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Vader Lukewarm Race

  • Lukewarm Race - Vader
    "No visions anymore But we don't ask for them The Darkness never parts 'cause we don't seek the heat (We are) Lukewarm race No folly in our minds We're lukewarm race Not much touches us The angels in"
  • Lukewarm - Babyland
    "The coil of the spring Has tighented too tight It's awkward and tense And it no longer fits me Disappointment and stress Has drained me away I can't think anymore It leaves me lukewarm The intention was"
  • Lukewarm - Nural
    "Got your back, you've got mine, We take up arms, fight along each other's side You're scared and that's all right, We're gonna make it, I know we'll make it Are you with me or them, yeah Cover me I'm"
  • Lukewarm - New End Original
    "People always tell me how happy I could be, I'm never gonna find out. A house in the burbs and a bitchin' SUV is how I'm never gonna wind up. I didn't know Lennon or King or Kennedy, But I know one thing,"
  • Mijn Vader - Willem Vermandere
    "Wagenmaker, armoezaaier Was ons vader levenslang Aan zijn draaibank op zijn kloefen Al de rest had geen belang Maar hij had zo'n schone handen Daarmee speeld'ie klarinet In d'harmonie sinte cecilia Tussen"
  • Race - Prince
    "Lie down, fair 1, and come away Till the rain is over and gone G-G-Gimme the beat now (Face the music) Lead line (Face the music) If the air is a little thick in this room 2nite I reckon it's the result"
  • Race - Jasmine Guy
    "It's not a race i hope you knowSo stop the rush babyYour not inbtweenagood lineBabe if i was you i'd be changingQwickly your results seem to be lowAnd all you do is race a headYou think raceing is goodFor"
  • Race - Bleach
    "Youve not seen the white smoke for years It seems to me youve stripped out Stripped out all your gears You know it will whip you a bit Dont know if you can handle it But you can taste it, you taste the"
  • Race - Milk Inc
    "I'm not the kind that walks awayBut in my mind I knew this day was done too soonThe spark inside, the lights gone darkShimmered and I realise my heart is cold as the moonIt's not the first, it's not the"
  • Race - Leaves
    "In my race, to have it all To nail it all, I have become A useless bag, a dead man's sack All these things find me now But I get myself a good night's sleep I don't know what to do about you now Sometimes"
  • Hahaha Je Vader - Kinderen Voor Kinderen
    "Mijn vader die is dominee Daar word ik mee gepest Ziezo, de zondag zit er op je vader kan weer naar z'n nest. En roep ik: snotverdomme, dan wijzen ze me na dan zeggen ze: niet vloeken, anders gaan we naar"
  • Mother Of Vader - Henry Fiat's Open Sore
    "You're wrong I'm not your son Even thou' I may look the part Even thou' I may feel the part F**k no I'm not your son Don't call me Anakin Mother of Vader at my place Yeah yeah yeah Got the mother"
  • Mijn Vader Zei - Liesbeth List
    "Mijn vader zei: de noordewind Verstuift het hoge duin bij Scheveningen Bij Scheveningen, zo hard m'n kind Dat je niet weet of 't stuift Of dat de zee het voorwaarts schuift Het is die wind Die met zijn"
  • Vader En Zoon - Bram Vermeulen
    "Zie je die kuilen daar Waar jij in speelde Dat zijn nou bominslagen Dit was een slagveld hier In 1918 Duizenden Fransen stierven hier En hetzelfde aantal Duitsers Begrijp je Zie je die kast daar staan En"
  • En Wannabe Darth Vader - Nephew
    "Shut up, s grim, s grn som Skipper Skrk med rven bar s slem, s skn som Chip og Chap p rvguitar I call the shots med tibetanertj fra Mars I shoot the calls en wannabe Darth Vader En wannabe Darth Vader En"
  • A Wannabe Darth Vader - Nephew
    "Come on, get up Get down Like Mickey Mouse On crack cocaine Around and round Like a fucked up song By a fucked up Dane I call the shots A Motorola shooting star I shoot the calls A wannabe Darth Vader A"
  • Zo Vader, Zo Zoon - Aida Soundtrack
    "Aida Soundtrack Miscellaneous Zo Vader, Zo Zoon MINISTERS Zo vader, zo zoon. Zo vader, zo zoon. ZOSER heb maar niet zo'n grote bek en doe maar niet zo duur; als ik het even natrek dan heb je mijn structuur! Dus"
  • Darth Vader Uses Ebonics - George Carlin
    "inform the comander that lord vader shuttle has arrived vader this is a unexpected pleasure we are honored by your presence yo g abby the c why yo' hommies ain't workin' they booties off i assure you"
  • Mijn Vader Is Een Ster - Kinderen Voor Kinderen
    "Vroeger heel vaak, voor het slapen gaan. Ging mijn vader, voor het venster staan. En dan wees hij mij de sterren, de planeten en de maan. "Kijk dan jongen, venus" zei mijn vader. "En dat daar, dat is de"
  • Human Race - Bride
    "Born into iniquity No one is immune Die to the grave Everyone the same One race the human race It's no discrimination One race the human race It's moral deterioration Hate mongers Know no peace Chaotic"

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