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Uuu Magic tragic

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Uuu Magic tragic

  • Tragic Magic - Falling In Reverse
    "I'm back Hahaha! So let's rewind, back to the time 2005, I almost died I overdosed, I did not know That I'd provoke this evil ghost Disaster Magically I turned tragedy Into melodies Over catchy beats It"
  • Comic-tragic-magic - Chumbawamba
    "Mummy, mummy, mummyI got a pain I got a pain in my tummy and it's hurting meI'm well and truly shatted by it all stained and scarredAnd brutalized just by day to day livingBut the comic tragic magic is"
  • Tragic Kingdom - Cradle of Filth
    "Here sat Babylon Fattened by the purses of the worst and wrong Where the decadent tastes of Hell grew strong Like a curse upon This tragic kingdom Dusk descended like a final curtain On this stage only"
  • Magic - Michael Nesmith
    "This nite is magic I can tell by the stars This nite is magic With you in my arms It would be tragic If we ever part Tonight is magic for love You know I love you Look in my eyes You know I love you It's"
  • She's Gone Tragic - The Echoing Green
    "She tries hard To look just past the sorrow and She tries hard To take hold of tomorrow and There's a haunting voice Inside her mind saying She'll stay here forever and She'll embrace the pain she"
  • Don't Kill the Magic - MAGIC!
    "If you want space (you could have it) If you want change (you could have it) Sleep on your bed (you could have it) Pull it to my head (you could have it) If you want love! (you could have it) The way"
  • Tragic - Orange 9mm
    "There's always one of them in the bunch Socializing and sticking lies in Acting like nobody got a clue to the scenerio When the truth comes out they're scrambling To dodge the ball All of this none of"
  • Tragic - Erasure
    "(A. Bell / V. Clarke) Speak. Spell. What's that word again? In. Out. Of my head again. Clear. Cut. Charmed I'm sure again. Merrity! I wish for thought. Oh, wise men indeed, are fools who believe. Her"
  • Voodoo magic - BWO
    "I hang on my computer Obsessed with late night mails I press return to sender And sweep the holy grail The air has gone electric I feel my legs go weak Your presence is effective I start dancing like a"
  • Dirty Magic - The Offspring
    "In my own simple way I think she wants me only She said," Come over right away." But she's just not that way Her little soul is stolen See her put on her brand new face Pull the shades Razor blades You're"
  • Black Magic - Swollen Members
    "Self Abuse Help Produce Black Magic Deeply Depressed Im The Best Thats Tragic You dont really wanna get me all fired up... Madchild: It goes: Red Bull and vodka Im a psycho like chopper Glorify the gangster"
  • Movies Is Magic - Brian Wilson
    "She slid on her dress under that melancholy moon Somethin' to impress him hopin' he would be there soon She gonna run away He got a Chevrolet She wanted Nat King Cole He got a Jelly Roll Whole lotta heart"
  • The Magic Word - Uli Jon Roth
    "Do you know the magic word Do you know the secret I once knew the tragic bird Long ago Are we near the end of times? Yonder waits the pain I can hear dead children's rhymes Sounding in vain STOP KILLING! STOP"
  • Tragic Comic - Extreme
    "Flowers I sent Were found dead on their arrival The words I said Inserted foot in my mouthful So when we dance My lead, it ain't so graceful ''(Isn't so, not ain't so)'' I'm a hapless romantic St-t-tuttering"
  • Tragic Tragic Track Jacket - Heavy Heavy Low Low
    "it was faulty foundation said the weeping eyes the architecture bends under pressure the architecture broke over lies they said its just a trend just a trend they said its just a phase just a phase (its"
  • Tragic Vaudeville - Wall Of Voodoo
    "This slab of stone Stares at me So seriously and yet I'm Laughing The grass was soft And so I sat and painted what I'd been looking at Now starring in the tragedy Playing twice a day since its opening If"
  • Tragic Faith - Lock Up
    "Chasing down and taking out Another life, a personal theft To live among the dead remains Is tragic faith and tempting fate The dotted lines and blotted frames Betray the agony and rage Lies a strategic"
  • Looking Tragic - AFI
    "Wait a minute This may be boring Is it less than a total mess? In a minute this may tuen sour if we last Wait a minute You may be boring icy holes in my showy head Every dry and yet warmly melting in"
  • Tragic Flaws - Steel Prophet
    "How many times I've climbed the mountain, to look down on me From this point I almost can see, the things that make me crumble down, run my world into the ground The story always ends, with the gouging"
  • Tragic Train - See Emily Pray
    "Spiraling staircase takes me back to darker days Here in my mind is where I can hide and throw the key away I'm tired of explaining what emotions can only explain I hit cruise control Close my eyes and"

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