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Unshaken D'angelo

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Unshaken D'angelo

  • D'angelo - Diablo Swing Orchestra
    "Nello Specchio Viso D'angelo, Capelli D'angelo, Prigione D'angelo Nello Specchio Scena Di Violenza Tremo Senza Il Suo Abbraccio Nello Specchio Filo Spinato Di Velluto Vesta I Suoi Tremi Desideri Un Silenzio"
  • Faccia d'angelo - Umberto Tozzi
    "Una x sulle foto della polizia guardavi il mondo come un angelo e il tuo ossigeno era il rock il cinema l'America ora il tuo sogno allucinogeno di eroina senza eroi si spento accanto una x sulle foto"
  • The 'Notic (feat. D'Angelo) - The Roots
    "This beautiful blend, I knew her through a mutual friend She was a work of art, a part of my heart from back then A brown skin singer, with a knack for actin, Alana's whole attraction Just fractionally"
  • Ain't Nobody Home (With D'angelo) - B.B. King
    "Once upon a time, a long long time ago Wherever you'd lead me, I would surely follow Girl, you put me through some pain and misery Now you are standing at my doorstep Telling me how much you need me Baby (Nobody's"
  • Geto Heaven Part Two (feat. D'Angelo) - Common
    "Geto heaven part two God bless... Hmmmmm..., doo doooo, doo doooo, yeah..., yeah..., oooh Know I love my baby, my baby loves me Layin in some heaven, need a little company Let's go into a heaven, time"
  • Greatdayndamornin'/Booty - D'Angelo
    "D'angelo sheet music Concert tickets D'angelo Posters Today I played it safe, cards are in my favor Can't U leave 2 much 2 chance, Woke up with time to waver Yesterday was crazy, Mysteries I know"
  • Alright - D'Angelo
    "That's Alright, We may have a misunderstanding That's okay, Because your my girl and I'm your man, and that's just fine. Girl your touch still drives me wild. We'll be Alright Cause all we have to do is"
  • Jonz In My Bonz - D'Angelo
    "Chorus Said I gota jonz in my bonz I said this feeling that I got Won't leave me 'lone Said I got a jonz in bonz i said this feelin' I got Goes long and strong Verse All my natural life I've been waiting I've"
  • Sh*t, Damn, Motherf*cker - D'Angelo
    "why are you sleeping with my woman why are you sleeping with my woman this comes as a total suprise my best friend and my wife (chorus) shit,damn,muthafucka shit,damn,muthafucka shit,damn,muthafucka 2nd"
  • Smooth - D'Angelo
    "1st verse How do you retain your cool, Seems you love breaks all the rules, You may think that I'm a pro, But I can never seem to keep my control. How can you stand to take things so slow. Bridge Look"
  • Cruisin - D'Angelo
    "Baby let's cruise, Away from here Don't be confused, baby The way is clear And if you want it you got it forever Oh, this is not a one night stand Let the music take your mind And just release and you"
  • When We Get By - D'Angelo
    "when we get by, we'll make it by, when we get by with love i look in your eyes, when i look in your eyes i know what your thinking of T'is a beautiful day, and you're welcome to stay we can spend some"
  • Lady - D'Angelo
    "CHORUS: You're my lady You're my lady You're my lady You're my lady Don't think I don't see them looking at ya All of them wishing they could have ya "
  • Higher - D'Angelo
    "1st Verse Feels like heaven when I think about you sparking that love within my soul and when I touch U, I can't describe it send chills, down my bonz 1st Bridge Wit God as my witness and watching over We'll"
  • Playa Playa - D'Angelo
    "Steal u wit my 2 shot control u wit my drop blaze u wit my handle bless u wit my pops play u like a pro and take over the show stick u and defeat u rob u of your glow rob u of your glow (chorus) bring"
  • Devil's Pie - D'Angelo
    "(Chorus) Fuck the slice, we want the pie why ask why till we fry watch us all stand in line for a slice of the devils pie drugs and thugs, women and wine three or four at a time watch them stand all in"
  • Send It On - D'Angelo
    "(Chorus) Send it up Send it through Send it right back 2 U Send it up Send it through Send it right back 2 U Your inner view to me is Something that I do desire Struggling 2 see a new something that I"
  • Chicken Grease - D'Angelo
    "Let me tell ya bout the chicken grease stuffs and things to make the people get out ya seat everybody its cool if u wanna clap your hands and stomp ya feet come on down to the front where you can feel"
  • The Root - D'Angelo
    "One, two, three, four.... She done worked a root. Done worked a root that will not be reversed Then I go on, go on my role in her play with no rehearsal Said, I left my mojo Left my mojo in my favorite"
  • Spanish Joint - D'Angelo
    "Whenever it rains I feel this way a little sumthing 2 get me thorugh this give me a little that, no time flat gonna be a good thing serene but in need of feelin free letting go and landing on my feet brushed"

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