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Van Halen Fools

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Van Halen Fools

  • Van Halen - Nerf Herder
    "I bought Van Halen 1. It was the best damn record I ever owned. TG&Y, 1978. Two hand tapping guitar technique, really got me off, eruption yah. Ain't talkin' bout' love. I'm on fire. Tomorrow may come, Tomorrow"
  • Fools - Van Halen
    "Hah, yeah Oh-uh-oh Ha Ha-oh, ah-ah-ah Try one together, one time a sec Ha-oh, ah-uh-oh Oooh! Yeah! Well, I ain't about to go to school Ooo, an' I'm sick an' tired of Golden Rules, ah! Oh! They say"
  • Crazy Fools - Sublime
    "Some folks say that smokin herb is a crime if they catch you smokin they're bound to drop the dime Insufferable Informable Crazy fools wait with their fingers crossed for you to break the rules and in"
  • Broken Van - Make Up Your Mind
    "Verse1: We love the countries we play in, We love the foreign food, We love the strangest places, Where foreign stuff is good, We love the sleepless nights, We love the stupid jokes, Sometimes we act like"
  • Why can this be love - Van Halen
    "Oh here it comes again That funny feelin again winding me up inside Every time we touch Hey I dont know Just tell me where to begin cause I never ever Felt so much Chorus 1: No I cant recall any"
  • Why Can't This Be Love? - Van Halen
    "Whoa, here it comes That funny feelin' again windin' Me up inside Every time we touch Hey, I don't know Oh, tell me where to begin 'Cause I never ever Felt so much. Hey! An' I can't recall any love at"
  • Immaculate Fools - Fools Immaculate
    "Immaculate Fools We talk of changes We talk of many things When there is sadness We re-arrange the dreams Those tainted promises They fade and die We forget so easily The love inside We are enchanted We"
  • Fools - The Only Ones
    "Peter: Fools, never learn You play with fire And you gonna get burned Pauline: You, and I are fools We play with love So we gonna get burned. Both: Fools that's what we are Fools we've gone too far,"
  • Fools - Charley Pride
    "Fools never learn you play with fire and you gonna get burn You and I are fools we play with love so we gonna get burn Fools that's what we are fools we've gone too far I know But then love you come to"
  • Fools - Eloy
    "we're walking contradictions and toothless we try to bite we live up to our standards though we know they ain't right fools we always stand up to fight when nothing's left to win we draw the shades when"
  • Fools - The Aikiu
    "(The Aikiu to francuska formacja ze sceny alternatywnej. Grająca głównie synth pop i nowe brzmienia. Właśnie ukazała się EP-ka 'Fools', którą promuje tytułowy utwór.)"
  • Fools - Rachel Stevens
    "It'll be OK with the next one I always end on a leash up having no fun Yeah, I'm always stuck Feel like getting up now Make it understood, crazy And it means getting down I'm so tired and bored of the"
  • Fools - Motorhead
    "This is a song for all you managers and agents out there. Are ya listening? Good! They take your money, break your soul, They say it's only rock 'n' roll, They think they're cool to wheel and deal, Without"
  • Fools - Deep Purple
    "I'm crying I'm dying I can see what's wrong with me It's in my head I can see what's gonna be As I lie in my bed Man is not my brotherhood I am of the dead I died as I lived as I loved and was born On"
  • Fools - Uriah Heep
    "Fools play at games don't you know that fools play at gamesAnd I know that I'm not afraid of youI know this feeling inside has just made up my mindI'm gonna take this chance and do what's in my heartYou"
  • Fools - Depeche Mode
    "Don't know the reason why I Think I've been here before This place seems so familiar But then I can't be sure Here comes that time again when You'll walk right out the door Don't tell me secrets anymore And"
  • Fools - The Dodos
    "Our fathers have been entangled in things He's been squandering, he's been squandering And we don't do a thing, 'cause we're busy and think We're just wandering, we're just a-wandering like fools His"
  • Fools - Alphaville
    "(Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) We waste our time with big illusions Talking to the walls But Jericho will never fall We sold our trumpets long ago Exchanging all the best we had Into atomic masterplans We read"
  • Fools - The RZA
    "(Intro: RZA) And I told him, "Don't fuck with me, don't fuck with me" Yo, yo.. {*singing*} Everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody.. Yo, come on.. (Chorus: RZA {*singing*}): Everybody plays a fool,"
  • Fools - RZA
    "(Intro: RZA) And I told him, "Don't fuck with me, don't fuck with me" Yo, yo.. {*singing*} Everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody.. Yo, come on.. (Chorus: RZA {*singing*}): Everybody plays a fool,"

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