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  • Uncle - Terrance And Phillip
    "Terrance: Shut your fucking face uncle fucka You're a cock sucking ass licking uncle fucka You're an uncle fucka, yes its true Nobody fucks uncles quite like you Phillip: Shut your fucking face uncle"
  • Uncle - Mindless Self Indulgence
    "Oh oh oh, oh oh oh No teachers after school Oh oh oh, oh oh oh You're so dead after school Oh no no Why don't you beg (fatso!) run (fatso!) beg (fatso!) run (fatso!) Why don't you say it Oh Uncle Why don't"
  • Uncle - Raekwon
    "Word up, unc's is a live nigga Hey, Uncle, uncle! What up baby? Yeah, yeah, I need a pair of kicks, pa Hold me down, man, for real, for real, for real Love you to death, nigga Word up, word up, uncle,"
  • Who's Your Uncle - Uncle Kracker
    "I laid with Joy and rocked rhymes with Run A couple mill in the bank and I ain't even done I got platinum plaques, I write platinum tracks I got it all from raps and that's the platium facts ...uhh All"
  • Uncle Kracker-Rescue - Uncle Kracker
    "I stayed out late last night, nothing I could drink could help me drink you off my mind.everywhere I looked oooo I saw your face,and I wonder,and I wonder.If there still might be a lil space in your"
  • Uncle Critic - All
    "Critic, uncle fucking critic Critic, uncle fucking critic Critic, uncle fucking critic You're always printing shit about me You're still five years behind me If you know anything about me Let's see you"
  • Uncle Fucka - South Park
    "Terrance: Shut your f**king face uncle f**ka You're a cock sucking ass licking uncle f**ka You're an uncle f**ka, yes its true Nobody f**ks uncles quite like you Phillip: Shut your f**king face uncle"
  • Uncle Dave - Guided By Voices
    "I believe I can't behave I behave like Uncle Dave I've got one foot in the grave Thanks a lot to Uncle Dave Chorus: Uncle Dave Raise your hand Repeat these words Uncle Dave The words you've seen and heard Be"
  • Uncle Arthur - David Bowie
    "Strikes the bell for 5 o'clock, Uncle Arthur closes shop Screws the tops on all the bottles, turns the lights out, locks it up Climbs across his bike and he's away Cycles past the gasworks, past the"
  • Uncle Elwyn - Barenaked Ladies
    "It's Uncle Elwyn It's Uncle Elwyn My Uncle Elwyn is tall My Elwyn is small My Elwyn plays a mean basketball He's about 45 maybe 55, 60 I'm not sure; once he mixed me a drink I was about 5 years old It"
  • Uncle Rat - Altan
    "Uncle Rat went out to ride Kitty alone, Kitty alone Uncle Rat went out to ride Kitty alone and I Uncle Rat went out to ride Sword and buckle by his side Ma cax macari duck and a dil Kitty alone and I Lady"
  • Uncle sam - Madness
    "Here they come again hop scotching up to my door One by one again knockety knock knocking upon my floor Swinging on my gate they gain entry by the yard Pulling at my hair they scream paint your thoughts"
  • Uncle Gordie - Planet Smashers
    "The Planet Smahers- Uncle Gordie Shovel the snow off the frozen lake, I start tying on my brand new skates Shoot the puck with Uncle Gordie He leaves work early 'cause we love hockey Uncle Gordie he"
  • Uncle Love - Blur
    "Uncle Love just got a message from God That you are driving him crazy Tomorrow he says the doctor comes With a drink to make him lazy Did you realise that Uncle Love's Got an 8 ball in his hand Everything"
  • Uncle Walter - Ben Folds
    "Come on! your Uncle Walter's going on and on about everything he's seen and done the voice of 50 years experience he's drunk watching the television ya know, he's been around the world last night"
  • Uncle Phranc - Team Dresch
    "My mom says she loves me but i know it's not yes yes yes she does cause she doesn't treat me like you treat someone you love, you love But i can choose my own family, i'll take one Uncle Phranc She's"
  • Uncle Son - The Kinks
    "He was just a workin' man, Simple rules and simple plans, Fancy words he didn't understand, He loved with his heart, He worked with his hands. Liberals dream of equal rights, Conservatives live"
  • Uncle Pen - Buck Owens
    "Late in the evenin' about sundown High on the hill and above the town Uncle Pen played the fiddle and oh, how it would ring You could hear it talk, you could hear it sing. Well, the people would come"
  • Uncle Fuck - Apt 3g
    "She's the prettiest Dairy Queen girl in Baton Rouge at least that's what she hearsfrom Uncle Lou a look passes between them a lust not pretended who knows what nature intended he strokes her hair she kisses"
  • Uncle Pen - Ricky Skaggs
    "Oh, the people would come from far away, To dance all night to the break of day. When the caller would holler: "Do Si Do", They knew Uncle Pen was ready to go. Late in the evening, about sundown, High"

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