
  • White Room - Rick Springfield
    "I can see her at her windows watching Locked away inside her skin I can see her but I can't get to her She won't come out, and she won't let me into The White Room (she's living in) Lying alone 'til"
  • White Lady - Jackie Lomax
    "White Lady she don't care Night is falling, rain in the air Wrapped up tight in your silver dress You are the image of happiness Comes around with a familiar tune Walks right in with her chain and her"
  • White Christmas - Keane
    "The sun's been hiding The streets are grey The rain has been falling down Seems everyone wears a frown For Christmas in London Town It reminds me each time I roam I'm longing to be back home I'm dreaming"
  • White Page - Artrosis
    "Stone of no value Appeared as a diamond Although it's always been unbroken It's gone into a dream long ago And you're white page again You efface words with rain That bitter like a wormwood You will find"
  • White Lights - Axxis
    "So many years I have lived like a feather The wind was trying to be my fate I was dependent from rain storm and weather But now I know it's not too late Even if I'm just a tiny little wheel on earth"
  • Mr. White - Trouble
    "I'm supposed to talk to you don't even know where to start don't want to stand with the setting sun tell me does it really show I'll promise you anything place your hand over your heart don't want to fool"
  • White Cell - Cult Of Luna
    "Where is the rain that purifies and retaliates? Where is the one I begged for strength to carry on? Speak to me, I have followed through Deliver me from guilt, take me home To the source of white light,"
  • White Wall - Lights Of Euphoria
    "Shackled and bound by the beautiful noise Shackled and bound by the sound of the voice Shackled and bound by the blood in the vein Shackled and bound by the wind and the rain Evolution made us who we"

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