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Unspoken- Lift My Life Up

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Unspoken- Lift My Life Up

  • Unspoken - Lacuna Coil
    "And it doesn't matter How you feel now, anything at all Seems to be your only way, so vicious Heavenly apart When your envy is on a piece of paper Let me sweetly smile You're devouring all the crumbs I'm"
  • Unspoken - Crematory
    "unspoken names never reach my heart again unspoken feelings no one miss your life you see-you hear-you run and you awaken and don't know if you're sleeping overrun and compromised by the dreams of the"
  • Lift - Paul Stanley
    "Fallen like the rain Crashin' down again Sinkin' all alone The walls are closing in The pain is just beginning A feelin' like I've never known I've never known I never wanted To ever hurt you The trust"
  • Unspoken - Dash Channel
    "Seems you are my closest friend There’s no ears for what I care I’m afraid of the weight of those words so I won’t talk anymore what I think is my load I’m not lying I’m not telling the truth and what"
  • Lift - Audio Adrenaline
    "Count them, every one All of the million things You've done You are the Lord of my life And I roll them over and over In my head, in my head But I don't understand But I'm glad You're in my life And I"
  • Unspoken - Flowing Tears
    "someone said the sun has gone someone spoke of fear someone said the stars have cried when someone shed a tear someone stole the smile I lost and someone picked up fear someone caught the lines I wrote to"
  • Unspoken words - U.D.O.
    "My thoughts are going back - back to the time When I was young to live a life A life of lies - full of lies Then you came into my life And you've changed so many things That I've done before - that I've"
  • Lift My Eyes Up - Miss Angie
    "I'm so blind in times like these Don't see that I can know the way Out of the way I feel if I lift my eyes up I lift my eyes up You feel so real Times have changed for me I've seen how it can be now I"
  • Lift Him Up - Yolanda Adams
    "Oh Lord, Oh Lord we lift you ooh we lift you up yeah yeah yeah Verse 1: Raise my voice in testimony 'cause he's more than a friend to me gave my heart 'cause I believe he's the almighty I can look"
  • Lift Me Up - Yes
    "(Trevor Rabin, Chris Squire) Look around - Got no place to stay. God I hate this town, depending on the day. You lift me up, you lift me down - Alright, OK. While I got no life, I got no hope; I'm falling"
  • Lift Me Up - Vince Staples
    "Hey, I'm just a nigga until I fill my pockets And then I'm Mr. Nigga, they follow me while shoppin' I feel like Mickey Richards, they feel like Muddy Waters So tell me what's the difference, so tell me"
  • Lift Me Up - Howard Jones
    "I've got your picture in the palm of my hand And I'm squeezin' it I'm teasin' it I'd follow you to the edge of this land But I'm losin' it, confusin' it This is a man who has lost control Lost the road"
  • Lift me up - Geri Halliwell
    "Watch the first light kiss the new worldIt's a wonder, baby like you and IAll the colours of the rainbowGoing somewhere, baby like you and IIt's gonna be alrightBut when my sky clouds overLift me up, when"
  • Lift - Mortal
    ""lift your voices lift your holy hands lift your praises high lift them up in the name of the author of love time - bending, everlasting Almighty God from age to age beginning and ending one God worthy"
  • Lift - Stand
    "I talk to myself, with my melancholic point of view, I drift to nothingness, wondering what is left for me to prove... I'm Kicking myself, my bruises foot to head for selfish pride, I live in your"
  • Lift - Shannon Noll
    "I know you're hurting Feels like your learning 'Bout life the hard way And it ain't working Seems like forever That you've been falling It's time to move on Your life is calling, yeah This is"
  • Lift - Sunk Loto
    "No compromise for your control driven nature Put shit on me cos you know you can't take it Another bad lie Another bad feeling Love the feeling, when you're feeling sour You contradict yourself in every"
  • Lift - Poets Of The Fall
    "Times when I just can't Bring myself to say it loud 'Fraid that what I'll say comes out somehow awry That is when it seems We move in circles day to day Twist the drama of the play to get us by And it"
  • Lift - Godhead
    "Can't you see there's Nothing left to do Nothing left to say Memories of you Never fade away Deception from the start A hole inside my heart Sanity is through Now I ask you What are you? Where are you? Who"
  • Lift Up - Larue
    "In my heart there is a choice And in my throat there is a voice That wants to boldly speak of You today Speak Your truth in this time Where darkness falls before it's night And Lord, I pray above all"

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