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Ultrabeat rising

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Ultrabeat rising

  • Rising - Semisonic
    "I was talking with a friend of mine And it seemed like I was alright When a feeling shook me by surprise Rising, rising From the bottom of a lake So my friend says "What is wrong with you?" But a fear"
  • Rising - Yoko Ono
    "Mm - Listen to your heart, Respect your intuition. Make your manifestation, There's no limitation. Have courage, Have rage, we're all together. Oh - uh... ad lib Have courage, Have rage, we're all together. Oh"
  • Rising - Saga
    "Rising We remember things that have been said From the fire that once was is not dead From the ashes, flames will rise again And the light will guide our people on their way We're rising again, don't"
  • Rising - Skrewdriver
    "We remember things that have been said From the fire that once was is not dead From the ashes, flames will rise again And the light will guide our people on their way (chorus) We're rising again, don't"
  • Rising - BrainStorm
    "[- to antagonize violence in the neighbourhood active -] Where no one hears your whisper and no one knows your name my eyes to hear, my tongue to see to feel again the same the cause of life don't trust"
  • Rising - Midge Ure
    "Stood on a mountain high as the sky Watch the whole world crack apart Feeding me, feeding me, feeding me life, oh See as the dazzling light hits my eyes And it fires up my heart Giving me, giving me, giving"
  • Rising - Ure Midge
    "Rising Up in the East Is Our DayPour Your Light in My Way, Oh OhShining Out in the East, Is Our DayPour Your Power My Way Oh Oh OhStood On a Mountain High As the SkyWatch the Whole World Crack ApartFeeding"
  • Rising, Rising - Jughead's Revenge
    "watch and you'll wonder the coming of age a road map destruction that brought this rage twelve years from the abyss chemically leading from this this phoenix wont fall a prize of the ash the fire"
  • Rising - Prince Of Tennis
    "{|width=100% |- | ==Romanisation== kimi ha kitto onaji mainichi ni anshin dekiru hito nanda ne dakedo nani ka motomete tatakau tanoshisa ni wa kitsukanai yo ochiru yuuhi mitsumenagara shizumu mono"
  • Rising - Booth And The Bad Angel
    "Passing over Passing over Time runs through you Time to move on No more hiding No more holding No more searching Searching for peace Let it go, let it go To the living Let it go, let it go Into the light Let"
  • Rising - Materia
    "raise it’s under your skin or disappear their needles are in the nightmare begins you feel something there’s something inside your head stinging , aching you are becoming mad you can’t escape there’s"
  • Rising Girl - Rising Girl
    "I'm coming to study Study all the nice fine girls I'm coming to study Study best place in world I want to have a nice trip Walking with the sun all day I'm sitting with a rasta man On a green brown coco"
  • The Rising - Vengeance Rising
    "We are here, there shall be no stopping us Brothers understand, you have been sent I seek to strengthen you, cause I understand We are not here by our own hand We are the rising, foretold by Simeon Raise"
  • Rising Tide - Grinspoon
    "Rising tide , We connect To the rising high, no comment All those lonely nights, all undressed To the rising tide, we connect We connect, we connect We connect, we connect We're not here, in this room We"
  • Lucifer Rising - Venom
    "A sense of doom the warning This is our Christ returning The tide of fear arising We light the candles to sing Lucifer rising - Rising Lucifer rising - Look into the light Lucifer rising - Rising Lucifer"
  • Thunder Rising - Gary Moore
    "They looked out from the Fortress on the hill There came a single warrior Returning from the kill The spoils of war hung From his horses mane The bloody heads of enemies That he had freshly slayed They"
  • Mercury Rising - York feat. Asheni
    "In the shadows again Breathe in without it sung the same If i wasn't afraid Inside it wouldn't be too late To kiss away the sorrow To shelter me from sin If i could change tomorrow what would it bring Mercury"
  • Phoenix Rising - Steve Winwood
    "See you on the avenue And I know youre gonna be Hearing secret harmonies, yeah, yeah Its a very fine line, a trembling leaf Tween the heaven here on earth And mystery youve witnessed in your own dreams As"
  • Rising Up - Kamaliya
    "The sun is rising up, my heart is racing I feel you're closer now Why are you pacing? Don't be so serious, we have... Just be mysterious and move your body! Pre-Chorus: I wanna misbehave, feel so free,"
  • The Rising - Balance Of Power
    "(Written by: K & Hicks) Light turns to darkness hope to despair The machine is rising the machine is rising For me the light was so real a scar so hard to heal Deception graced from blazing heavens eternal"

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