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Under the leddet

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Under the leddet

  • Under - The CIA
    "Utwór 'Under' z albumu 'Surgery Channel' The CIA (premiera 20 stycznia 2023r.)"
  • Under - Alex Hepburn
    "Don't bury Me Don't lay me down Don't say its over Cause that would send me under Underneath the ground Don't say those words I wanna live and your words can murder Only you can send me under, under, under I"
  • Under - Sevendust
    "Fallin' down, under the cracks and now I cannot make a sound Forgive me if I ask for help I'm, Crawling out, of the bottom where my every thought My every thought is consuming Gimmie some excuses (I need"
  • Under - Babyland
    "I cannot help you I cannot help myself I will not help you I will not help myself Below all the great big plans Below all awakened drive Below every failed ignition Below countless acts of try Below every"
  • Under - Eno, Brian
    "When all the worlds are lost in snow I have to move this meaning through; Disperse the force so far engendered All near the steam and summer view And then... remain. Where steeples crash in fire and"
  • Under - Original 3
    "I'm falling down I can't let go, the pain is back, I'm losing self control. My dreams are breaking us apart I wishing we could've felt it from the start. I'd never need you, why would I need you? You've"
  • Under Fire - The Subways
    "deep in the night i see your smile that melts into a dream my ruthless mind feels easy when I lay beside youi thoughts of the day are drifting away like a cry without a pain then morning comes around"
  • Under Pressure - The Used
    "(feat. My Chemical Romance) Pressure! Pushing down on me Pressing down on you no man ask for Under pressure That burns a building down Splits a family in two Puts people on streets Bah bah dah bah"
  • Down Under - The Cure
    "Down Under Around the sea green pool we spin The mermaid singing songs To pull us in To swim with him she slides up slow To fall down under Bright burning eyes the only clue To who plays what plays when"
  • Under Pressure - The Herd
    ""My dearest Grandma" was the way he always started the letter, it wasn't the only occasion he wrote to keep it together, "Thank you for the birthday present, it'll really come in handy I'm writing quietly,"
  • Under control - The Strokes
    "I don't wanna waste your time I don't wanna waste your time I just wanna say I've got to say We work hard, darling We don't have no control But we're under control I don't wanna do it your way I don't"
  • Under The Volcano - Bears, The
    "Bears, The Car Caught Fire Under The Volcano Hold me closer - keep your distance Tell me your secrets - mind your own business - sally We had everything - under the volcano We watched our laughing children"
  • Under the Volcano - The Bears
    "hold me closer - keep your distance tell me your secrets - mind your own business - sally we had everything - under the volcano we watched our laughing children sing - under the volcano you thought"
  • Under The Boardwalk - The Drifters
    "Oh, when the sun beats down and burns the tar up on the roof And your shoes get so hot you wish your tired feet were fire-proof Under the boardwalk, down by the sea On a blanket with my baby is where I'll"
  • Under Moonshine - The Moody Blues
    "The dawn crept into by room And stole my dream Now I'll never know Just what it means Or what could have been Yet still I try to lie But I'm seen Under moonshine that's where I've been Under moonshine"
  • Under pressure - The Blood Brothers
    "Pressure, down on you, down on me, no man ask for Under pressure, burns a building down Family in two Puts people on the streets It's the terror of knowing What this world is about Watching some good friends Scream"
  • Under The Sun - The Dreams
    "She walks alone In shame In pain She closes her eyes One more day In this hell Tears fall down her face As they break her down She surrenders She disappears inside As she cries for her savior We are all"
  • Under The Sky - The Answer
    "A leader to come and put a cross right upon his land He said the travesty is the future has been laid In your hands too long Will the journey come to an end, will it end? Sympathy can't disguise all the"
  • Under Glass - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "The air was thick with scented smoke; the talk was much to small. The words would fall and crawl in corners, wind up eaten by the cat, but still they spat and groped each other's fat. Danced with rubber"
  • Under The Sun - The Swift
    "The beauty queens. The fashion scenes. It ain't nothing I've never seen before. The golden rule. You've got to be cool, But you're a fool if you believe it. Take all my everything, And make it brand"

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