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Usher - Rivals ft. Future

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Usher - Rivals ft. Future

  • Rivals (ft. Future) - Usher
    "She got me throwin' Spades Ace with that mouth I guess only time could tell You gotta give me dirty love I guess I'm end that When I keep on anyway a lie Look up and see the stars in a perfect line Any"
  • Crush (ft. Usher) - Yuna
    "You call me on a lazy afternoon Asking me what I'm up to, let's find something to do Baby I'd be down, down, down, down, down, down, down,. You know I'd be down, down, down, down, down, down, down. I"
  • Rivals - Her Bright Skies
    "We’re at the edge of the city. See the flames up in the sky. Now the children break the silence, Singing all through the night. Maybe we're not made for these things, But honestly I’ve never felt like"
  • Touch'N You (ft. Usher ) - Rick Ross
    "Touch’n you, Rose… what’s the problem with these raps? They don’t know how to play it cool you know Touch’n you, Mean it’s a time and place for everything Been thinking bout you all day Right now, is about"
  • First Dance (ft. Usher) - Justin Bieber
    "(It's your chance, take her hand to the floor) Fellas, it's the moment you've been waiting for (Girl if you see something you like then let 'em know) Ladies, I know you're ready (Cuz you only got one chance"
  • Too Much (Ft. Usher) - Marshmello x Imanbek
    "Break your silence Obver my chest Let it follow And i’ll do the rest Kiss me Kill me I want nothing less I am not afraid of the love Unknown Meet me at teh corner I will be waiting for you I can take"
  • Dont Look Down (ft. Usher) - Martin Garrix
    "Is your head spinning? Is your heart racing? Is the fire in your veins? Are your bones burning? Is your skin yearning? 'Cause you're driving me insane I kinda feel like I feel like a summer light You got"
  • Party (ft. Gucci Mane, Usher) - Chris Brown
    "Pulled up on your bitch, tell your man I'm sorry Hundred on my wrist, jumpin' out the 'rari Ooh, she hit the splits, she know how to party When I'm with my clique, we know how to party How to party, we"
  • Peaches (Remix) ft. Ludacris, Usher & Snoop Dogg - Justin Bieber
    "I get my Peaches out in Georgia I get my weed from California, that's that shit I took my chick up to the north, beadass bitch I get my light right from source, get a sip And i see you, the way i breathe"
  • Bitter Rivals - Sleigh Bells
    "it was the best in time it was the worse in time I had to keep new sheriff in town She was gonna try to keep me Go, go, go. go In your dreams you never go down Some how, some how Another () make picture"
  • Anytime (ft. Future) - Ciara
    "(Baby I) Baby I'll go to war for you (in this life) Baby I'll get the scars to prove (I'll be there anytime) Anytime that you need Anytime that you call Anytime that you fall I'll be there anytime Anytime"
  • Everyday (ft. Future) - Ariana Grande
    "Anytime I’m alone I can’t help thinking about you All I want All I need All I see It’s just me and you He giving me that good shit That make me not quit That good shit"
  • Desires (ft. Future) - Drake
    "ayy should’ve put you somewhere where no on could find you mansion out in the sticks whit nothing around you katy, Texas, Dallas, Texsa you know a different environment cause you got desires I know, I"
  • Rest Of My Life (ft. Usher & David Guetta) - Ludacris
    "If you live for something, you’re not alone, my friend So fill up your cup and, lift your lighter, and toast to life Luda! They say: "What don’t kill me, can make me stronger" So two drinks a night should"
  • No Games (ft. Future) - Rick Ross
    "Can't play no games with these niggas Can't play no games with these niggas, they're so fake and they phony Can't play no games with these bitches, they treat me like I'm Tony Can't play no games with"
  • Show You (ft. Future) - Tyga
    "I’m just now getting to know you There is a thing I wanna show you (Show you off, show you off) There Is a lot I wanna tell you (No doubt, no doubt) I'm so scared of failure There Is a thing I wanna show"
  • What's Hatnin' (ft. Future) - Justin Bieber
    "We took off in that [?] Like, what's hatnin'? What's hatnin'? What's hatnin'? Baby girl, what's hatnin'? Don't talk about it, just be about it Whatever happens, you'll have me What's hatnin'? What's hatnin'? Baby"
  • New Level (ft. Future) - A$AP Ferg (ASAP Ferg)
    "I'm on a new level /4x Bought me a new shovel, put these niggas in the dirt Chain with the new bezel, all my niggas put in work I'm on a new level /4x Bought me a new shovel, put these niggas in the dirt Chain"
  • No Pressure (Ft. Future) - French Montana
    "you don't want no pressure you don't want no!"
  • Rollin (Ft. Future & Khalid) - Calvin Harris
    "I’ve been rolling on the freeway I’ve been riding 85 I’ve been thinking way too much And I’m way too gone to drive I got anger in my chest I got millions on my mind And you didn’t fit the picture So I"

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