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Valley of deception Madrugada

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Valley of deception Madrugada

  • Deception - Focal Point
    "deception as I pass through your eyes of judgment, you make speculations about my life that what you think is real innocent "
  • Deception - Pigeon John
    "(Intro) Shake it off. Lord, I won't do this song This is a fight with myself I wanna gain much wealth I wanna live by myself But I'm surrounded by.. I'll keep that to myself I'm so stupid (Verse) Well"
  • Deception - Absurd Minds
    "They believe that I have a heart of stone 'Cause it doesn't make any difference to me If it's a grain of sand or if it's a human being I'm not heartless You've got to know I ain't got a heart of stone 'Cause"
  • Deception - Platitude
    "I have seen the blackened sky A place where immortal people seems to die I don't believe in jesus christ But lord I'm seeking paradise I hesitate You're chasing shadows from the past Why are you looking"
  • The Black Art of Deception - Goatwhore
    "Bastard Christ Second comign of sacrifice Release my chained hands No more virus of your worship Thrust of nails Into these wrists Sworn to death Reign of blood Seize the prophecy of the final sacrifice"
  • Immaculate Deception - Black Sabbath
    "In The Daylight, Comes Darkness, On The Verge Of Night A Fear Is Born, Sweeter Than The Dream, The Reality Of You, Immaculate, Deception. From The Spirit Runs Poison, And The Wheel Of Fortune Is Ever"
  • Deception Pass - Mudhoney
    "Walking in the city Can see no stars above I don't need your pity And I can feel your love Wish I could Wish I could Searching for peace of mind I took off for the woods Lost in the forest Can't"
  • Eyes of Deception - Alchemists of Darkness
    "See? It's just a lie, like many ones you've told me. Just pretending again. Even if you think I am unaware of your foolishness, I've you sussed so far that there's nought of my blind kindness. I won't"
  • Their Deception - Death In June
    "Paradise and Ministry Moon beams insanity Futile in Your Oaths Thoughtless unbelief Principled Obscurity Focus Lost Obscenity No voice should ever rise Above the sound of battle War is deception Justify"
  • I, deception - Dark Tranquillity
    "Could not have forseen what the lies of the bearer would bring Trailing the marks of his errors trace the original sin Fallen I cling to deception This talk of madness is in me Come now as the drapery"
  • Holy Deception - Deicide
    "Time has imprisoned on my soul Religion in the path of what compels me Lies instrument the holy hate Deceiving of the weak in faith intention Suffering with no reason and nodoubt Pertruding on the lines"
  • World's Deception - Decision D
    "Blessed are those who want to do the will of him they choose cause his commands are not burdensome for everyone born of god overcomes the world For everything in the world the gravings of sinful man the"
  • Deception Genesis - Arcturus
    "Unfortunate the hoax that you are not immune For if beauty was hurt Like children naked and misused We would aspire towards States of disturbed emotions And never need to mirror off Like shadows of a greater"
  • Strange Deception - Holy Moses
    "[1] He's got blood shot eyes Skin like wax He's malding them like clay Twisting their souls Aimed and giting deep Voracious Fragile minds He rips them apart He faints their conscience We are more than"
  • Self Deception - Lacuna Coil
    "I don't know what to do No guilt is in my heart I don't know what to do I'm not the reason I'll never waste another day Searching to find the reason Why did i choose to play this game This goes too far I'll"
  • Valley - South Park
    "[1] - I'm going to the valley el valle por halle I know a place on the Boystown its trip Straight to the spot where the mexicans hold tons Down in Mexico where the girls just strip But me I'm a pimp"
  • Valley - South Park Mexican
    "[1] - I'm going to the valley el valle por halle Straight to the spot where the mexicans hold tons I know a place on the Boystown its trip Down in Mexico where the girls just strip But me I'm a pimp"
  • Valley - John Butler Trio
    "So have you been to the valley lately? Have you noticed that the shepherd is gone? So walk gently lady As you walk along Cos I once fought for his forces But that cross bears nothing now I've seen all"
  • Valley - Doves
    "On the day the bailiffs came Took the keys away Took their home away And honestly They felt ashamed They couldn't foresee it They couldn't believe it In the hills The October fields Such a secret And who"
  • Ounce Of Deception - Mudhoney
    "I feel unreal I feel this every day I steal to feel And I steal your heart away You're next And I sense You're coming in the rain To see you, me Believing you can change An ounce of deception Get off An"

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