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Ultravox Unified

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Ultravox Unified

  • Unified - Ultravox
    "You give me exaltation Like a rush from the morning air All the endless roads we've taken Don't mean a thing I swear Destiny brought us together Chorus: We've all that we need As long as we're side by"
  • Unified - G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE
    "It could be so nice but the world is not ready, yeah It could be so nice but the world is not ready yo Weather you're a black man Or you're a white man Or your from England or from Japan Or you're from"
  • Unified - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "It could be so nice but the world is not ready, yeahIt could be so nice but the world is not ready yoWeather youre a black manOr youre a white manOr your from england or from japanOr youre from chili or"
  • Unified - Biohazard
    "a word to the wise, everything seems so contrived I feel paralyzed, like my spirit has died On the inside, looking for a brother to confide Keep you lies to the side, be like "do or die" DOWN"
  • Unified Field - The Church
    "You're money is so pretty It's too beautiful to spend The evening is too magical Too elaborate to end The air here is so sweet Much too pure to breath It's already over I don't wanna leave Unified field No"
  • Unified Rebelution - Jurassic 5
    "Party people, are you with me? Are you with me party people? To the beat y'all, and you don't stop Rock the rhythm that'll make your finger pop Ah to the tic toc, tic tic, tic tism Live and direct is"
  • En Route To The Unified Field Theory - Flop
    "I'd like to stay and introduce myself to you And all your friends who tell you what you do is good I fall down laughing as they offer you their gratitude For making them believe the things you do (chorus) I"
  • Revelation - Ultravox
    "I see it every day As children play There's a future, watching, waiting No-one can deny The reasons why We are hurting Much more than believing You're deceiving with all these bitter lies I've just got"
  • Am Radio - Unified Theory
    "There is a reason why I can't speak Our short conversation means everything to me Fine young teacher, I need help with my cursive Bronze that apple I was so proud to give you This is my wall that fell"
  • California - Unified Theory
    "Blue skies have chased me away from a simple life Now I'm eating paper that's tasting funny Out here in complicated California Slow, down, good, times A cigarette and tea is all I had to eat A metal band"
  • Cessna - Unified Theory
    "Flight, oh captain please remember my name for the clouds Safe, with wings of wax, I trust in the sun over me Fast, I'm so elated, days I have saved on these wings, Choice, the chair I'm strapped to, falling"
  • Fin - Unified Theory
    "We set the sail And we cut the water Creating new woes And when it was over With the moon on our shoulder There we stood We paddle through the waves Confusion rest in our wake We paddle through the waves All"
  • Full Flavor - Unified Theory
    "Erase all of the lines Blurry, I'm kicking my hive Wake up to the space of life Full flavor is just around the corner Full flavor is dancing on the water Erase all the lines Hurry, I'm living a lie Listening,"
  • Keep On - Unified Theory
    "Fighting waves thirty feet tall The boat is nearly full of water When your thinking becomes crystal clear Life is consumed by the moment Keep on, keeping on Don't wait for the wind to blow Keep on, keeping"
  • Not Dead - Unified Theory
    "Something tells me That a drop of your wine Is sweeter than mine Someone scared me Into opening my mind And drank the poisonous wine I know I'm not dead Oh God, I'm not dead Oh God, I'm not dead yet Something"
  • Passive - Unified Theory
    "Counting everyday I spend Counting the days after I've peaked Passive in the way I stand Numbing the strong cuts on my hands I know its right, when I'm left alone I feel stronger now, much stronger now"
  • Self Medicate - Unified Theory
    "So far, I can't figure out How long I've been mad Wasting all the precious years Drinking just to make it clear This bitter young man Turned out fine Oh lord, I can make this change I sure hope you are"
  • The Sun Will Come - Unified Theory
    "You scream a lot, even when I close the door You glare in hope that this won't help to end it all End it all The sun will come, Peeling back the veil The sun will come And pull me out of hell The stream"
  • Wither - Unified Theory
    "Fill the hole with a single perforation Makes the mountains look big enough from where I'm sitting Poking through the skin your wearing The spike has a way of dimming you life And so I'll sit and watch"
  • Sat'day Night in the City of the Dead - Ultravox
    "Right! Fat guy jets by, bony in a zodiac Picking up trouble, maybe looking for a heart attack All-night boys in the Piccadilly Arcade Boozy losers cruising, maybe trawling for some rough trade Sat'day"

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