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Uu lov me keke sex my

  • Lov Me Lov Me Not - Soulja Slim
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah Either you love me or love me not I'ma be me I'm known for making promises that I can't keep And baby the streets made me And I run 'em 24/7 365 daily Look you knew what you was"
  • Clap & Lov - Ayaka
    "Mabushisugiru hikari ni me wo mukeru Tokei no hari wa shichiji wo sugiteru Aoi sora ni tatakai no sutato ga naru Chiisai koro ni mieteta mono ga Wakaranaku natta ima sore wa naze? Hen na tekunikku bakari"
  • Sex - Lenny Kravitz
    "I feel the flames of your fire And it’s burning my heart Girl you got game and my number And it ain’t gonna stop Hold me, love me Call my name I just want you to feel me Breathe me, tease me Can’t control"
  • Sex - The Black Eyed Peas
    "Lets have sex. Some real good sex. Some real hott sex. Some sexxxy sex. Lets just have sex! *Moans and Groans* Oh yeah! Just keep on digging further in! Ooo, right there! Keep on plea-sur-ing, Yea plea-sur-ing,"
  • Sex - Kyprios
    "I'm a centerfold, I'm 69 fantasises an hour bro. I'm a lap dance, I'm a red light flickering in Amsterdam. I am champagne, I'm a little lubrication for the campaign. I am silicone...can't get me off your"
  • Sex - Die Antwoord
    "Sea, Sex and Sun (x2) Sea, Sex and Sun Sea, Sex and Sun No photo’s please, I’m having private time Trying to fuck around with Rhymes It’s cool yo, don’t sweat it forget it Just walk away or whatever,"
  • Sex - Ice T
    "Sex I the morning,sex at night,sex in the afternoon's alright Ain't a man on earth,that can stay alive Without a .....sex drive Sex (x4) I was in a contest to rock the world First prize was a virgin"
  • Sex - Girls Aloud
    "Why don't you stop yelling at me. It's not my fault that i cant give you good enough sex. Will you be home early I will make it up to you Chorus I heard you come in late I asked you where you'd been I"
  • Sex - Ginuwine
    "(feat. Sol) I like it i love it I want it all the time (sex) I crave it I needs it Its always on my mind (sex) I like it i love it I want it all the time (sex) I crave it I needs it Its always on my"
  • Sex - Berlin
    "Feel the fire, feel my love inside you it's so right There's the sound and the smell of love in my mind I'm a toy, come and play with me, say the word now Wrap your legs around mine and ride me tonight"
  • Sex - Atari Teenage Riot
    "Test the world ... united colours I told myself I wasn't about to give up! What time is it? it doesn't matter anymore! I watch the sea through my colour tv - it's all over now But I knew that for me throwing"
  • Sex - Pipettes
    "He said we could talk about gossip we could talk about lies he said we could talk about rumours we could do whatever i like then he said 'lets stop with all the talking, why not try something new?"
  • Sex - The Pipettes
    "He said we could talk about gossip We could talk about lies He said we could talk about rumours We could do whatever i like Then he said 'lets stop with all the talking, w Hy not try something new? Because"
  • In My Feelings (Keke Do you love me) - Drake
  • My Sex - Ultravox
    "My sex Waits for me Like a mongrel waits Downwind on a tight rope leash My sex Is a fragile acrobat Sometimes I'm a novocaine shot Sometimes I'm an automat My sex Is often solo Sometimes it short circuits"
  • My Sex - Elastica
    "What I want Mornings to the winter and afternoons to the summer What I want Is for you to be waiting round the other side of every door What I want To walk through the wardrobe of other bodies that we"
  • Sex me - E-Rotic
    "Set me out of control, I want it now Cause, baby, I fall for you anyhow Just set me out of control Tonight's the night I give you my soul, come on hold me tight Sex me Sex me and set me free Yeah, yeah"
  • L.O.V. (e) - Ella Eyre
    "there’s a ghost in my heartbeat and it knows my pain reminding me I should be cautious oh, yeah, yeah but oh, how my heart aches to be whole again a feeling I can’t be ignoring oh, yeah, yeah it’s a"
  • When god dips his pean lov in my heart - Kra
    "When God Dips His Love in My HeartWhen God Dips His Pen of Love in My HeartAnd He Writes My Soul a Message He Wants Me to KnowHis Spirit All Divine Fills a Sinful Soul of MineWhen God Dips His Love in"
  • Sex Me, Sex Me Not - Prince
    "Sex me baby Sex me not Sex me baby Sex me not Come 2 the afterparty Let's make it hot Leave your sister & your underwear at home Ain't gonna stop until everybody gone Mmmm Front row center With"

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