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Until the goog is gone

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Until the goog is gone

  • Goog For You - Toto
    "If you're dreaming, son don't you rise, I won't give up until you give in, I never get lost, so deep into eyes I could be good for you, But I know you must realize (Chorus:) I could be good for you,"
  • Until - Musiq Soulchild
    "If the winter springs Or the summer falls It won't have no effect on this love at all If in another time I was you and you was I You know I'd still recognize you all the same This kinda love don't ever"
  • Until It's Gone - No Use For A Name
    "Buildings will replace the trees Pollution will replace the air we breathe I'm close to the mountain, just miles away But I can't see the hills from here today We can't just let it pass us by And as I"
  • Until They're Gone - Bobby Tinsley
    "why do we say the things that bring each other pain? why do we argue about a past that we can't change? how can we sit in the same room without saying hello? why can't we turn the other cheek? i need to"
  • Until Your Mama's Gone - The Move
    "It's hard to get up in the morning No matter who you're working for But you'll find a way when the landlord's knocking on your door But you won't be down until your mama's gone So your morale is a let"
  • Wait Until the Summer's Gone - Zebra
    "The time is right but don't be critical The same could happen to you You know I'm not right and I can't be analytical About the things you're going through Look at me baby now you think I might be crazy But"
  • Wait Until I'm Gone - The Honorary Title
    "I'm lacking any discipline Pulling strings Tapping up your skin of porcelain ?? No longer need the sunlight At night we have it will suffice (?) Infatuation is the perfect camouflage Or the temporary place"
  • Until your moma's gone - Electric Light Orchestra
    "It's hard to get up in the morningNo matter who you're working forBut you'll find a way when the landlord's knocking on your doorBut you won't be down until your moma's goneSo your morale is a let downDon't"
  • Until - Sting
    "If I caught the world in a bottle And everything was still beneath the moon Without your love would it shine for me? If I was smart as Aristotle And understood the rings around the moon What would it all"
  • Until - Tina Arena
    "If this is how the story ends,Where does it all begin? Can I find?, is it here inside? Silent feelings all around There's something we don't understandAnd now I'll never know All that you mean to me Until"
  • Until You're Gone - Gufs
    "Tell me What's going on here Cause I need to know Girl I finally feel Like I belong here And I'm not ready to go (chorus) Be my happily ever after No more talk of goodbye I'll tell you why This Is where"
  • Until The End - The Nightwatchman
    "No one knows who gave the orders No one asks about the crime No one looks behind the curtain No one questions why The only time we've got Is right about now I cross my heart I take the vow I'll never turn I'll"
  • Gone - The Bouncing Souls
    "It was a cloudy night, or so it looked to me, I felt so lost, I couldn't say why. I needed strength to change my mind but those ghosts stick to me like glue, hating life, believing I was no good It was"
  • Until Now - Lavin Christine
    "The reality of me cannot compete with the dreams you have of her. And the love you've given me is not as sweet as the feelings that she stirs. And so you turn away and you say that you're sorry, But you"
  • Gone - Sevendust
    "Another day away from home another trip To kill another place I've never been Another day in hell Another day in a crowded room...another place To bleed...another world that your blind to That I've already"
  • Gone - Patrick Nuo
    "All the moves I was afraid to make All the chances that I didn't take Oh I cried out loud when they were gone There was so much I should have said For some reason I chose silence instead And I cried out"
  • Gone - Showoff
    "I hear a distant whisper that is inside my dreams from a place that is so far away. Beautiful mountain majesties, in fields of honey and cream, flying off on angels wings for another day, and I'm gone Feelings"
  • Gone - Angelgrass
  • Gone - Greydon Square
    "It's been a nice ride But like nice rides it comes to an end so ill step aside like the nice guy They called my passion anger and then said that I was angry But what it really was, is the fact they couldn't"
  • Until The End - E-Type
    "With no regrets for moments gone or the things we left behind since the beginning we have come a long way we know the dreams we had were much too much but we must keep in mind that what we did we did in"

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