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Van MorrisonSomeone like you

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Van MorrisonSomeone like you

  • Chevy Van - Sammy Kershaw
    "I gave a girl a ride in my wagon Now she crawled in and took control She was tired as her mind was draggin And I said get some sleep-and dream of rock and roll Like a picture she was laying there And"
  • Chevy Van - Sammy Johns
    "I gave a girl a ride in my wagon Now she crawled in and took control She was tired as her mind was draggin And I said get some sleep-and dream of rock and roll Like a picture she was laying there And"
  • Boogey van - Fu Manchu
    "Break - One Nine Got your boots on Gearjammer set Boogey Van so far How do you read me? Three's and Eight's high Some kind of joyride Double-nickel right by In here - everything I need Style - built for"
  • Van Gogh - Ras Kass
    "Ah, celebrate Hahaha, yeah, ah Vita Brevis, Ars Longa Life is short, art is long It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you But Priority Records be fucking up, nephew Extraterrestrial poet, my pen"
  • Panel Van - Clouds
    "I don't need to look in the rear vision mirror, I don't care where we're going, Just as long as you're here with me Strapped inside this capsule, Rocking like some Panel van from hell I'm fanging with"
  • Broken Van - Make Up Your Mind
    "Verse1: We love the countries we play in, We love the foreign food, We love the strangest places, Where foreign stuff is good, We love the sleepless nights, We love the stupid jokes, Sometimes we act like"
  • Go Van Gogh - David Gray
    "please visit my website for more lyrics: www.getbrighteyes.net GO van GOGH! The highs and lows of manic depression moments of brilliance coupled with the inability to tie one's own shoes without"
  • Kindje Van God - Spinvis
    "neem bijvoorbeeld nou peter die zou je niet willen zijn of eva eva is beter die woonde hier eerst op het plein ze deed een poging tot bidden heel oprecht zonder meer zo echt zo op haar knien het zag er"
  • Dr. Van Steiner - Yello
    "I can't separate your fiction from fact You're lost, I know you're trying to wind your way back You've been talking as fast as you can I'm not listening anymore Now baby You're changing all the rules You're"
  • Stolen Van Gogh - Bronze Nazareth
    "(Intro: Bronze Nazareth) Yo, it's Nazareth, baby Yeah, you know what it is Now do it, nigga, get it Let's smoke a heart... yeah.. yo.. (Bronze Nazareth) Smoking a bold bogey, hoping the rose hold me down So"
  • Cats van bags - Atmosphere
    "(Intro)I can't scratch, cause I'm drunkI got bad teeth and my gums are bleedingCome and fucking get me, motherfuckerYeah, break, start the song now, fucker(Verse 1) We travelin the missle, weavin' through"
  • Cats Van Bags - Atmosphere ft. Brother Ali
    "I can't scratch, cause I'm drunk I got bad teeth and my gums are bleeding Come and fucking get me, motherfucker Yeah, break, start the song now, fucker We travelin the missle, weavin' through your"
  • Van Diemen's Land - Christy Moore
    "Me and three more went out one night into Squire Noble's park We were hoping we might catch some game the night been proven dark It being out sad misfortune they captured us with speed And brought us down"
  • Van Story Hills - Rookie Of The Year
    "You mean so much to me girl. But the time is gone. Where are you. Where did you go. What did I do. And all I want to be is like the movies. A perfect Hollywood dream. You and me together forever."
  • Tapping the van - Brandtson
    "I was you standing all alone across the crowded room.I didn't think that I would see you soon and you, you don't move.You wear your whole life there in circles underneath your eyes.All I need to know is"
  • Van Allen's Belt - Spirogyra
    "Looking I opened wide Daring my eyes to find Standing on the edge can we go forward Living in fear of it And yet too near to return Slipping, I fell inside Crumbling walls collide Breaking preconceived"
  • Dagen Van Gras, Dagen Van Stro - Spinvis
    "kleine domme drenkeling waar ben je toch geweest we roeien naar de overkant nu is het nog licht de zomer duurt nog heel erg lang en we komen echt niet terug kleed jezelf aan gooi alles weg neem een besluit doe"
  • The Gray Van - Hot Like (A) Robot
    "Well you're right, but you can't Be right all the time Place yourself in my shoes Make me think that I took Something from you So tell me your point we don't even speak anymore Say it out loud don't"
  • Het Voordeel Van Video - Spinvis
    "bent u graag alleen? zijn de zaken geregeld? bent u een ochtendmens? hoe zou u graag heten? slikt u nogal veel in het algemeen? heeft u vrienden zonder auto? werkt u niet snel maar wel volgens de regels? waar"
  • De Talen Van Mijn Tong - Spinvis
    "ik zal je zeggen dat ik tien uur gelopen heb ik zal je zeggen dat ik woon op een zeilboot dan zal ik zeggen dat ik neergestoken ben toen ik een jaar of twaalf was het is nooit gebeurd maar dat is geen"

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