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Uuuuu flower

  • Flower - Deerhoof
    "Flower, flower, flower Power, power, power I come over I take over Kudzu, kudzu, kudzu Moods, moods, moods"
  • Flower - Aicha & Asteya
    "(Na swoim facebooku Aicha & Asteya zapowiedziały nowy utwór, a wraz z nim klip. Produkcja będzie zatytułowana "Flower".)"
  • Flower - Podunk
    "Yeah, say goodbye, say goodbye That's all she wanted to do She tried to fight, tried to fight But they wouldn't let her move They took the only thing that she could offer To somebody that she wanted to"
  • Flower - Toadies
    "My love you're so beautiful, like a flower. I want to kiss you, to touch you, to feel your power Sweet thing you fill my heart with hope, love and desire You're my flower. Sweet thing talk to me now. Are"
  • Flower - Sonic Youth
    "Support the power of women Use the power of man Support the flower of women Use the word: Fuck The word is love Support the power of women Use the power of man Support the flower of women Use the word: Fuck The"
  • Flower - Marquess
    "Lady! So many nights he was Hoping If you're feeling just the Same thing that he's Feeling for you Now he knows that you do 'Cause you told him yesterday ... He's depending on the words you say And Flower!"
  • Flower - Koda Kumi
    "Hitoga koiwo suruto otozurerukoto Sorewa yorokobi to kanashimi Daredemo tsurai omoi shitakunai Sari yuku senaka mitakuwa nai Dochiraka dake nante arienai Tomo ni ukeireru yuukiga hoshii Open your love"
  • Flower - Kylie Minogue
    "Wrapped in a blanket of hope Asleep in a bed of dreams I step into eternity It’s not part of my hand Not at all For who knows which way the wind is gonna blow I am waiting for your gentle whisper Distant"
  • Flower - Cody Simpson
    "I know I'll never be the apple of your eye But I pick you a flower if you like I know I'll never be the stars up in your sky But I'll pick you a flower if you like She loves me, she loves me not She says"
  • Flower - Kumi Koda
    "Hito ga koi wo suru to otozureru koto Sore wa yorokobi to kanashimi Dare demo tsurai omoi shitakunai Sari yuku senaka mitaku wa nai Dochira ka dake nante arie nai Tomo ni ukeireru yuuki ga hoshii Soredemo"
  • Flower - Spark
    "He picks a yellow flower on a Sunday afternoon The love he had for her only he and God knew The smile she gave him said all the unspoken words With a glance in her eyes he saw a love so pure (chorus) Just"
  • Flower - Ami Suzuki
    "Stay machikirenai kotoba doushite itsumo sou naru kana aa hachikiresou konya wa zenbu ga toumei mitai nanda ano hi kara hajimatteta koi to nee futari no mirai kantan jyanai kedo mukai kaze ga saita toshite"
  • Flower - Back-On
    "kimi to deaeta no wa kitto guuzen janai itsu no manika sonna fuu ni omoeteta dokomade mo tsuduku bokura no tabiji futo kidukeba saitetanda na bokura no aida ichirin no hana arigatoutte sunao ni ienakute sonna"
  • Flower - Jewel
    "She dreams of the country her eyes go far away. She wishes for flowers He says, "Perhaps in May." The city always was gray the reflections of his eyes. And she knows he liked it that way And that way"
  • Flower - Ednaswap
    "Go deep into yourself Can't stand to be helped Some big direction and your confidence melts It's your fatal flaw the c rack in your sidewalk A leak has sprung and left you finally at a loss And with every"
  • Flower - Quindon Tarver
    "She Dreams of the CountryHer Eyes Go Far Away.She Wishes For FlowersHe Says, "Perhaps in May."The City Always Was GrayThe Reflections of His Eyes.And She Knows He Liked It That WayAnd That Way He Shall"
  • Flower - eels
    "Turn the ugly light off, God Wanna feel the night Every day it shines down on me Don't you think that I see Don't you think that I see What it's all about Hard to look the other way While the world passes"
  • Flower - Novembre
    "Lost in the storming of the north someone warm up his own beloved a feeble flower of the north No one can hear their sos but could someone ever care less, of those two flowers grown in frozen grass? She"
  • Flower - Charlatans Uk
    "Charlatans Uk Some Friendly Flower Don't bring me flowers to my bed, i don't wish you to know It's time to find myself again As cold as houses on your street, as hollow as my own I hope you wish them all"
  • Flower - Crushead
    "For a long time Ive been walking my way of live alone always thinking my heart is min I can do everything its my own I had my friends I had my home I had my music and I never felt alone I wanna thank"

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