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Vader Reborn In Flames

  • Reborn In Flames - Vader
    "Comes the time of fear and pain The human race is bleeding away! The earth covered by ashes and flesh Dying in terrible decay Freezing winds freezing it all What fire hasn't burnt Blackened blood flooding"
  • Reborn - L'
    "I am alone With the banners I have flown Inside A man who's stripped of all his pride On darkened shores I was stranded All my shelters I abandoned The sun of truth has struck me blind A crying soul, left"
  • Reborn - Drowning Pool
    "Yeah Hands raised full of sin, this is where the story began As my halo, I'm scarred by where I've been This aint over, till it's over This aint over, till it's over, yeah The hell I've been through,"
  • Reborn - Stone Sour
    "I am walking through your streets, I am looking in your windows I am elemental now, you'll never even know I'm there I am watching over you, I am living in the shadows I am just a word to you, but I am"
  • Reborn - Zakk Wylde
    "Identity murdered, malicious intent I'm recreating myself at last Rise up from destruction, start over again Reborn, I'm now erasing the past Did you think for a second I Wouldn't bother to question why You"
  • Reborn - Dreamscape
    "I remember my dream "Face your fears" they haunted me This time I let it rain Still pictures in that game All alone I can see the door I received a second chance I pluck my courage: "Am I reborn?" This"
  • Reborn - Rebecca St. James
    "CHORUS: If you see a change in me don't wonder There's Someone in my life And peace I can't describe For I've been reborn If you see a change in me don't wonder I've found a whole new life And hope that"
  • Reborn - Slayer
    "(Lyrics - King, Music - Hanneman) Convicted witch my life will end At midnight on the stake My dedicated life was spent To insubordinate Secured by lock inside a cell Imprisoned for no crime The shackles"
  • Reborn  - Stone Sour
    "I am walking through your streets I am looking in your windows I am elemental now You'll never even know I'm there I am watching over you I am living in the shadows I am just a word to you, but I am very"
  • Reborn - Day Of Fire
    "Reborna birth that comes through water The fallen of the garden is drowning in the water The waterthe waterI wait for you to carry me Wake to the work in the fieldsharvest has come The sun is setting on"
  • Reborn - Grave
    "Empty eyes following your stepsSolely assigned to taste your FleshFar beyond any hesitationSoon you will meet the UndeadAnd he stands before you in all his prideOnce a human, brought Immortal lifeFor the"
  • Reborn - Magnum
    "Why am I here in this lonely dark room? Did I do something or acted too soon? The dogs they howl, the prisoners do cry A king is born but a poor man he will die I believe if you look through you window Try"
  • The Dragon's Reborn - Thornbridge
    "High on the mountain, fire and flames A sign of the impending doom Unknown invaders like creatures of hell These are the days of the storm The curse of the past has come back again The circle of evil"
  • In Flames - In Flames
    "Behold the heart of mine in flames A top the highest mountain Below the darkest depths In the valley of hate I wander My frost bitten heart is set ablaze, set ablaze Ravage my soul Plunder my mind Branded"
  • Mijn Vader - Willem Vermandere
    "Wagenmaker, armoezaaier Was ons vader levenslang Aan zijn draaibank op zijn kloefen Al de rest had geen belang Maar hij had zo'n schone handen Daarmee speeld'ie klarinet In d'harmonie sinte cecilia Tussen"
  • Flames - Europe
    "The pressure is mounting, I'm ready and countin' There's something I've got to be I'm fearless, I'm feeling Scared senseless, who needs this, Still something I've got to be There is no going back, this"
  • Flames - Kim Mitchell
    "Way deep inside your heart There's a fire burning You need to feel someone's kisses swirling And out of your jealous eyes Your changing, trying This is the spark that flames Now you're shinning"
  • Flames - Catamenia
    "Do you dare to follow me?Into the place where you can seeWhat you've missed, what it could beCan you taste it? Can you feel?So many secrets can be revealedChaos of truth lives in hereThere's written the"
  • Flames - R3HAB & ZAYN & Jungleboi
    "well, well you better run from me you better hit the road you better up and leave don’t get too close cause I am a rolling stone and I keep rolling on you better run from me before I take your soul if"
  • Lord Of The Sombre Reborn - Abyssos
    "Hail to thee, O Earth and Sea From the depths of the flames, I hear them calling thy names The names of the ancient daimons, the name of the one I'm the immortal, I'm thy seventh son! Nocturnal light"

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