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Vader One Step To Salvation

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Vader One Step To Salvation

  • One Step To Salvation - Vader
    "I'm starting the test, Your unbelief, Conquering emperor, Woke up your brain, Restless thoughts, Still consuming your mind, You help my magic, With your own horrible frights. Words of wreck, Rest in your"
  • Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin
    "You are the avalanche One world away My make believing While I'm wide awake Just a trick of light To bring me back around again Those wild eyes A psychedelic silhouette I never meant to fall for you"
  • Salvation - Guardian
  • Salvation - Helloween
    "Sent to a world cold as steel Don't know where else I have been Where will I go? - I can't tell Who would save us if we fell Can you feel what I see? In blind faith would you believe? Don't share my point"
  • Salvation - Caliban
    "a long distance run without any tension raptured soul - raptured life a long distance run without any tension grow in the half of a night - bloom! live this life in straight lines step aside, step below watch"
  • Salvation - Hillsong
    "Sal - vat - ion!Your grace has set me freeDelivered, saved and sanctifiedRedeemed, forgiven, justifiedSal - vat - ion!Your grace has rescued meI've come to put my trust in the LordVerse 2:Salvation!Your"
  • Salvation - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    "So Jesus left you lonely Feels like nothing's really holy No one no one hears your calling Falling everything is falling Do you feel alive? Can you feel alive? Do you feel alive? Can you feel alive? So"
  • Salvation - Bongzilla
    "Look at what we've to done to our world Rape and pillage her like criminals We must change the wave of destruction Or lose the glory of evolution Salvation grows before your outstretched hands We must"
  • Salvation - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "If ever you are walkin' down the lonely street No one to lean on No one to help you on Cars and buildings so high Disparity so wide The only dreams we can see Are the ones on the t.v. If you need somebody, If"
  • Salvation - Killah Priest
    "IT'S WARRRRRR (Hook) We are one, we move as a unit, this is our mic, we are one! (Who is your general private?) Killah Priest We fight the ungodly With the righteous sword of justice And we will follow"
  • One Step - Killah Priest
    "Your arms too short to box with god... (KP, Iron Shiek, In these times we gotta take one step.. forward. put one foot in front of the other, my brother.. Yo, check this out) {Killah Priest, Hell Razah,"
  • One Step - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) One step forward and two steps back Been carrying them bricks upon my back Bossman told me you ain't getting paid 'til the house is built and the bricks are laid It's made out of wood, made"
  • One step - Coal Chamber
    "Never again! All my life it's been much the same game Altogether now who pass the blame game I'm not the one so don't put your shame on You're not the one that I put the blame on There is nothing I would"
  • One Step - Anshelle
    "Anshelle Part Of The Game One Step would you like to have me why don't you come and grab me want to be my baby please don't make me crazy again I see you standing in the door-frame through the frosted"
  • One Step - Novalis Deux
    "Come on my angel, come down to me My time is over, want to follow you Come on my angel, please help me fly The world is dying, I want to say goodbye Come on my angel Come on my angel Let me fly Take"
  • Step - Mya
    "All I want is a little respect All I need is a little respect Ha Oh Ohhh Have you ever had a girl to call up your man Better tell her Step back Step back She claimin' that your man is her man Gonna get"
  • Step - Ministry
    "I need help I need help I don't know who I am no more I'm gonna get some help Help me Step! Step, step it up baby! Got a question for you: like, who, what, where, why? Are we even here? Or are we following"
  • Salvation - Michael Learns To Rock
    "Should I close my eyes so I don't see your smile Would it be a clever thing to do And should I stay away from you for a little while Should I leave it all behind (Chorus) When you are giving me salvation"
  • My Salvation - Crimson Thorn
    "The Lord is my strength and my song He has become my salvation He is my God and I will praise Him My father's God and I will exalt him May the words of my mouth And the meditation of my heart Be pleasing"
  • Sick Salvation - Bloodbath
    "Staring through the eye of the chasm Still at rest but breathing Enemy be born Grant us knowledge of the opposition Spew forth from the earth Contagious is the one from which the wisdom comes So sworn Hibernation"

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