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Uniqplan Uniqplan Wilderness

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Uniqplan Uniqplan Wilderness

  • Wilderness - Uniqplan
    "A highway of sounds and the loneliness To the world We are wilderness The rhythm rise up With the freedom taste In a day Another time when faith will matters more To come back The rhythm rise up with"
  • Wilderness - Brian May
    "(Brian May) Born in the time Of the Changes Where are you going How will you fly Is it for love or freedom All your days have been Waiting for life to catch you Watching and waiting and seeking a sign In"
  • Wilderness - Stephen Speaks
    "I come here to praise You I come here to lift my voice but this silence breaks my heart I come here to feel Your grace I come here to raise my hands but this blackness brings me down am I one voice crying"
  • Wilderness - O.C. Supertones
    "The rain falls on the righteous and the wicked Mine is not to reason why this is In this I rest in this I find my refuge That my thoughts and ways are not His I spend my life on looking up the answers It's"
  • Wilderness - Joy Division
    "I travelled far and wide throguh many different times, What did you see there? I saw the saints with their toys, What did you see there? I saw all knowledge destroyed. I travelled far and wide through"
  • Wilderness - Sleater Kinney
    "Kenny and Linda on the way to Chelan Transmission's shot, no back up plan Will they hitch a ride? Or get into a fight? Moved to the West Coast Packed up their things The winters are gray Now so are the"
  • Wilderness - Sleater-Kinney
    "Kenny and Linda on the way to Chelan Transmission's shot, no back up plan Will they hitch a ride? Or get into a fight? Moved to the West Coast, packed up their things The winters are gray, now so are"
  • Wilderness - Charlie Winston
    "Wait Take myself I be back like a fish frays stack in the stove Desperate A polish of… (dobra, poprawcie I dodajcie resztę please - śliczna piosenka!)"
  • Nowy Horyzont - Uniqplan
    "Jedne dzień, który niesie Wielkie nic, wokół niechęć Burzy mur miasta kłamstw Przyznaj, że taki sen już znasz Jeden strzał rodzi 10 Niemy krzyk w Internecie Nie ten fronty Nie ta gra Sensu brak Psychologia"
  • Stranger - Uniqplan
    "You’ve never try to make me () You’ve never hash my stormy ways You’ve never offered your warm hand One warm hand Walk away I can’t stop feeling with you like a stranger I can’t stop feeling with you"
  • This Makes Sense - Uniqplan
    "I got to find a place for myself In the modern chase This makes sense Thoughts shape up a prayer in my head I peel off a layer of the shade And it's not so bad I won't go astray And it's not so bad I"
  • Freeland - Uniqplan
    "Lyrics wideo"
  • The Wilderness - Michael Card
    "Chorus: In the wilderness In the wilderness He calls his sons and daughters To the wilderness And he gives grace sufficient to survive any test And that's the themeful(?) purpose of the wilderness In"
  • Neon Wilderness - The Verve
    "In a neon wilderness He was restless Escape loneliness Find a new address Stood before I sink In a neon wilderness Spill my last drink Yeah, he was restless Say good-bye to my new friends Escape from"
  • The Wilderness - Agalloch
    "It was when I realized that life has no meaning no purpose, no quarry ...no answeres... And all the dreary night that had befallen across the land I slipped into a revery a web of human hand You longed"
  • The wilderness - Amorphis
    "The WildernessIt was when I realizedthat life has no meaningno purpose, no quarry...no answeres...And all the dreary nightthat had befallen acrossthe landI slipped into a reverya web of human handYou longed"
  • The Wilderness - Duncan Sheik
    "The word is told, now The word is said The word is old, now And the stone is bread The heart is bone, now The heart is flesh The heart is known, now And the no is yes And all we hold Is only in the past The"
  • Thy Wilderness - Crimson Moonlight
    "As I wonder through the frozen Landscape of Scandinavia I am surrounded by The magnificent creation Thy nature truly a testimony Of Thy eternal might Like a wall, ancient mountains Rise beyond the endless"
  • Wilderness of Mirrors - Godflesh
    "Keep back don't move keep back don't see 'Cause I'm the fool always in doubt yes I'm the fool not here for you It's mine feel free it's mine all yours I'm the fool always in doubt yes I'm the"
  • Heart Of Wilderness - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "If only there were time and tenderness Oh, for young hearts of wilderness We run to the city we build our nest We work, we get drunk, we make love But your love won't take me from the grave to the heavens Your"

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