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Ultravox Private Lives

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Ultravox Private Lives

  • Private Lives - Ultravox
    "All the boys are wearing blue tonight. We'll thrive, we'll dive, how can we lose? All the strangers walk like you tonight. So tall, we fall for every move. We'll laugh and talk, Don't stop for breath, In"
  • Private - Amen
    "It goes on too long Nothing goes on too long Well I told the truth when I fucked the lives [???] Drugged down the city and burnt house of lies [???] They suck it up Suck it in Sink the needle and let's"
  • Private Archipelago - Counting Crows
    "She lives alone on her private archipelago With the palm trees and her seashells She sits in the waves all day She's scared of dying and she wants to keep it that way She sends a boat out on the sea"
  • In Private - Pet Shop Boys
    "Men of affairs, women with power Satellites talking, to clatter our lives Banks of predictions, policies made Prophecies broken, violence deranged (deranged, deranged) And if there was love, would"
  • Private Wilson White - Marty Robbins
    "Private Wilson White, America is proud tonight Proud to claim you for their hero, Private White On a battlefield one day in a land so far away Mid the rattle of machine guns in the dawn's first golden"
  • Private - Del Reeves
    "He's been the man in every war before Fought so brave and nearly froze at Valley Forge And in the big war he was the man And now in Vietnam we owe a lot to the private He has the courage of the knights"
  • Private - One Chance ft. Akon
    "Oc Ha Its About To Get Hot U.S Ha Its About To Get Hot All Us All Us And The Beat It Dont Stop We Keep Rockin We Keep Rockin It. Everybodys Watchin Her, The Way She Sways To The Beat Form The Left To"
  • Private - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon) Can you be private when the juice is sweet And the secret is crimson Can you be quiet when my hands are heat And the riptide rises? Can you be blind and a beggar on your knees? And live"
  • Private - One Chance
    "OC(huh) Its about to get hot! US(huh) Its about to get hot! All this (huh) And the beat it dont stop We keep rockin it We keep rockin it Everybody watching her The way she sway to the beat From the"
  • Lives - Modest Mouse
    "Everyone's afraid of their own life. If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed. Am I right? No one really knows the ones they love. If you knew everything they thought, I bet you'd"
  • Lives - Analog
    "Someone gave me hands and gave me clever eyes, why he did it? Why first time I'm victim secondly I'm ugly executioner? Later even Hiob with thousand questions in my head, I am Another time I'm born as"
  • Private Death - Napalm Death
    "On your own again, trapped alive in your grave. You're gonna die wasted, no way to be saved. Private death, private death, private death, you're dead again. Private death, private death, Private death,"
  • Private Nobody - Therapy?
    "Im just a private nobody My dog-tag reads leave me alone I wake, I live, I sleep Nothing more So it goes Private Nobody Private Nobody Billy Pilgrims got a kind face A sign of comfort, an open door Everybody"
  • Private Show - Britney Spears
    "Baby, I'm putting on a private show I will be your all alonew I'm putting on a private show"
  • Private Eye - XTC
    "I've got a private eye to see if you've a mother I've got a private eye to find out where you go I've got a private eye to see if you've a lover I've got a private eye to tell me what you know You really"
  • Private Property - Ringo Starr
  • Private Life - The Pretenders
    "Private life, drama baby leave me out. Private life, drama baby leave me out. Private life, drama baby leave me out. Private life, drama baby leave me; Getting tired of your theatrics, your acting is a"
  • Private life - Oingo Boingo
    "This is my private life I have no friends to fear I've got no problems no cross to bear If you can find me come and get me out of here CHORUS This is my private life This is my private life This is my"
  • Private Lawns - Angus & Julia Stone
    "I just flew in From the windy city The windy city is mighty pretty But they ain't got what we got No sir'ree They've got private lawns and public parks Well they've got those menstrual shows Pretty ladies"
  • Private Joy - La Toya Jackson
    "Get up! (Oh--) My little secret, my private joy Who could never let another play with his toy You're my little sweetheart from heaven above Oh, oh oh oh oh I think I'm falling in love And he ain't gonna"

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