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Van Morrison Heathrow Shuffle

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Van Morrison Heathrow Shuffle

  • Heathrow Shuffle - Van Morrison
    "(Van Morrison) Ba-ba-doo-day, ba-ba-doo-day, ba-ba-doo-day Ba-ba-doo-day, ba-ba-doo-day, ba-ba-doo-day Ba-ba-doo-day, ba-ba-doo-day, ba-ba-doo-day Heathrow shuffle, Heathrow shuffle, yeah Ba-ba-doo-day Heathrow"
  • Crazy Love - Features Van Morrison - Ray Charles
    "I can hear her heart beat for a thousand miles And the heavens open every time she smiles And when I come to her that's where I belong Yet I'm running to her like a river's song She give me love, love,"
  • Stand & Deliver (Van Morrison protest song 2020) - Eric Clapton
    "Stand and deliver You let them put the fear on you Stand and deliver But not a word you heard was true But if there’s notjing you can say There may by nothing you can do Do you wanna be a free man? Or"
  • Morrison - Pudelsi
    "W plecaku piach - kamienie w kieszeni Wycieczka w nieznane z flachą Ślepej Gieni Idziemy za bzdurą - przed nami epoka Dynia goni rzepę a gonokok roka Oto płynie rege stara kwoka Zamiast złotych jaj Jaja"
  • Shuffle - Mad Dog Loose
    "Ya can fight it all out Ya can figure and shout To somebody who's in At somebody who's out I can turn myself in Into trouble tonight I can shake it and spin With a shuffle to thin We got nothing to fear You"
  • Shuffle - Souls
    "I stand between the devil and the deep blue sea what do you want my lord? I'm shaken I am stirred I'm a prisoner in fetters without a name IF THER'S A GOD SEND HIM BACK COME ALLAH AND SAVE MY ASS I"
  • James James Morrison Morrison - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree Took great care of his mother, though he was only three James James said to his mother "Mother," he said, said he "Don't ever go down to the end of"
  • Jim Morrison - White 2115
    "wciaż żyje w nocy nie w dzień pierd* prochy na sen nie moge spać nagrywam o tym stale zwroty na sen jak coś sie dzieje to ciągle są kłopoty dla mnie dlatego zamieniłem kolory na biel w mojej głowie sa"
  • Neon Shuffle - XTC
    "Hey - what you going to do now You're standing there and wondering how You've got to make some noise Just like one of the girls Or even one of the boys When you do it It ain't no disgrace I can see it"
  • Harlem Shuffle - Rolling Stones
    "(Ralf/Nelson) Huhuuuhuhuhuhuuuuuuh, hu! You move it to the left, yeah, and you go for yourself. You move it to the right, yeah, if it takes all night. Now take it kinda slow, with a whole lot of soul. Don't"
  • Harlem shuffle - The Rolling Stones
    "You move it to the left And you go for yourself You move it to the right Yeah if it takes all night Now take it kinda slow With a whole lot of soul Don't move it too fast Just make it last You scratch"
  • Thorazine Shuffle - Savatage
    "Thinking about yesterday and how my life used to be Now I'm locked up this place I'm a schizophrenic case All the faces I now see never show a sight of glee Every night we start to hustle It's time to"
  • No shuffle - Front 242
    "There is no shuffle There is no shuffle here Here on the north pole On this quiet dome Sun shining on crystal And milky walls of ice All seem so fragile Under the polar sky Cold in the head But warm in"
  • Cupid Shuffle - Cupid
    "Shuffle...Cupid Shuffle Cupid Shuffle, Cupid Shuffle Cupid Shuffle, Cupid Shuffle Cupid Shuffle, Cupid Shuffle Cupid Shuffle, Cupid Shuffle Cupid Shuffle, Cupid Shuffle Cupid Shuffle, Cupid Shuffle Cupid"
  • Curly Shuffle - Jump In The Saddle
    "When me and my friends go out on the town We can't sit still. We can't sit down We don't like to fight and we don't like to scuffle Dancin' all night doin' the Curly Shuffle Hey, Moe. Hey, Moe. Well,"
  • Fillmore Shuffle - Sammy Hagar
    "I often wonder how the Fillmore Shuffle Caught us both in the very same year I guess we were foolish, oh but so glad to do it Face down in a hallway, but never any tears The first one to go was sweet"
  • Shuffle 37 - Ola Magnell
    "Vart ska du ta vgen Diskoteket verkar tomt och stngt I baren r det slckt Dr en del har sttt och glott och hngt Det fanns tung metall drinne Och det svngde s bestmt Du har rrt dej som en pinne Du har dansat"
  • Spanish Shuffle - Tam Tam Go
    "Spanih Shuffle drives me mad Every morning I must wake up Early papers, have a cofee Sleeping workers, crowed offices Have you ever thought about just giving up? Spanish Shuffle makes me blind It's like"
  • Tuinal Shuffle - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "Your on your knees, you've lost your keys. You're trying to get home You fall asleep, still on your feet. Up on the dance floor. Do the Tuinal shuffle .. .. You buy a beer, you drop your beer."
  • Resurrection Shuffle - Tom Jones
    "RESURRECTION SHUFFLE WRITER TONY ASHTON Whoo-whoo Twist yourself further from the middle of the floor Throw a little kiss to the woman next door Step on the gas put your hand in the air Make a V-sign"

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