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Uniting nations Music in me


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Uniting nations Music in me

  • Music in me - Uniting Nations
    "I'm flying high Got my feet off the ground Going to spread my wings Spread love around Gonna climb so high But I'm never coming down I want you to see I got music in me Going to spread my wings Spread"
  • People Uniting - Kirsty MacColl
    "Chorus: Yeah, Yeah... people uniting ... around the World Yeah, Yeah... working together ... to fight the good fight Yeah, Yeah... love's never ending ... we've shined our light Yeah, Yeah... we're people"
  • Nations - Dub War
    "hay your country needs you they give you weapons and they send you abroad just to fight for another mans country and steal the things that he can't afford a government full of promise never made me feel"
  • United Nations - Ektomorf
    "Skin colour, racism and prejudice This world will never change The roots of the hate to deep in our lives And we have to much pain I see it I was born for what I was born And you can't bring me down I"
  • Nations Collide - Diablerie
    "You fear the excusion And you pray for salvation How low you can go? And what does your god allow? Absorb the absurd No reason to cry But a reason to die So come with me And we will ride Among those whose"
  • Two Nations - The Streets
    "Two nations divided By a common language And about two hundred years of new songs and dancing But the difference is language And just the bits you got wrong 'Cause we were the ones who invented the language Sorry,"
  • Nations - System Of A Down
    "Nations come together as one, Forming candles in the sun. The candle burns deep inside his head, His wax mind is finally dead.His wax mind they all had learned, Secrets of those that burned,In the valleys"
  • Lord Of Nations - Najwa Nimri
    "You will open the curtains at once But i will be already awake What a little is the earth, earth I want to split it in half Lord of nations I'll make your connections collapse Lord of nations I'll make"
  • Gods Of Nations - Atrocity
    "I'm the God of Gods ruler in the sky I control Gods and Man the ancient of all days The call me God of Ocean I dominate the seas Earthquakes show my anger without boundaries Catastrophes Unseen force"
  • Rock The Nations - Saxon
    "Big wheels are rolling On thru' the night We hit the city in the morning No time to eat or sleep Six concerts in a week Take the show across the nation Could this be San Antone? Or am I stood in Rome? Is"
  • Calling All Nations - INXS
    "Well you spent the whole day With your axe to the wheel Read the late paper it was full of bad news Excuse me but I think what I'm saying is true You've got to find some time and devote it to you So come"
  • Building The Nations - Oh, Sleeper
    "I've found the pit to find yourself surrounded. To the husbands and daughters, brides and sons, You put a tyrannic terror up on his throne. He's collecting blood like diamonds from all. Behind this"
  • Tonight - Uniting Nations
    "(In Yhe City) Tonight baby we can walk in the city Everything will feel alright.Tonight girl you know you looking so pretty Shining like a starSo brightTonight baby we can walk in the city Everything will"
  • Ai No Corrida - Uniting Nations
    "ai no corrida that's where i am you sent me there your dream is my command ai no corrida that's where i am you sent me there your dream is my command ai no corrida that's where i am you sent me there your"
  • No nations, no borders - Anti-Flag
    "I always thought if you want to change the world Then you have to start with yourself So if the heads of state want to end terrorism They should go ahead and kill themselves I will not sign my blind faith"
  • The Great Nations Of Europe - Randy Newman
    "The great nations of Europe Had gathered on the shore They'd conquered what was behind them And now they wanted more So they looked to the mighty ocean And took to the western sea The great nations of"
  • United Nations - Drunksouls
    "You can't bring me A real solution You just bring me A resolution You call yourself United Nations / United Nations Sounds like incantations Without conviction Pacifions la terre avec la guerre Dsarmons"
  • You And Me - Uniting Nations
    "You and me... If I gave you my loving would you take it If I opened your heart would you turn the key 'cause I knew from the start baby we could make it we could make it together you and me If"
  • Music, Music, Music - Teresa Brewer
  • Music, Music, Music - Ray Charles
    "Put another nickel in, in the nickelodeon All I want is having you and music, music, music! I'd do anything for you, anything you'd want me to All I want is kissing you and music, music, music! Closer,"

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