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  • Unlimited - Jughead's Revenge
    "I'll tell you what makes me so Hateful Hate-full You don't want to know about the way I feel When you stop and find out that this trip's for real Try to consider the time that I'm avoiding It's something"
  • Unlimited - Samurai 7
    "deai ha arashi no youni otozurete watashi no kokoro kaete shimau isshoni ireba nanimo kowakunai kono sekai no owari sae wakari aeru koto mo wakachi au koto mo utakata no youni toki no suna ni magire tsukami"
  • No limit (jako 2 Unlimited - Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo) - Tamara Arciuch i Magdalena Narożna
    "No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no there's no limit! No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no there's no limit! No no limits, we'll reach for the sky! No valley to deep, no maintain to high No no limits,"
  • Closer 2 u - 2 Unlimited
    "I'm gonna get closer to youCome closer!I'm gonna get closer to youCome closer!I see you watching me boyLike I've been watching you andI think it's time that we get downWe're talking big attractionWe're"
  • Ceiling Unlimited - Rush
    "It's not the heat It's the inhumanity Plugged into the sweat of a summer street Machine gun images pass Like malice through a looking glass The slackjaw gaze Of true profanity Feels more like surrender"
  • Death Unlimited - Norther
    "(Saatanaaa, vittu perkele!) Welcome to my world of death and pain oh it drives you so insane I am no blast from the past because i'm death and i'm everlast I'm the future breed, evil and mean a fucking"
  • Love Unlimited - Fun Lovin' Criminals
    "Chorus: Barry White, saved my life And if Barry White, saved your life Or got you back with your ex-wife Sing Barry White, Barry White, it's alright. Now I was watching Banachek My mind's eye right back"
  • Hate Unlimited - Acid Drinkers
    "Gentleman. Ladies! Get gassed! It's been always going on Yourself why don't you, please blast? Could you, please, kick the bucket And keep out of my business Sacriface yourself for the masses This brave"
  • EMI (Unlimited Edition) - Sex Pistols
    "(J. Rotten, G. Matlock, S. Jones, P. Cook) There's unlimited supply and there is no reason why I tell you it was all a frame they only did it 'cos of fame - Who? EMI Too many people had the suss Too"
  • My Image Unlimited - Kylie Minogue
    "Oh, here we go again Seems I'm back and smilin' Are you talkin bout my new boyfriend? Or bout how I got the other guy way back then? You did it, you didn't miss it Went to the newstand and you bought it You"
  • Outer Space (Unlimited) - Hilary Duff
    "He has The cutest smile But she says To wait a while For what I can't explain I think I'm going out of my brain Out in outer space We could not find a trace Of even the little peice of hair And I can"
  • Outer Space (Unlimited) - System Of A Down
    "Edmund Kemper solved it all He fooled the shrinks Fooled the shrinks It then appears the proclaimation He fooled the shrinks Fooled the shrinks Edmund Kemper solved it all He fooled the shrinks Fooled"
  • Delight - 2 Unlimited
    "{RAY:} Stand right up and be your witness2 Unlimited O'Yeah we're the fittestMoving, don't dare to be a chicken'Cause the bass is so finger lickingLet it move you'll, till it suits you'llThis beat was"
  • Twilight zone - 2 Unlimited
    "{RAY:} First to the bass in to the jamThen let the music take commandBack to back to another dimensionStop the force and pay some attentionMusic to party, music to danceThe new follow-up of public demandSlick"
  • Get ready for this - 2 Unlimited
    "{RAY:} Get down with the styleHouse on the ground, please when I squeezePump to your knees. You must have bet I'm in here to stay,Ready to take you around the way.So get ready for this, mind your own bizCause"
  • Rougher then the average - 2 Unlimited
    "{ANITA:} I'm the "a", the "n", the "i", "t", "a"Once you're with me, you'll always wanna stay'Cause I'll make you feel good; never blueTo put it simple: I'm a dream come true! {ANITA:} Please, baby..ya"
  • Kids like you and me - 2 Unlimited
    "Living in the streets.Living in the streets, c'mon!Living in the streets.Don't turn your back, c'mon now!Streetkids in every city, and they are kids like youand me, kids like you and me. Give them a voice,"
  • Escape in music - 2 Unlimited
    "{ANITA:} Sometimes you need to break away{RAY:} Come On!{ANITA:} Get on your feet now, and don't be lazy!Get on your feet now, and let's go crazy!Theres sometimes you just need to get away from the troubles"
  • The magic friend - 2 Unlimited
    "{RAY:} 1-2-3-4!{RAY:} Don't just stand there, let's get looseI am Ray, I've got the juiceStraight to your heart and back again, I tell you I am just your friendNice and slow, that's how we'll goMy love"
  • Break the chain - 2 Unlimited
    "{R:} Now it's time to break it{A:} Come on Come OnCome on Come on{R:} Break it down{A:} I wanted to break your chain, YeahMake the right chioce in lifeYou gotta do it nowYou gotta to do it nowYou gotta"

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