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Van Halen Dance The Night Away

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Van Halen Dance The Night Away

  • Van Halen - Nerf Herder
    "I bought Van Halen 1. It was the best damn record I ever owned. TG&Y, 1978. Two hand tapping guitar technique, really got me off, eruption yah. Ain't talkin' bout' love. I'm on fire. Tomorrow may come, Tomorrow"
  • Dance The Night Away - Van Halen
    "Have you seen her? So fine and pretty Fooled me with her style and ease And I feel her from across the room Yes, it's love in the third degree Ooh, baby baby Won't-cha turn your head my way? Ooh, baby"
  • Dance The Night Away - The Mavericks
    "(Raul Malo) Here comes my happiness again Right back to where it should have been 'Cause now she's gone and I am free And she can't do a thing to me I just wanna dance the night away With senoritas who"
  • Dance The Night Away - Jim Carroll
    "I smoke a cigarette As I wait in the bath And I wait for you For an hour and a half And I go to the window Where the sky falls down in rains And I look across the river Where they dance the night away I"
  • Dance The Night Away - Cream
    "Gonna build myself a castle High up in the clouds. There'll be skies outside my window, Lose these streets and crowds. Dance the night away. Will find myself an ocean; Sail into the blue. Live with golden"
  • Dance The Night Away - Bad Boys Blue
    "Bad Boys Blue Miscellaneous Dance The Night Away Call me. When you need me better call me. Cause loneliness is just a waste of time. Especially at night. Baby. If you're trusting me and maybe. Paradise"
  • Dance The Night Away - Lionel Richie
    "One kiss, intrigue You're all alone with me So much, delight I want to be with you tonight Champagne, caviar One moon under the stars One look, I'm sure I only wanted to be with you Girl I knew When"
  • Dance The Night Away - Europe
    "(Joey Tempest) Hey girl I can feel your heart We had something goin' on right from the start When I look at you I just feel so good Hear the music breakin' up the ground Can you feel it I just love the"
  • Dance the night away - Eric Clapton
    "Gonna build myself a castleHigh up in the clouds.There'll be skies outside my window;Lose these streets and crowds.Dance the night away.Will find myself an ocean,Sail into the blue,Live with golden swordfish,Forget"
  • Dance The Night Away - Will Young
    "People get the wrong impression I wonder if they change their minds It's an understated sign Tell me how you see me again Now we're swinging to the time It's a meeting of the minds It's all unbelievable Look"
  • Dance Away - Barry Manilow
    "Dance away Dance away I saw you in the shadows You were actin' so free I knew the last thing on your mind was me I could hear the laughter And from that moment after Girl, you had my pride down on its"
  • Riot Van - Arctic Monkeys
    "Up rolls the riot van And sparks excitement in the boys But the policemen look annoyed Perhaps these are ones they should avoid They got a chase last night from men with truncheons dressed in hats They"
  • Dance The Night Away With You - Dr John
    "DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY WITH YOU We could drink until we get real high, try to drink every bar dry. Taste so good that high price stuff you never know when you've had enough. But there is nothin' I would"
  • Dance The Night Away With You - Dr. John
    "DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY WITH YOU We could drink until we get real high, try to drink every bar dry. Taste so good that high price stuff you never know when you've had enough. But there is nothin' I would"
  • Dance Away Lover - Head East
    "Day and night, sittin' alone Wonderin' where you've been goin' In my mind I can see your face And the love that I thought it was showin' Didn't know it was all a mask And my love wasted devotion Now I'm"
  • Dance - Giuffria
    "Hey Mac, pour me a jack, it's been a long, long day. Lady Luck dealt me some bucks. I'm gonna drink the night away. Say bye bye, no more nine to five, I did my time. So turn me loose, I got the juice. I'm"
  • Dance - Chris Rea
    "Sometimes I think I go insane So what's a boy supposed to do Working just to pay my way But baby when the day is through Just wanna have a good time Hey! I've got my shoe, shoes shined I'm gonna dance,"
  • Dance - Caedmon's Call
    "My name is Mary and I'm from Greenville, Mississippi But this is where I live here in this old folks' dormitory Every Sunday night Sarah comes to see us And she plays that old upright But Sarah always"
  • Dance - James Taylor
    "Come on, baby, while the moon is high, kick up your heels and dance. Don't be nervous, don't be shy and give yourself a chance. You can dance. Kick off your shoes and lose your blues. Pick em up, Lord,"
  • Dance dance - Thalia
    "Something's got control of me Feels like I'm in a trance Electricity runs through me Makes me wanna dance Take me in your arms 'Cause I wanna dance all night with you When you move I feel your magic running"

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