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Ultravox The Thin Wall

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Ultravox The Thin Wall

  • The Thin Wall - Ultravox
    "The sound is on the visions move The image dance starts once again They shuffle with a bovine grace and glide in syncopation Just living lines from books we've read With atmospheres of days gone by With"
  • Story From A Thin Wall - Marillion
    "(Dick/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) The music for this song later became "Berlin" I heard the battle raging on the other side of the wall Buried my head in a pillow and tried to ignore it all Every night"
  • Story From A Thin Wall - Fish
    "I heard the battle raging on the other side of the wall Buried my head in a pillow and tried to ignore it all Every night when I hear you I dream of breaking down your door An avenging knight in shining"
  • Thin Air - Rollins Band
    "The night falls - Shadows join me My room becomes a cell - The walls define me Silence grabs me - It holds me down Depression finds me - and pounds me down Solitude becomes the weapon I use A knife"
  • Thin Ice - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    "(GUITAR INTRO) some folks go to the motel and some folks go to the brush and some folks go for that funky thing and some folks go for the rush but I thought we had a real love filled with a common trust till"
  • Thin Man - Suzanne Vega
    "He is not my friend, but he is with me Like a shadow is with a foot that falls His hand is on my back when I step from the sidewalk Or when I'm walking down these darkened halls He's the Thin Man With"
  • Thin Lizzy - Thin Lizzy
    "Sitting here as the rain comes down I'm thinkin' about my baby, how she's not around I'm sitting here when the snowflakes fall I wanna see my baby, but I haven't heard a thing at all Rockilla, you're"
  • Thin White Line - Trooper
    "Once upon a time, you were a friend of mine We used to sing songs, all night long And I trusted you, everything you said was true Now I can't get through to you, something's wrong There's a thin white"
  • Paper Thin Hotel - Leonard Cohen
    "The walls of this hotel are paper-thin Last night I heard you making love to him The struggle mouth to mouth and limb to limb The grunt of unity when he came in I stood there with my ear against the"
  • The Thin Red Line - A Change Of Pace
    "Let go! I don't know I don't know How to save you Breathe into your lungs it's almost over now Let go! Hold on tight Don't let go I could save you I could save you I can't save you anymore I'll take it"
  • Into Thin Air - Honeydogs
    "Behind shaky worship heaves a bitter moon Motherwit and street smarts bloom Things fall apart the center cannot hold Women on rockets and the men all follow There might not a file but they're keeping"
  • Thin Captain Crackers - Augie March
    "Here on the hill above the settlement, the buildings are talking, A tower to a terrace says the word's on the street, the dead are walking... The brows are arched of the mews across the street, By a pale"
  • Thin Lizzy - Renegade - Thin Lizzy
    "He's just a boy that his lost his way He's a rebel that has fallen down He's a fool been blown away To you and me he's a renegade He's a clown that we put down He's a man that doesn't fit He's a king"
  • Thin Layer - The Honorary Title
    "Through a thin layer of rubber and a thick rusted armour of drunken lust I think when our clothes were on We had a different image of what this was supposed to be Here's what I intended Here is the truth So"
  • Thin Ice - Betty Curse
    "Do do do do do do do do do x2 i've been around oh yeah i've been to hell and back this is the sound oh yeah the sound when thin ice cracks please take me while im young and thin you gotta spread my ashes"
  • Paper Thin - ABC
    "Rich and wealthy canvas Clustered up in jewels Finding all your heavyweights Are featherweights and fools Broken all your promises Broken all your paper plates Clustered in gold Crusted in gold Heavy"
  • Skin Thin - Ben Harper
    "Now that you've grown up You can finally learn to be a child We made it to the end of the world But we'll never make it out alive Skin thin, I breathe out, you breathe in But the day seems so long Skin"
  • Thin Skin - Sick Of It All
    "Please don't be the sensitive one Cause negative thruts are too damn funny Don't frak out the words from my mouth Are against everybody no one is singled out Nobody's protected - nobody's safe What stereotype"
  • Treddin on thin ice - Wiley
    "Ill Be Treading on thin iceright about know Yo I can feel 'em gettin closer to me I heard they're searchin for me High and low they wanna know me now OK, I can feel me gettin closer to them I've got that"
  • Thin Air - Pearl Jam
    "there's a light when my baby's in my arms there's a light when the window shades are drawn hesitate when i feel i may do harm to her wash it off cuz this feeling we can share and i know she's reached my"

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