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Ultravox "If i was"

  • If i was - Ultravox
    "If I was a better man Would fellow men take me to their hearts If I was a stronger man Carrying the weight of popular demand Tell me would that alarm her I'd never harm her at all If I was a soldier Captive"
  • Future Picture Forever - Ultravox
    "Time rolled by and I held out my hand and touched an illusion That I would find...if I could see in the future And I could tear up the picture The future picture forever... and ever Lying was good for"
  • The Lonely Hunter - Ultravox
    "Chorus: Lonely hunter Lonely hunter Lonely hunter Lonely hunter I'm a lonely hunter, a hungry ghost When you call a passion you must pay the host Look upon me as I thunder, I wonder if you wonder How it"
  • Mr.X - Ultravox
    "I found the perfect picture, of a perfect stranger. It looked as if, it were taken in the forties sometime, Judging by the style. He could be a killer or a blind man with a cane, Perhaps he died in a"
  • No Turning Back - Ultravox
    "You think you're so safe and secure with your kind But don't be surprised if you're losing this time Learn to stand on your own Realise, and believe in yourself 'Cause I won't be waiting Chorus: I hate"
  • Mr. X - Ultravox
    "I found the perfect picture, of a perfect stranger.It looked as if, it were taken in the forties sometime,Judging by the style.He could be a killer or a blind man with a cane,Perhaps he died in a car crash,"
  • The Great Outdoors - Ultravox
    "You stand out of the crowd You don't follow the shadows You've given me solid ground You rise above All that surrounds you And I can't believe what I've found Chorus: And I am falling through the hands"
  • While I'm Still Alive - Ultravox
    "Playing the game With the chips on my shoulder Checking in the mirror As my coffee cup gets colder Stagger and swagger Combing my hair If tomorrow's not there Then at least today's all mine Chorus: While"
  • One Small Day - Ultravox
    "If the stack is high against you And the hammer's coming down And the time that's yours lies heavy in your hands Oh my sentimental friend The fast much reach an end Lying face down on the cold stone And"
  • All Fall Down - Ultravox
    "When I was a boy there's a dream that I had That a war if it's fought was for good against bad And I woke up to find that the world had gone mad And we'd all fall down And I feel like a child again sitting"
  • The New Frontier - Ultravox
    "Try to understand As I take you by the hand Side by side We'll begin again Find a future in this land If we try And as we come together We're guided by the light This is more than just adventure As destiny"
  • I remember - Ultravox
    "We turned the dialWe heard the newsAnd laughedWe don't know whyWe drank the wineAnd spoke of timesWe knewOf days gone byWe flicked through photographs we hadSomehow they made us sadRemembering the times"
  • I Am Alive - Ultravox
    "I, I'm moving through time Being human by design Life Unfulfilled but divine Never ending How could I be so blind? What is this world Doing to me? Notwithstanding the lies All the tears I have cried I've"
  • I Can't Stay Long - Ultravox
    "I can feel the turning of the tides Pulling away the night Like a sheet from over me In summer time I dissolve to a beach And everywhere seems to be Just a flicker on a silent screen Because I I can't"
  • A Friend I Call Desire - Ultravox
    "You live for love, I long for it You give for love, I take from it This friend of mine, desire This lovers crime, desire Emotion driving all the time A burning need for things not mine Desire You need"
  • I Want To Be A Machine - Ultravox
    "I found the bones of all your ghosts Locked in the wishing well While birdsong gourmets dragged empty nets I slumbered in my shell In mitternacht, die mensch-maschine Kissed me on my eyes I rose and left"
  • The Closer I Get To You - Ultravox
    "My obsession Your desire Come let me lead you To the fire Show some mercy My pounding heart Can't take much more of this You've got play your part Bodies yearning Is this for real? Words cannot express"
  • I Remember (Death In The Afternoon) - Ultravox
    "Chorus: We turned the dial, we heard the news and laughed, we don't know why We drank the wine and spoke of times we knew of days gone by We flicked through photographs we had, somehow they made us sad Remembering"
  • I Remember ( Death In The Afternoon ) - Ultravox
    "We turned the dial We heard the news And laughed We don't know why We drank the wine And spoke of times We knew Of days gone by We flicked through photographs we had Somehow they made us sad Remembering"
  • Tot S Fosc - Gossos
    "Tot s fosc, noms una espurna, s la nineta dels teus ulls va pampallugant. Avui potser em dirs adu, i una llgrima, pels teus ulls caur. Vols ser lliure, vols ser un altre falcó en el cel, per tot just del"

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