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Underground Poland

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Underground Poland

  • Poland - Skrewdriver
    "You over-run my country, with your blood and steel Never thought to ask us, how it made us feel Cutting down our people, we never had no hope We stood against your bullets, but we could never cope Chorus: You"
  • Underground - Kristy Thirsk
    "(Thirsk) only now do i react to your cold sword giving me facts i need to pull it right through damage undo i feel let down, underground, underground i feel let down, underground, underground take your"
  • Underground - David Bowie
    "No one can blame you For walking away. Too much rejection. No love injection. Life can't be easy. It's not always swell. Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl, 'Cause it hurts like hell, But down in the"
  • Underground - The Black Halos
    "It's nothing you can wear the fascist anti-fashion jades me and no one's running scared I wanna smash the mold that made me Somehow I think it's all gone wrong 'cause now I find myself in a world where"
  • Underground - KRS-One
    "What does it mean to be UNDERGROUND? It means you gotta be free to be UNDERGROUND Yo, you got your own key when you're UNDERGROUND If you're listening to me yo you UNDERGROUND It's time that I open"
  • Underground - Wishbone Ash
    "Underground, They want us to go underground. Underground, They want us to go underground. You've got the right, You've got the right to say what you think You've got to fight, 'Cause they're leading us"
  • Underground - Gentle Giant
    "Wheels go 'round, from end to end, A passage run, go down, descend. And underground the air is stale With blurring light and endless rail. On the wheels in motion, underground. Silent noise, relentless"
  • Underground - DiscoPogo
    "Love that sound You found Took from the underground Astound Come down Twist all around Mamachita Muy bonita todo el día toda noche Soy sangría Love that sound You found Took from the underground Astound Come"
  • Underground - Ben Folds
    "I was never cool in school Im sure you dont remember me And now its been ten years Im still wondering who to be But I love to mix in circles, Cliques and social coteries, Thats me Hand me my nosering (can"
  • Underground - Ben Folds Five
    "I was never cool in school I'm sure you don't remember me And now it's been 10 years I'm still wondering who to be But I'd love to mix In circles, cliques, and social coteries - that's me Hand me my nose"
  • Underground - Newsboys
    "Look at the front page; turn on the TV They fire another round at you and me Their guns are loaded; they're takin' aim Nobody told them we're not all the same No paranoia; nobody could Just write it off"
  • Underground - Coma
  • Underground - Voltaire
    "Six feet of earth above my head keeps me safe from what she says six walls of wood to keep them out their smart remarks, the screams the shouts they scream, they shout theres only one way to drown them"
  • Underground - Blue Rodeo
    "Lead Vocal by Jim There's a way I've been told If we walk together Keeps us from this cold. On the sidewalks of these streets, Lie the broken dreams Scattered at our feet... Lead me on, I don't mind I'll"
  • Underground - Fun Lovin' Criminals
    "For me it's hard to say (hard to say, hard to say) And this might not be the way And if you want to stay My ghetto prince is smiling underground And it makes me feel good to know you died (died, died) And"
  • Underground - Tom Waits
    "Rattle big black bones in the danger zone there's a rumblin' groan down below there's a big dark town it's a place I've found there's a world going on Underground they're alive, they're awake while the"
  • Underground - Tank
    "Long time ago We found this place Thousands of years We crossed the interstellar space World after world Sowing the seeds Another planet For a new genetic breed This atmosphere is hostile That's why we"
  • Underground - Savoy
    "I crossed the town Underground You turn, turn away When I'm there People stare So I turn, turn away Oh Joan we should have stayed together It's wrong Your friends don't make you better I crossed the"
  • Underground - Nina Nastasia
    "I'm awake I know 'cause i'm afraid Of every little thing It makes me think of you You're so sereen Underneath your wit You're watching me Tripping my saddle shoes Better shoot me down... To that bold,"
  • Underground - Brave Saint Saturn
    "Tiny speakers are mounted into the ceiling Barely visible next to the grey-white tiles. Dripping wet with the syrup-sweet production, all the words for the empty in screaming piles? Well find the truth"

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